Month: August 2020

In The News…

election recap

Joe Biden was out yesterday and delivered a strong rebuke to the charges he was supporting the protests. He (following a script) said he was against crooked police and for the good ones. He was for the right to protest, but against the riots and violence. He was strong and clear. It was a position he should have taken at his convention. It would have driven his numbers.
He then laid out a case that Donald Trump’s America is one of protests and upheaval. This is a good approach for him to take. If he can make it work it will help him immensely. It is a better argument, as I see it, than trying to say the President destroyed the economy. That argument will fail as I believe most Americans know it was China’s failure to contain the virus that caused a worldwide issue. It wasn’t the President’s polices that weren’t working.

To show the polls are closing, Biden said he wanted to be clear he was for fracking. He was emphatic about this. I think his true position is he will allow current sites but no new ones. We need that clarified. There are numerous videos of him saying he was against fracking and would cease it. It is this kind of switch that can destroy a campaign.
The question for the VP now is this. As he moves to the center, does he begin losing the far left of his party? That was the reason he was silent, so let’s see the impact now.

He didn’t take any press questions and none were shouted out by the small number present. How long can the MSM let him get away with this, while badgering the President and dissecting every comment?

We’ve been reporting on the Presidential Odds regularly, and today they are 52-48 in favor of Joe Biden. (Up from 51-49 yesterday).
But there’s a second thing happening that we have been reporting on and hasn’t been well covered. That’s Senate control. Look at those odds today:
Democrats have a 77% chance of winning 51 or more Senate seats and senate control.
They also have on top of that, a 12% chance of a 50/50 Senate. With a Democratic President, that is control. (The VP casts the deciding vote).
So if you combine the two, the Democrats have an 89% chance of making Chuck Schumer the new leader of the Senate.
With the odds even greater for House control and Nancy Pelosi staying in place, we have a pretty picture for Democrats 64 days out.

the mike flynn and don Mcgahn cases

In an 8-2 decision the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit reversed a three-judge appeals court panel decision and denied retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s effort to have the case against him dropped. 

When have you ever heard about a case that the prosecutor says drop the charges, the judge says no, then an appeal court rules they should be dropped and the judge hires a lawyer to appeal to the full court?

A federal appeals court Monday dismissed a lawsuit brought by the Democrat-led House Judiciary Committee, ruling it does not have legal standing to enforce a subpoena for former White House counsel Don McGahn’s testimony.
The decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit is the latest defeat for Democrats who subpoenaed Mr. McGahn more than 14 months ago. Earlier this year, the court vacated the McGhan subpoena, but Democrats revived the issue on new legal grounds.
Democrats want to talk to Mr. McGahn under oath about his conversations with President Trump about special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

dni briefings

The Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe notified Congress over the weekend that his office primarily will provide written briefings on foreign election interference, instead of in person briefings. Why?
He said it was “to ensure clarity and consistency,” and that it will “better protect our sources and methods from unauthorized disclosures.”
By that he meant leaks. What are the leaks saying?
He said they are for political purpose of creating a false narrative that Russia is a greater national security threat than China. The Director of National Intelligence has said China has done far more to influence this election and the leaks are trying to create another false Russian narrative.
Now Adam Schiff said neither he nor his staff have leaked anything. Who believes that? He also said that the “Russians are again interfering to help the president in his reelection.” He never mentioned China, which is doing more and trying to defeat the President.
Why doesn’t the MSM want to report this, too? Then we can have a real argument if written is as good as in person.

in the news

The Los Angeles County sheriff has a new policy. It bans his department from turning over any illegal immigrant criminals to ICE, no matter how serious the crime. Note this “illegal immigrant criminals.”

In November your vote counts. You get what you vote for.


Kick Off – Post Convention

Where are we post conventions?

Three polls showed the President picking up 2-4 points post the convention. One (ABC) showed no change. Rasmussen, as an example, has the race 46-45 Biden, (down from 48-44 a week ago).
So pick your poll.

But as we’ve been saying and printing here, follow the betting odds. They moved steadily each week, and as of this morning they are 51-49 in favor of VP Biden. That’s down ten points in the last month and says we have a horserace.

Want further proof? Look at how the Biden and Harris team have already changed strategy. They are going on the road, and yesterday put out a statement condemning the killing in Portland. It was only a week ago that Biden was telling David Muir he was going to stay in the basement.

like everything else

Like everything else with this, election who had more viewers for their convention is a controversy.
The Biden camp will quote the Nielsen Media numbers. They said that 21.7 watched Biden’s DNC speech and 19.9 watched the President’s.
The Republican Party has pushed back against the TV numbers, saying it doesn’t factor in online views — and if it did, the president’s convention blew the Democrats’ away. The GOP convention had 147.9 million views on both digital and TV, which was 25 million more than the Democratic convention.

So like the polls, choose your viewer ratings numbers.

what’s the issue

From the conventions and the days that followed its clear the major issue for the Democrats will be the Coronavirus and the President’s handling of it.
For the Republicans it will be law and order.
Both are fraught with danger.
There are three things with the Coronavirus. First the argument that Trump failed will be met with that is China’s fault and not Trump.
Then there are the names that the President was called for his early moves. Hard to say now that you would have done better, if back then you said the President closed China and then the European borders too soon.
Third is the push to find solutions. You know the President and his team will move every obstacle possible to get this done. There are two that could impact public thinking.
The first is a saliva-based test that may replace the uncomfortable nose swab that Abbott Labs says is close to ready. That will eliminate testing issues if it works.
The second is a vaccine. The push to get one approved by the election is big.
If both those happen, that will make the issue less potent for the Democrats and could work against them.

Now law and order also has its perils. The Democrats will try and plant the disorder on the President and his administration. The President with his penchant for making comments and re-tweeting something controversial can get himself cornered easily. Biden and team are already moving off their non stance and starting to talk the issue. They will no doubt be more disciplined.

post scripts

Hillary just keeps on keeping on. This weekend she was criticizing the Presidents use of the White House for his acceptance speech.
Now this from the family (Hillary and Bill) who after leaving the White House had to pay the government $28,000 for furniture they took. Then they paid $86,000 for other goods they thought were gifts which were not.
Now did you ever hear of that with any other departing President? Of course not.

Six Democratic Mayors (and one former Independent mayor) have endorsed President Trump for reelection after claiming that Joe Biden hasn’t done anything to help working class people.
‘We have watched as our constituents’ jobs left not only the Iron Range, but our country. By putting tariffs on our products and supporting bad trade deals, politicians like Joe Biden did nothing to help the working class.’
The mayors said that they had ‘lost thousands of jobs’ in the region, while ‘generations of young people have left the Iron Range in order to provide for their families with good paying jobs elsewhere.’
Additionally, they noted: ‘Today, we don’t recognize the Democratic Party. It has been moved so far to the left it can no longer claim to be advocates of the working class. The hard-working Minnesotans that built their lives and supported their families here on the Range have been abandoned by radical Democrats. We didn’t choose to leave the Democratic Party, the party left us.’

