If It’s Tuesday…

if it’s tuesday there must be primaries

There are four you might want to watch this evening. They are:

In Michigan one of the squad is in a primary that some see as close. That is Rashida Tlaib. You may remember her from that famous “we are going to impeach the Mother….” She is facing a rematch with a primary challenger she narrowly beat in 2018.
I think they’re wrong, and she wins easily.

In Missouri the squad is attempting to add a member.
Cori Bush is the candidate who is challenging 10 term incumbent William Clay. It will be an interesting race to watch. I think Clay holds on, but this should be interesting.

On the Republican side we have two to watch, too.
The first is in Kansas where Kris Kobach, who lost the Governorship in this reddest of red states last year, is running in the Senate primary. A strong supporter of the President, he can win this primary, but lose again in November. That is something, with the senate at stake, the Republicans cannot afford. For that reason, I think he loses here and Mitch McConnell breathes a little easier.

The fourth is in Arizona. There, Joe Arpaio, the 88-year-old former sheriff of Maricopa County whose hard-line immigration stance earned him a criminal conviction and was pardoned by the President, is running for his old job. It’s a three way primary, but I think he loses. Arizona has changed a lot.

“Whatever you do, don’t debate Trump”

This was a quote from Joe Lockhart, the former Press Secretary for President Clinton. His stated reason is the President will lie, and Biden will spend the whole night having to deal with correcting the lies. Which is an interesting statement from him who worked for the only President convicted of lying under oath.
But, that said there is a growing chorus; see the NY Times opinion section, for the debates not to happen.
I warn the Republicans and administration again that they are setting the bar so low for Biden that if they continue, he will win the debate just by showing up and standing on the stage. Life is about expectations, and the Biden attacks are lowering the bar too far.

Former NYT opinion editor Bari Weiss 

We have long attacked the NYT coverage, and now Bari Weiss provides a reason for it.
She, who made an explosive exit from the paper last month, publishing her resignation letter online, said she had been constantly bullied at the publication for her “centrist” political beliefs and that Twitter had become the paper’s “ultimate editor.”|
On HBO’s “Real Time ” she expanded on the letter and said the last straw was when former Editorial Page editor James Bennet was ousted from the paper after he published an op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton.
“My boss got fired for running an op-ed by a sitting U.S. senator.” Ms. Weiss said. “Now, you might say that Tom Cotton is detestable, that you disagree with him, but I don’t want to live in a world where the views of half of the country can’t be heard in the paper of record. And that’s, I fear, where we’re headed. In order to do our job well, writers and editors, we need to have a level of bravery and thick skin and fearlessness,” she said. “And when you are living in fear of an online mob, you know, all it takes is a dozen people to repeat a lie about you — that you’re a racist, that you’re a transphobe, that you’re a bigot — for that lie to become true and that’s extremely dangerous.”
So the NYT is worried about the cancel culture. Interesting.

this story should have been front and center

I can’t help but think if it wasn’t Donald Trump, this gets big coverage. Here’s the details: (Read about the TVA and it’s CEO who he fired on the spot).

President Trump, on Monday, signed an executive order banning federal agencies – with particular attention on the technology sector – from firing U.S. citizens or green card holders only to replace them with foreigners.
The order, which the White House is calling the Executive Order on Hiring American, challenges federal contractors’ use of H-1B visas to bring in temporary foreign labor for high-skilled jobs rather than relying on American workers

“This Executive Order follows his Buy American, Hire American Executive Order from April 2017 and takes further action to prevent Americans from being displaced by foreign workers,” the White House said in a statement released Monday. “Under President Trump’s leadership, the firing of hardworking Americans in the pursuit of cheap foreign labor will not be tolerated.” 

Trump’s action was in part to prevent the outsourcing of jobs at the Tennessee Valley Authority, the federally owned corporation created by congressional charter in 1933 to provide electricity, economic development and other essential services to the region. 

At the White House signing ceremony Monday, Trump said he’s pushing for the removal of authority CEO Jeff Lyash and called on its board to make Lyash “does not receive a lavish compensation package upon his departure too.”

“He gets $8 million a year so that was just a succession of deep swamp things happening and it’s a disgrace,” Trump said. “So let this serve as a warning to any federally appointed board. If you betray American workers, then you will hear two simple words, ‘You’re fired.’ “

Lyash almost immediately after the order signing contacted the White House, saying he wanted to settle the labor dispute.
But Trump nevertheless fired Lyash.

NYC on the case: crime? shootings? guns? No.

You would think that the DA in NYC, with more shootings in the first seven months of this year than all of last year and no bail, releasing criminals, closing Riker’s Island would have some important issues to deal with. But, no. Here’s what he did yesterday:
Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. on Monday said that his office wants President Trump’s tax returns as part of an investigation into criminal conduct at the Trump Organization.
In a new court filing, Mr. Vance said his office is investigating “possible extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump Organization,” including fraud allegations that have popped up in media reports over the past few years.
Mr. Vance made the claim in a legal filing asking a federal judge to block Mr. Trump’s latest bid to keep his tax returns and other financial records out of the hands of prosecutors.
Mr. Vance, your “possible” here can be replaced by actual crime all around your city. In fact try keeping Ghasline Maxwell alive in the same prison you allowed Epstein to die. I don’t think the President’s taxes are the issue you should be spending your time on

and the communist party endorses:

Bob Avakian, founder and leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, told followers in an email yesterday that ousting President Trump is too important a goal to miss, so they should vote for Democratic candidate Jospeh Biden.
Mr. Avakian, a controversial figure who over the decades has backed violent fringe movements worldwide, said that means no protest votes for third-party or independent candidates. Mr. Biden must be the pick of the far left. He said he still considers Mr. Biden  and the Democratic Party “representatives and instruments of this exploitative, oppressive, and literally murderous system of capitalism-imperialism.” But Mr. Trump and the Republicans are even worse, he said.

If the communist party is against someone, does that give you a reason to vote for them?

have a great day.

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