After The Weekend…

after the weekend

The main focus is on who Joe Biden will pick for VP. With the convention pushed into later August, he backed off his Aug. 1 date for naming her and pushed the date to as late as Aug. 10th.
Who will it be? He seems to have narrowed the list to a black female, and though it appears Kamala Harris is the lead choice there has been a hesitance to name her. We’ve heard all the reasons why, but there is no other clear choice.
It looked like Rep. Karen Bass was making progress, but then her pro Castro statements and positions came to light and pointed out a major issue.
Hard to see him choosing Susan Rice with her connections to the Russian probe and writing that odd memo Jan. 20, 2017. If the Durham report comes out, that could be a tough position to argue. Add her Benghazi “was because of a video” on all those Sunday shows, and you compound her issues.
So who would be safe?
Rep. Val Demings would be a choice that helps with the middle and right with her police background. In a normal election year that would be the way to go. However, it could hurt with the left in this anti police era.

So, VP Biden’s first decision is no easy one. The person must be seen as ready for the office and to assume the presidency, and not anger his supporters.

the story out of portland

The Washington Times reports that, “with federal officers taking a lower profile in Portland, Oregon, protesters are turning their ire on local police, using the same tactics of throwing bottles and firing lasers into officers’ eyes, as demonstrations enter their 10th week.”
Now, we were told that if federal agents left, the violence would too. The weekend seems to undercut those claims, as federal pullback began Thursday.

three things on the coronavirus

California became the first state in the U.S. to report more than 500,000 coronavirus cases. They’ve been on a lock down and limited for a long time.

Florida passed NY to move into second place for the most cases. Texas remains third and New York fourth. They are the largest four seats.
NY remains at the top for deaths.

Speaker Pelosi went after Dr. Deborah Birx on Sunday saying she has no confidence in her. She basically called her a Trump lackey.
So now we’ve had Senator Paul go after Dr. Fauci and Speaker Pelosi at Birx. Will we soon be choosing up sides?

finally the polls

All polls released over the weekend by state said that VP Biden was ahead, including Ohio, NC and Georgia which President Trump won in 2016.

Now the Rasmussen Poll today has the President’s job approval at 51%, his highest ever.

Go figure.

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