Finally tomorrow is the Massachusetts Primary Day. It will be a test of the Kennedy magic in the state as Congressman Joe Kennedy is challenging long time incumbent Senator Joe Markey. This for the seat held by President Kennedy, then Teddy. Polls say the magic ride ends tomorrow and Markey wins. Lets see.

have a great week.

The RNC Closes…

the final night

Here’s my quick assessment. The speakers and stories that led to the President were as powerful as any convention night I have witnessed. From the parents whose child was killed by ISIS, to the released Alice Johnson and everyone in between, they were impactful and moving.

The fireworks at the close were spectacular. I have seen fireworks all my life, this was beyond that. In this setting, the White House in view, was a true WOW.

That leaves the President. His message was right, the delivery way too long. In fact it was the second longest acceptance speech in history. He went about thirty minutes too long.

What I think he missed was that this was not his normal rally or convention crowd that yell and scream at his words. This was Washington establishment, and no matter what he said the response would be subdued and proper.

All that said, the RNC, in my assessment, exceeded the DNC last week. The contrast for me was this. As the President and Melania stood there with the VP and crowd waving and smiling, I thought of last week and VP Biden and Sen. Harris standing socially distanced with black masks on, waving to a non crowd.

I think that illustrates the differences in party and philosophy. You decide this November 3rd who we are as a nation.

With Conventions Over

Now we’ll await the polling to see if this convention produced a bump. The DNC did not. It was either because people were not moved, or so many locked in that it doesn’t matter.
My guess, the President does get a bump of 2-3% and the race narrows.

We move focus now onto the first debate set for Sept. 29th in Cleveland. Now yesterday Nancy Pelosi, who doesn’t say things out loud without a purpose, said, “I don’t think the president of the United States has comported himself in a way that has any association with truth, evidence, data and facts. I wouldn’t legitimize a debate with him.” She recommended that the VP not do the debates.
For his part, Biden said he would.
I think he has to. The mere fact he has been more vocal and visible as the convention moved along and he said he may go on the stump after Labor Day, tells you that their internal polls are showing the race tightening and he needs a revised strategy. So cancelling the debates would be way too negative an impression.

Besides the thought that he may go out and campaign, Biden also said that President Trump is “rooting” for more violence on U.S. streets because he sees it as a political advantage:
“He views this as a political benefit to him. He’s rooting for more violence, not less, and is clear about that.”

VP Biden also pushed back against the Trump team’s line that people wouldn’t be “safe” in his America by pointing out that the ongoing unrest and violence is in fact happening on Trump’s watch.
The President’s team jumped all over this, reminding him (Biden) that this all began with the false narrative in Ferguson, followed by others like Baltimore when he was in office. They added, look who runs these cities where it is happening. They are your supporters and anti police.

Who will provide for a safer nation is emerging as a top issue. The post speech activity in the streets with politicians like Rand Paul and his wife are escalating this discussion.

while on safe streets

Did you see the Portland Oregon Mayor (Ted Wheeler) is singing a new tune now?  
He blamed “a few dozen individuals engaged in violence” who he said have allowed Portland to be wrongly portrayed.
Then he took some of the blame himself, saying he and other leaders have allowed the city’s reputation for protest to be hijacked by rioters bent on violence, swamping what should have been a thoughtful conversation on racial justice and policing. “They’re intent on creating mayhem and attacking and harming people, not just property.”
Really Mayor, you just figured that out? Maybe it wasn’t the President’s fault.
He added:
“That’s a line that we can’t allow our community to cross. Not anymore. Enough is enough.” How come now I wonder?

The final straw appears to have been when rioters brought their violence to his doorstep. After weeks of smashing windows and lighting small fires at police buildings, the federal courthouse and other public offices, protesters marched on city hall breaking in and scrawling graffiti.
Okay now they went too far!

one more thought on these protests

While the MSM did not cover it the public should be told and know what the “peaceful protesters” in Seattle did this week. They used quick dry cement on the doors and then set the police building on fire to try and trap the officers inside. Despicable is too tame a word for that. Yet no coverage why?

Your vote decides what kind of country we have next year.

Surprise this morning

The announcement by Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, that he would resign because of illness came just days after he had become the country’s longest-serving leader.
The story is he has suffered a relapse of a bowel disease.
We hope he is well. The Prime Minister was a good friend of the United States and a strong leader.

Have a great weekend.

RNC Day Three…

Let’s start this day with thoughts, prayers and hopes that our fellow citizens in the path of Hurricane Laura are safe, well and get all the help they need to rebuild and get on with their lives.

RNC day three

Once again the speakers delivered the desired message, and the only question is did they reach outside their base. We’ll know that answer when we see the polls next week.
I’ve been sharing the betting odds and this AM are narrower 54-46, but VP Biden still the favorite.
One more sign that the convention is making progress is the number of Democrats now beginning to say the riots are wrong and the MSM now reacting to the messages.

No need to go into the speakers, you likely saw them. My evaluation of VP Pence is he is not a dynamic speaker, but he does exhibit passion for his positions and its hard to knock his character, sincerity and honesty.

The other things that will be remembered is the honesty of Kayleigh McEnany about her personal decision. The strength of Kellyanne Conway and her defense of woman. Young congressional Madison Cawthorn pulling himself up to stand for the flag; and aren’t we all glad we met Sister Deirdre Byrne. What a life she represents.

The President gets his chance to say why he deserves four more years tonight. Should be a fun watch.

biden speaks on riots

It took long enough (and poll impact), but VP Biden spoke out yesterday on the riots in Wisconsin. He did so in a video release. Here’s part of what he said:
“What I saw on that video makes me sick, once again, a Black man has been shot by the police in broad daylight with the whole world watching.”
He added that he spoke to the Blake family and told them “justice must and will be done.” He supported the protests with this statement, “protesting brutality is a right and absolutely necessary.”
Then he knocked the violence. “Burning down communities is not protest – it’s needless violence that endangers lives, violence that guts businesses and shutters businesses that serve the community. That’s wrong.”

The statement is right. A little (lot) late and poll forced, but we need both sides saying that violence is wrong and must not be tolerated and stop. It’s time.

wisconsin and impact

As for why in Wisconsin, we still don’t know, which is a crime in itself. It would seem if the police were wrong they should be arrested. If there is evidence to support their action we should know it. Silence is the worst thing here, and that’s all we’ve gotten until that little release last night about a knife in the car.
Little about the victim has been released, too. We hear there was a warrant for his arrest. Did that play a part in this? We were told early that the victim got out of his car to break up a fight, but now we are hearing the 911 call was for him and a no contact order. We need answers.

Now the NYT, of all places, has a front page story today saying that the riots in Kenosha are impacting votes. “How Chaos in Kenosha Is Already Swaying Some Voters in Wisconsin 
“As residents see fires and looting, some worry that local Democratic leaders are failing to keep control of the situation.  In Kenosha County, where the president won by fewer than 250 votes in 2016, those who already supported Mr. Trump said in interviews that the events of the past few days have simply reinforced their conviction that he is the man for the job. But some voters who were less sure of their choice said the chaos in their city and the inability of elected leaders to stop it were currently nudging them toward the Republicans.”

The sports world

Well things blew up last night, and I hear this AM that two NBA teams have decided to not play the balance of the season because of the events in Wisconsin. Some MLB games were cancelled and MLS cancelled the night.
Since, with the NBA, they took a clear stand on Black Lives Matter and fully supported everything, who are they hurting now? Many had walked away from the games already. Their loyal base was left. They better be right or this will further erode the brand.
The other thing they better be right on is the outcome of what happened. I always think of two examples. George Floyd, we saw it and all agreed. In Ferguson we still hear a false narrative about hands up. Facts matter.

some other news

Though she received mostly universal praise for her speech on Tuesday, there were some incredible negative comments from Hollywood elite on Melania Trump. In case you missed them here’s Bette Milder’s comments:
As Melania shared her young dreams of coming to this land called “America” the actress and singer was tweeting about her. Let’s she, first she referred to Mrs. Trump as an “illegal immigrant” who “can’t speak English.” (Mrs. Trump speaks five languages.) She also tweeted, “A UGE bore and Get that illegal alien off the stage!”
She wasn’t alone.
Author Tomi Ahonen called her a “hooker” and a “tramp.”
Former Dem Coalition Chair Jon Cooper made fun of her appearance.

I don’t know about you, but this angered me. It used be the tolerant left. What happened? They’re all for illegals and immigration, but not if they are conservative or named Trump I guess.

Your vote makes the difference this year. You decide what America we want.

NURSING home and coronavirus

There has been noise (and cover up?) on what happened with the coronavirus and nursing homes. Now comes this:
The Justice Department said it is probing four Democratic-led states that pushed nursing homes to admit new residents during the coronavirus, despite heightened risks to the elderly population from contracting COVID-19.
New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania have been under scrutiny for high mortality rates, particularly among the elderly.
The states all issued orders pushing nursing homes not to refuse new admissions even though there may have been warning signs of COVID-19.
New York, for example, specifically banned testing for people being transferred from a hospital to a nursing home.
This could be explosive.

one final thought on the convention

After he opened the proceedings on Monday with a prayer, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York was ravaged on social media and directly for choosing sides. He replied that he was not choosing anything. The Republicans asked him and the Democrats did not. It was that simple.
Well I am sure today that Sister Deirde Byrne is going to face the same heat. Somehow I think this ex Military Colonel will be able to handle it.
And to those making the charges against them both, why don’t you to church and pray for them, or don’t you believe in that?

have a great day.

The RNC Day Two…

The rnc day two

There’s not much to add to what you saw last night. The RNC took advantage of its strengths and the power of the presidency. They made it work.

What stood out for me was the polish and message of the speakers. They delivered.
If anyone ever asks you for an example of fake news, just remember Nicholas Sandmann. That kid hit it on the nose with how he was used to fit a media narrative. A disgrace to the MSM for what they did to him.
That was the most poignant defense of Right to Life that you will hear from Abby Johnson.
Eric Trump was strong. Tiffany impressive in her first address, and Melania a class act.
The swearing in for citizenship was moving.
The pardoning and story brought tears.
The lobster fisherman and truck driver tied cutting red tape to real life. Impressive.
From the political side A.G. Daniel Cameron from Kentucky really laid it out there and attacked VP Biden on his “you’re not black if you’re not voting for me” comment. Powerful.
The one I thought went a little far was Pam Bondi and the charges against Hunter and the Biden family. Yet this AM it appears to be quiet. I wonder why.

All in all a good night for the President and RNC, but who are the viewers? On night one they were down, less viewers than night one of the DNC. So you wonder if the parties are talking to their committed voters. Let’s see the numbers later today.
By the way, FoxNews got the message from the night before. People don’t want to hear Chris Wallace, Donna Brazille and others. They want to hear the speakers.

The Democratic reaction

They are going to hold hearings to see if the Republicans violated the Hatch Act.
Can you believe that the House wants to hold hearings to investigate the administration?

Just a reminder for our readers. When the President wanted to hold the convention in Charlotte before 20,000, they yelled about his recklessness with the virus. When he moved to Jacksonville because NC had limitations, they blasted him.
Then he floated holding the speech at Gettysburg, and they screamed it was wrong, this was public land and not the place.
So he used the White House.
Response, let’s investigate.

an observation

Watching the convention I am struck once again by the patriotism and loyalty of immigrant citizens. It just reinforces a long held belief that those who have lived under tyranny appreciate the freedom and opportunity of America the most. It has always seemed that immigrants and that first generation realize the advantage of America and those who follow after, born into it, just are never taught what America is.

some other thoughts

As of this writing we are hearing about two deaths last night in Wisconsin as part of the riots following the police shooting. Since there is so little information about the shootings I am wondering if this was a result of someone or a group trying to protect a business or building. Just wondering.

Speaking of police, we still haven’t heard why the officer fired in Wisconsin. Why is that taking so long?
But note this on police. In this year through August, more police have been killed than in all of 2019.

I see American and Delta Airlines both announced plans to lay off workers on October 1. The numbers are big. A question, do you think they picked that date in belief, with the election a month away, they can get government funds?

Hillary was at it again yesterday. Is anyone still listening to her tired act? She told a cheering Jennifer Palmieri, her former campaign spokeswoman, that Joe Biden should never concede the election if he loses. She then repeated her “she knew first-hand how you can win 3 million more votes and still, you know, not get elected because of the Electoral College.”
Enough already.

have a great day.

The RNC On Day One…

The Differences are clear

On day one it’s clear that the messages from both parties are different.
Last week Democrats repeatedly told stories about Americans as victims who need help from the Government.
Republicans are telling stories about Americans who want to control their own destiny and are worried that the Government will block them.
Therein lies the differences and what America we want.

The differences are clear with their campaign themes.
For Republicans it’s Promises Made, Promises Kept.
For the Democrats it’s Build Back Better.
Your vote will decide the future of the nation.

To help you decide take note of what Nancy Pelosi said yesterday. She labeled the President (and basically his followers) “domestic enemies . . . . enemies of the state.” Exactly what state is that? I think she meant the United States of America as it exists. So if you consider yourself an enemy of the state because you don’t support her agenda, you must be a Republican voter this year.

The Messages Last night

There were powerful messages last night directed to the party faithful and across to traditionally Democratic voter groups. Some were to address the charge that Donald Trump is a racist. A charge, by the way, that before he ran for President was never uttered. In fact, he won praise and awards from the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.
Anyway these lines were memorable to me:
Tim Scott: “Our family went from cotton to Congress in one lifetime. That’s why I believe the next American century can be better than the last.”
Herschel Walker: “Growing up in the Deep South, I’ve seen racism up close. I know what it is — and it isn’t Donald Trump.”
Maximo Alvarez: “There is no other place to go.” What powerful words.

Add the words of Natalie Harp who said she is alive only because of the right to try the President approved.
Georgia Democrat Rep. Vernon Jones saying, “Democrats do not want Blacks to leave mental plantation.”
Don’t forget the moving words of Andrew Pollack talking about his slain daughter. When he said Joe Biden said he was VP when that happened, and he wasn’t, it made you stop and look.
There were more but you get the idea.

I watched the coverage after and this AM. The MSM did not disappoint, they found the negative. They also looked a little angry to me, which says it might have been a positive day for the President. Let’s see the ratings and watch the polls, and remember this was only day one.

I don’t want to leave this day one review without commenting on the Coronavirus coverage. The President and his team made use of the positive comments from Democratic Governors on his actions to assist early on. They also played the comments of Cuomo, DeBlasio and Pelosi a month after the China Shutdown saying the virus wasn’t that bad. That was powerful in light of their and the MSM comments that the President downplayed the virus. In fact, one MSM outlet called it “an alternate reality.”
Except the comments were real.

I venture to guess there is more coming on this. VP Biden says listen to the scientists. Most believe he is referring to Dr Fauci as an example. Well wait until they play Fauci’s remarks around the time the President was closing the border.
Here are two direct quotes on separate days in late January.
“This is not a major threat to the people of the United States, and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.”
“The American people should not be worried or frightened by this. It’s a very, very low risk to the United States.”

So what scientists are we listening to if we want to close the country again?

some other related thoughts

The betting odds yesterday as the RNC kicked off were 55 -43 for Biden.

One reader commenting on our thoughts that VP Biden was part of the whole China transfer of jobs and made that “C’Mon Man …” comment about them being a competitor four months ago was interesting.
They informed me that Biden is now “Woke About China.”
Just wanted to share that. I guess “woke” is good these days.

really, new york

Did you see N.Y.C. said no indoor dining this fall? The city and its businesses are hurting, and this is going to be a death knell for many.
But note this. They also said the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the December Tree Lighting will go on as planned.
Now some skeptic person may wonder if the election Nov. 3 being over and this all being allowed is connected. I’m sure it’s not. You?

One more thing in N.Y. Shootings and murders are sky rocketing, the totals for 2020 already surpassing 2019. The no bail program is resulting in increased crime. People are moving out. But don’t worry, the A.G. was proudly on the airwaves yesterday. Why?
The state’s top prosecutor is looking into whether the Trump Organization and President Trump improperly inflated the value of his assets in financial filings.
What? Inflated the value of his assets to get a loan? First of all, that is ridiculous. Second, it’s the banks issue to check things out. How about caring about the citizens of the city?
Then again, you get what you vote for.

the police shooting in wisconsin

All we’ve seen is the video so far, and at first appearance you ask again, why?
Let’s get the facts, but if the police officer over reacted then he deserves justice. We all agree. The victim appeared to not be cooperating, but not to the point, that we’ve seen so far, that he should be shot seven times.
So justice should prevail.
The riots are unacceptable. Where does anyone get the right to burn buildings and loot someone’s business. One bad act does not justify a second.

Now I want to ask a question. You have, no doubt, seen and heard this dozens of times. Did you know that same night, at about the same time, three officers were shot in Maryland responding to a domestic call?
You didn’t? Why not?

The postal hearing

Well the House held its hearing yesterday. Since they already provided their solution on Saturday, it was backwards. Now yesterday the Postmaster fought back. Did you see much coverage? If they proved a conspiracy it would have been big news. Since they made outrageous charges and got beaten back shouldn’t that have gotten coverage?

one final story i bet you didn’t hear

Remember last week when we wrote of Linda Sarsour who spoke at the Democratic convention and ripped into Isreal? It was so bad that the Biden campaign issued an apology.
“Joe Biden has been a strong supporter of Israel and a vehement opponent of anti-Semitism his entire life, and he obviously condemns her views and opposes BDS, as does the Democratic platform. She has no role in the Biden campaign whatsoever.”
At the time we said, no role, just a speaking one at the convention.
Well guess what? The Biden campaign apologized to her yesterday!
Here’s the story:
Team Biden went into damage control Sunday to shore up support with Muslim-American Democrats after the campaign condemned controversial Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour and suggested she was an anti-Semite.
Top Biden aides made the mea culpa in a private phone call with dozens of prominent Muslim and Arab surrogates who had been angered by the campaign’s attempt to distance itself from the anti-Israel activist Sarsour, according to a report by the Middle East Eye.
On leaked audio of the call, Ashley Allison, national coalition director for the Biden campaign, said she understood the “pain” caused by the scathing statement Biden 2020 issued last week which Sarsour said was “disrespectful” and “hurtful.”
“I am sorry that that happened. And I hope that whatever trust was broken, that this conversation is one small step to help build back the trust, but that is not the last time we have this conversation,” Allison said, according to the report.
The campaign apology came after the Biden camp tried to deny ties with Sarsour, a Bernie Sanders surrogate and former Women’s March leader who spoke at a council meeting at the Democratic National Convention last week.

have a great day.

As The RNC Begins…

as the rnc begins, the news hits…

As the RNC was about to hit, the weekend began with good news for the President. The Democrat convention did not seem to produce the bump that conventions generally do. In fact there were signs the polls held for the President, or even improved a little.

Then Saturday morning came and the release of the tapes of the President’s sister speaking to his niece and ripping into him. Wow, there was no love lost there. I wondered why she wasn’t at the funeral of their other brother on Friday.
Now the niece who wrote the book taped the sister without her knowledge, and that is deplorable. I waited the weekend to see if the sister was going to denounce the niece, but she never did.
The President for his part handled it well. Just the hit of the day he said, and it did summarize how he is treated.

If you hear a lot about it this week, ask yourself this. How come we didn’t hear as much about Obama’s brother who has attacked him (Obama) and is endorsing Donald Trump for reelection? Maybe they should trade families.

Then late last night the news broke about Kellyanne Conway leaving the administration at the end of the month. That one has to hurt the President; she saved the campaign in 2016.
It seems to me that Kellyanne deserved more support from her family. Her husband George has been vocal in his opposition to the President and helping lead a conservative group to defeat him. What broke the back of the family was their 15 year old daughter this weekend saying:
She wanted to legally divorce her mom after learning she is to speak at the upcoming Republican National Convention. 
Just to be clear, she also said she agreed with her dad on “absolutely nothing,” despite the fact he was a founder of an anti-Trump conservative super political action committee.

So the 15 year old illustrated what politics has done to her family, and both parents are leaving their roles to try and repair things.
I know losing Kellyanne in the White House is a loss for the administration.

Then this morning the former anti Trump Senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake, announced he is joining other Republicans to support Joe Biden.

What a way to start the RNC, uh?

And exactly what are they all angry about? It has to be demeanor, because what polices are not pro America? The virus? The President didn’t create the virus, it was China who allowed it to spread. If you don’t believe that, then answer this. Is President Trump to blame for the deaths in the other 117 countries? Is the President responsible for Italy, England, France, Spain, Brazil and everyone in between?
No, it was China’s failure to inform the world.

Biden Speaks

The VP was on ABC last night. In a not so difficult interview with Kamala Harris, he did make news.
First, he said yes, he would close the country again if scientists like Dr. Fauci said it would be a good idea.
Second, he was asked if he was going to campaign from home the rest of the way. Again he said he would follow the science and right now the answer was yes.
When asked if could win like that, he said he has reached 500 million people that way.

I don’t know if that’s a winning strategy, do you?

Then Barack Obama was quoted on how he interprets Biden’s move to the left. His answer:
“If you look at Joe Biden’s goals and Bernie Sanders’s goals, they’re not that different, from a forty-thousand-foot level,” he argued. “They both want to make sure everybody has health care. They want to make sure everybody can get a job that pays a living wage. They want to make sure every child gets a good education.”
He added, “The question was one of tactics. A lot of times, the issue has to do with How do we go about that, and what are the coalitions we need? What I think the moment has done is to change some of those calculations, not because necessarily Joe’s changed but because circumstances have changed.”

Wait, we spent a whole week saying he was Moderate Joe and now he is Bernie?

On age:

While the VP delivered a flawless speech Thursday to relieve the pressure on his competency, the news had this:
“How old is Biden? Well, he is older than 94 percent of all living Americans, and older than 96 percent of all people alive on the planet, according to demographic data compiled by the United Nations. He is already older than 27 presidents were when they died — including 14 years older than Franklin D. Roosevelt and 13 years older than Lyndon B. Johnson.
“When Biden arrived in the U.S. Senate at age 30 on Jan. 3, 1973, he joined six senators who were born in the late 1800s. Of those 100 people — all of them men, and only one not white — he is one of just 13 who are still alive today.
“If he wins in November, he will be the only person to be president representing that historical seam between the “Greatest Generation” that fought World War II and the Baby Boom generation that has dominated national politics since the early 1990s. Biden’s comparatively advanced age, however, is a useful lens for viewing the comparative youth of the country he hopes to lead. The life of a single person can bridge historical eras that seem more distant than they really are.”

Now the NYT, in an effort to counter this, had this from their TV Critic:
Goodbye Uncle Joe, “hello, father of the nation.”

the post office

The House held its funding vote Saturday and will now have the hearing today. Does that sound a little reversed? Well that’s because it is, but don’t worry, the MSM won’t call them on it.
Now, the postmaster general told lawmakers in Friday’s senate hearing that the largest vote-by-mail push in American history would be delivered “fully and on time.” He called suggestions that he might intentionally slow ballot delivery to help the president “outrageous.”

Is this a real issue or a manufactured one? Take note that the Post Office is funded through 2021 now. Think about it.

Have a great day

Biden Closes DNC Strong…

Biden Speaks

Joe Biden delivered his acceptance speech with passion and drive. He closed the convention giving his candidacy and party a shot in the arm. Now we’ll see if a bump follows because after the first two days that hadn’t occurred, the polls actually showed the gap narrowing. I think after last night and the positive coverage he will get, that will result in a bump.

Now did he lay out what he would do with China? Did he address the violence in our cities? Did he announce how he was going to fix the virus situation outside more testing? He did not. He promised, “If you entrust me with the presidency, I will draw on the best of us, not the worst.”  He promised to bring us out of darkness and back to light.

So his appeal was to the emotional side of us and avoided actual policy design. I want to remind everyone what we have said over and over. Everything is about expectations, and the President and his team have raised the expectation that Biden could not stand and deliver. If they continue down that path then they are going to lose the debates for the same reason. They better stop and let events unfold.

In the end, what was the message of the convention? What comes to mind first? It’s likely that Donald Trump is unfit for the office and reelecting him would mean the end of America as we know it. To accomplish that they focused on:
— Character and tried to contrast the President and Joe Biden.
— The Coronavirus and how the President mishandled it.
— The Democrats are a “big tent” party and Republicans are racist.
— Look at all the Republicans supporting us because they know…
— How they can best produce jobs, bring them back to America and fix things.

The Republicans get their chance beginning Monday to answer and it will be tough.
Get ready on the Coronavirus as an example to hear the actual words and statements from Biden beginning with calling the President “Xenophobic” for closing the border. You might be surprised to hear what he was saying into March.
Get ready to hear Biden’s comment in the spring about China:
“China is going to eat our lunch? Come on Man.
I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks, folks. But guess what? They’re not competition for us.”
And you will hear over and over, how come he can fix the problems now when he was VP for eight years and in Washington for 47?
They will ask, wasn’t he there when they made the agreements that resulted in all the lost jobs? He didn’t recognize then voting for all the agreements, criticizing the President when he was cancelling them, and now he is going to fix it?
Many will reference his plan to rescind the tax cuts asking if that will help people, the economy and jobs?
They will ask you to judge if raising the corporate tax rate will continue companies bring jobs back to America or reverse that.

Buckle up for this counter attack which will be aggressive and tough.

have a great weekend

Day Three…

day three

It was an historic night as the first minority woman was nominated and accepted the position to run for VP on a major party ticket. Harris gave her speech and met expectations. She should be good on the stump over the next few months. This may be just me, but she needs to avoid that look at the camera that to me says, I am putting this over on you. I want to believe what she is saying.

Now President Obama, Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, all the heavyweights spoke. Here’s what I got. Donald Trump is a bad man and must be removed. It seemed to be far more about why not Trump and not why Joe. We’re three days in, and if I ask you why Joe beyond he is not Donald Trump, what is the answer?

President Obama had his usual terrific delivery. But he loses me when he says things like Trump is in it to profit for himself and friends. I think Donald Trump is the first President I can remember whose net worth is less today than when he took office, and the market is up 50%. How has he profited?
He added that President Trump doesn’t work hard. Really? I think he is always working. I know the press likes to say he plays golf a lot on weekends, but when was the last time he took a vacation?
He said Joe Biden was by his side for all major decisions, but never how Joe changed anything. He said our foreign policy today is a mess. I am one who believes strongly we are in a better place in the world today than before. Maybe some like us less, but they respect us more, and in this dangerous world that is vital.
He mentioned peaceful protesters, like so many others. Not a single mention from anyone about the violence we see or what happened in Portland the night before. How come they don’t see any violence? Is it because of the party that runs all those cities? Is that leadership?
There is so much more, like where do they stand on China trade?

As for Hillary, she spoke for close to seven minutes telling us how bad things are and how bad the last election was. On Joe, she had 30 seconds of messaging.

We need to hear the polices and where they want to take this nation. Joe Biden gets the chance tonight.


The question is this. We’ve watched three days of Trump bashing. Now I think he is open to attack on his character, tweets and sometimes uncontrolled utterances. Fair game.
But polices? His polices cost us jobs? The virus, which is not the Trump virus (They should direct that anger where it belongs) cost us recently. Before the virus hit we had record employment for every demographic group. We had jobs coming back that they said we would need a magic wand to get back. Almost half the jobs we lost to the virus are back. This is an unfair attack. Our economy was booming.
As stated above we can argue foreign policy, but taking on China was right. We spent 40 years giving away to China. We were told Mexico would be a lost relationship. The current relationship is as strong as ever.
Anyway, the thing is this. They are yelling that Donald Trump is responsible for every issue. He’s been in Washington for three years. Obama was President for eight, and Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell have been there for over 40 years. Donald Trump created all these problems?
Really now, who should be replaced?

the questions on joe biden

I am sure tonight VP Biden will deliver a good speech, but once again it will be from a teleprompter and well practiced. So far nothing that has happened this week alleviated the questions if the VP is as he always was. If Joe is fine they need to let him loose and let the press have access.

Jill Biden yesterday said questioning her husband’s cognitive abilities was “ridiculous” and not a fair campaign attack. She said he proves his mental agility every day with a rigorous campaign schedule. “Joe is on the phone every single minute of the day, talking to governors who are calling him and Nancy Pelosi. He’s on the Zoom. He’s doing fundraisers. He’s doing briefings.”

Maybe, but we all need to see, hear and watch him. It goes with the job, and right now you are feeding the questions by keeping him under wraps.

speaking of the bidens

Republicans keep asking where is Hunter. There was a sighting, albeit on video, yesterday. It was brief, but he was on screen and praised his Mom… “It is your strength that holds this family together and I know that you will make us whole again.” It was a clip from his brothers funeral. It will be interesting to see if he’s more visible tonight as his Dad speaks.
I think the Biden team knows there is more to come on Hunter in the months ahead. 

Things you won’t hear

Here are two things that are examples of what you won’t hear on the convention.

The illegal immigrant mother Democrats used Wednesday as a case study of cruelty of the President’s policies was first deported during the Clinton administration, then flagged for deportation again under the Obama-Biden administration.
Alejandra Juarez first sneaked into the U.S. in 1998, was caught at the border and was removed — the formal term for deportation — back to Mexico.
She quickly sneaked back in in defiance of that order and would go on to marry a U.S. citizen and military member, remaining under the radar until a traffic stop in 2013 brought her to the attention of ICE, which renewed their deportation order and made her start checking in with an eye toward future removal.
Yesterday it was all Trump’s fault.

Also speaking was Linda Sarsour a Muslim advocate who has been vocal in her support for the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement against Isreal. Hours after her speech the Biden campaign put out a statement that “Joe Biden has been a strong supporter of Isreal ….” They added that Sansour “has no role in the Biden campaign whatsoever”
Which begs the question how did she get speaking time at the convention?

meanwhile back to 2016 and the russians

“Guilty,” said former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith to the charge of falsifying documents used to continue the surveillance of President Trump’s campaign aide Carter Page. He admitted to altering an email to say Mr. Page was not a source for the CIA when in fact he was. That was key in getting FISA approval.

Now this is interesting. He told the judge that he believed at the time the information he provided was accurate. Oh, so it was a mistake? But then the judge asked, “You intentionally altered the email to insert information that was not originally in the email?” Clinesmith responded, “Yes, your honor.” And his lawyer said his client regrets his actions and “understands what he did was wrong.” Just not wrong enough to be fully honest I guess.

Just so we understand, without FISA approval there is no collusion charges. It should have gotten major MSM coverage and they should have highlighted the lies by some politicians who carried this on knowing it wasn’t true.
I can’t get over what they put us through for three years, day and night, and now they won’t report the truth.


Operation Legend, a Justice Department initiative led by A.G. Barr to assist cities plagued by violent crime, reported yesterday they have made more than 1,000 arrests across the country. “Operation Legend is the heart of the federal government’s response to this uptick in violent crime,” he said. “Its mission is to save lives, solve crimes and take violent offenders off our streets before they can claim more victims.”
Funny, you don’t hear much about this on the MSM either, do you?

Of the arrests, more than 200 defendants have been charged with federal crimes, including 90 murder suspects, and nearly 400 guns have been taken off the streets the A.G. said. “Rather than demonizing or defunding police, we are supporting and strengthening our law enforcement partners at the state and local level,” Mr. Barr continued.

Think about this and what you have heard from the Democrats this week on what is going on in the streets. You decide what side you are on and remember your vote. It’s your choice what kind of country we are going forward.

election odds

Five thirty eight (538) the political website headed by  Nate Silver that focuses on opinion poll analysis, politics, economics, and sports blogging posted this:
As of this morning Joe Biden has an 85.5% chance of winning the presidency. They also have models for the Senate and House, which both show Democrats with strong leads in the race to control Congress.
So they see a Democratic sweep of the White House, House and Senate.

The latest betting odds are Biden 56.4% and Trump 42% chance of winning.

If you take the polls at face value, they said the electoral college today is:
Biden 337, Trump 201.

Usually the conventions drive their party polling. I don’t think this week – so far – it has the same impact. Let’s see what happens tonight and then next week.

have a great day.

Day Two…


It is just difficult to watch a virtual convention, and the early ratings reflect that.
On day two, if you stuck with it, you got some of old guard presenters like Bill Clinton, John Kerry and Colin Powell. You got more Republicans backing Joe which was impressive, including Cindy McCain. You got AOC and that was interesting. She never mentioned Joe Biden and seconded the nomination of Bernie Sanders.
Later you got the roll call and it was virtual state by state. Nice to see the sites. Then we got a passionate Jill Biden on why Joe, and we heard Joe say thank you.
What we didn’t hear was the policy changes. We heard again that Donald Trump is a bad man and how he failed. The closest we came was John Kerry telling us how great things were in foreign policy under Obama and how Trump messed it up; how the President has messed up the country with the Coronavirus.
That won’t work, we need to hear the polices and what they will do different.
Let’s see tonight. The line up is strong, and they need to lay out where they would take us.

the issue the media avoids

The Senate Intelligence Committee, which conducted a three-year probe into Russia’s 2016 election interference efforts, released its report yesterday. This was the committee where the Democrat Minority Chair had assured us all along that there was plenty to see here. Well guess what, there is no evidence they colluded to influence the election. So the final committee report, the final review and everyone said there was no collusion.
Where are the apologies for what they said? For what they put us through? For the false reports? The money they spent? The damage they did to the nation? Where is the media doing their mea culpa’s for their hysterical reporting?
Exactly, no where. Nothing. Crickets on even reporting the news. In fact I’ve heard them say it’s old news and the 2016 election. That is 100% unacceptable to me and should be to you. In fact, I bet at least half the nation still believes there was collusion because of their antics and reporting.

Here’s an example of why this morning. Look at the headlines in two newspapers:
First, The Washington Times:

No collusion in 2016 between Trump campaign and Russia: Senate Intelligence Committee reportThe Senate Select Committee on Intelligence found no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to influence the 2016

Now the NY Times:
G.O.P.-Led Senate Panel Details Ties Between 2016 Trump Campaign and Russia 

A nearly 1,000-page report confirmed the special counsel’s findings at a moment when President Trump’s allies have sought to undermine that inquiry.

Same story, but look at how the NYT presented it. You had to read it to see they found no connection.

The postmaster speaks

This ridiculous charge on the post office took another turn yesterday. The Postmaster, as we noted, was being called next Monday before the House. I assume this will be another Barr type hearing where the majority will do speeches and not allow answers. As we mentioned yesterday, this is night one of the Republican convention.
Well now the Senate committee headed by Senator Johnson from Wisconsin said they will call the Postmaster on Friday so he can speak. Interesting right? You know who is on that committee? Kamala Harris.

The Postmaster also announced that there will be no changes at the post office before the election. No changes in retail hours, processing equipment, collection boxes will remain in place, and overtime will be approved for employees.
He also said that he is expanding a leadership task force focused on the election to partner with state and local governments.

This whole thing is a farce. The MSM won’t tell you.


Now Governor Andrew Cuomo is writing a book. He is doing so to cash in on his national following through his management of the coronavirus pandemic, and set himself up well for 2024 if Biden loses.
The book entitled “American Crisis” looks back on his experiences, and includes leadership advice and a close look at his relationship with the current administration.
Since he made clear Monday in his speech that he was a hero in this we know what to expect. Some of us may want answers on Nursing Homes and his decision to do return people with covid to them. Why was his death rate the second highest in the world, and how did he so miscalculate needs, driving attention and funding from where it was needed?
Think any of that will be in the book? Me either, but I can promise the media will love and fawn all over it.

Speaking of New York, there are now doubts about the viability of New York Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit to dissolve the National Rifle Association.
The lawsuit was over the misuse of charitable funds. One of the outcomes she desires is the end of the NRA. It may not be the right time with the unrest underway to attempt that. A spokesperson for the NRA said, “I’m seeing some evidence that people in the gun community are incensed at Attorney General James’ overreach, and they are joining the NRA so that you have an increase in membership coming from this.”
I can be wrong, but it seems that at a time with record numbers applying for gun licenses it might not be a good idea to seek an NRA ban.

The DNC, Day One…


Well it was different than conventions past and makes reliance on the coverage on the evening and morning news more valuable. I think that’s where most will get their coverage. Who is that an advantage for?

If you watched, the speakers were clear. Donald Trump is the problem, and to save the country you must vote him out. I assume as the week goes on the talk will move from that to” why” Joe Biden and the parties policy plans. We need to know what they will do different. Biden has spoken to the press twice in 48 days, and those were not exactly press conferences if you recall.

The question is:
Is Bernie right when he said they’ve adopted his policies, or is Biden the moderate some say he is?

The one common theme last night was Trump has no idea on what he is doing. I guess if you believe that you don’t think the economy was in great shape and record numbers were employed until the virus hit. I guess you think the world was better with that JV team named ISIS growing and Iran supplanting terrorism around the world.

I think there are reasons to attack the President but that is not it. Nor do I think the line that he has “created chaos” from day one is right. You know what created chaos, the false lie of Russian collusion. They talked impeachment before he raised his right hand. Many refused to go to the inauguration because he stole the election. Was he not supposed to defend himself against the lies? Who was right on collusion, him or those doing the charging?

He didn’t handle the virus right? I heard from Gov. Cuomo last night. Wait when he gave you all the material you wanted I heard you praise him. Now he failed? Maybe you failed governor.
Remember when you asked for 30,000 ventilators asking the federal government who the 25,000 you should tell to die where? You never used 5,000. Remember the beds the federal government built? The ones you called critical? The ones you never used?
Oh yea, now you are calling it the European Virus? Let me understand that on two counts. First is that because you were with others calling the President racist for closing the border to China?
Second, how is if the President says the “China Virus” that’s racist, but calling it the “European Virus” is okay?
Let’s not even discuss your death rate and what happened in the nursing home that you refuse to investigate.
Lucky for you and left the MSM won’t call you on things.

Is Prosecutor leniency Why

Portland and Seattle again last night were examples of cities out of control.
The question: Is prosecutor failure to charge people a reason that protests persist? Where do Biden and the Democrats stand on this?

Take a look at this from Chicago.
At a press conference, Mayor Lori Lightfoot singled out Ms. Foxx (Chicago prosecutor) saying that the more than 100 arrested during the melee “need to be held accountable and not cycled through the system.”
Then, Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said “criminals took to the streets with confidence that there would be no consequences for their actions.”

Now Prosecutor Foxx (she of the dropped charges on Jesse Smollett) called her own press conference and blamed the violence on “a global pandemic coupled with civil unrest coupled with economic depression.”
She added, “The notion that people believe they are somehow empowered because people were not prosecuted for looting back in the wake of the unrest beginning is simply not true.”

Alderman Raymond Lopez, a Democrat, has challenged her version of events, saying “the fact that Kim Foxx is delusional in thinking that criminals who have seen no repercussions will be stopped simply because an activity is illegal shows you how out of touch she is.”


The chief judge of the FISA court has already ruled that the FBI misled the court, and now we know that former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith is scheduled to make his first court appearance later this week. He is expected to plead guilty for falsifying documents so the FBI could monitor a former Trump campaign adviser.
We also know that Clinesmith, a lawyer, has admitted he changed the document on Carter Page to get the FISA approved.

We also know that we were lied to for three years over this false portrayal.

So how come Adam Schiff is not being called on this? How come Twitter is not banning him? All he did was put out lies:

Schiff tweeted in July 2018 that “the release of the Carter Page FISA application makes clear, once again, the FBI acted lawfully and appropriately.” He called Nunez a liar for saying the opposite. Schiff lied twice here.

Then remember when he said the Republicans were ignoring evidence in plain sight? He was referring to evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. That was a lie. In fact, the Mueller report said, “The investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired to coordinate it with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

He lied that former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos met with Russians to discuss stolen emails. Papadopoulos “was secretly discussing stolen Clinton emails with the Russians,” Schiff tweeted in February 2018.

There are more, but Adam Schiff perpetuated a lie of collusion costing this nation time, money and resources. Yet he gets accolades from the media and his party. He should be ashamed and voted out of office.

You can make up your mind who’s right, but I remind you of this. You get what you vote for.

the postal dispute

it’s not often the WSJ and NYT editorial boards agree, but on this crisis they both agree with the position we took yesterday. That is, the post office can deliver all the mail you want in October and November. This whole issue is a playing of the voting public:

 WSJ ED BOARD: “Nancy Pelosi Goes Politically Postal”“This is a made-for-TV phony political crisis. The USPS has long-term challenges, but enough money to last into 2021. Mr. DeJoy says there’s “ample capacity to deliver all election mail.” Some states have startlingly lax ballot deadlines, but nobody can pretend with a straight face that it’s the post office’s fault. Democrats have also scheduled a hearing for next Monday so they can yell at Mr. DeJoy in person. How long before Rep. Adam Schiff says it’s another Russia-Donald Trump conspiracy to steal the election?

ED … NYT: “The Post Office Is Perfectly Capable of Handling Election Mail,” by Ruth Y. Goldway, retired chairwoman and commissioner of the U.S. Postal Regulatory Commission: “I served as a regulator of the Postal Service for nearly 18 years under three presidents, and I urge everyone to be calm. Don’t fall prey to the alarmists on both sides of this debate. The Postal Service is not incapacitated. It is still fully capable of delivering the mail. The focus of our collective concerns should be on how the Postal Service can improve the speed of delivery for election mail.”

BTW: The House has called the Postmaster General in for a hearing. After all this is urgent right? This week? No, the DNC is on. So when? Next Monday when the RNC kicks off.
If you don’t politics in that then you are not as fair minded as you claim.

directly from the nyt

Despite the editorial, here’s a direct copy of what the NYT “chief WH correspondent” said:
“With a war on the Postal Service, racist attacks and new conspiracy theories, Mr. Trump is pushing all the boundaries at once, writes our chief White House correspondent.”

That’s pretty fair and balanced isn’t it? A once great newspaper.

have a great day.

Off and Running…

the dnc convention kicks off

For the next two weeks we’ll have the nominating conventions back to back. The Democratic convention had been scheduled for July and moved here in hopes the Coronavirus would allow them to meet. It didn’t, and the entire event will be virtual.
Let’s see how the ratings go for both with the new format.
The Dems have lined up an impressive list of speakers for their faithful. What will be interesting is the speech lengths. Since they are pre taped, a four minute speech minus applause has to be four minutes. In a normal live presentation it would be under three.

One intersting tidbit this AM is from former Republican Governor John Kasich who is speaking. He said, “You’re going to have a prominent congressman come out and declare [support for BIDEN] — let him do it, I think he’s going to do it tomorrow.”

over the weekend

No Sunday Show I saw, or evening news, asked about or covered the story about the FBI agent who changed the CIA answer on Carter Page to get the FISA order passed. Only Maria Bartiromo  on her show did. Why is that?

For three years they bombarded us with Russian Collusion and the Trump connection. He called it a lie, and it was a lie. Now we find out they changed the story on Carter Page to get FISA support.

You mean to tell me after three years of telling us it was real you can’t cover the fake beginning?
This should bother every fair minded American citizen.

the mail ballot issue

Let me keep this simple. If you don’t see a difference between mailing out ballots to everyone (despite the voting rolls being outdated) and absentee ballots, then I can’t help you.

Absentee ballot means you apply as a registered voter, either by mail or in person, to get a ballot. In my town they hand it to you when you register for one in person, or mail it, if you request by mail. I can vote the minute they give it to me or mail it in. They know who I am, and my vote is counted.
I always considered absentee voting a privilege. It takes a little effort but is worth my right to vote.

Now a mailing means they send out ballots. Not an application for absentee that can be checked against the rolls, but an actual ballot.

Which one lends itself to accuracy and which one says fraud?

the post office

First, let me confess I have long believed and said the post office needs restructure and new thought. As individuals move from mail delivery of bills, information and material to electronic, the post office has become less essential.

In the last decade the post office has lost $77 Billion. Knowing what we discussed above, do you think continuing down the same path this will correct or worsen? They’re an old technology that tomorrow will be needed less.

Now I have advocated two approaches. One, reduce delivery from six days to five. We can survive with no Saturday delivery.

More radical is this. Seek a new way. Can we make the Post Office open to other businesses to combine with their delivery services like Fed Ex, UPS etc? Is there a way to continue daily delivery and reduce the $77 billion loss for the nation?
To me, we should explore options, plan for the future and begin figuring out how to reduce debt, balance spending versus income and begin paying down the debt we are giving our kids and grandkids.

Finally, don’t tell me they can’t deliver mail (ballots). At Holiday time don’t they deliver millions of cards, ads and promotional material more than normal? They do it pretty well don’t they? How come in October and November they can’t?

Kamala Harris eligibility

How ridiculous the story that broke questioning her eligibility to be VP. Every school child knows if you are born in the U.S., you are eligible. End of story.

Now the President played it coy and said he had just heard and not looked into it. Not good, get it over with after the Obama story you supported.

But at the same time, the NYT — please spare me. Your outrage now is so alien to the front page stories you ran questioning John McCain’s eligibility because he was overseas while his Father served in the Navy.


I would like to measure voter sentiment as the conventions kick off to see the impact three weeks from now. However, they make it hard. Two polls out this AM:
ABC/Wash. Post has: Biden 54 and Trump 44
CNN has a new poll: Biden 50 and Trump 46
CBS Yesterday had: Biden 52 and Trump 42
NBC Yesterday had: Biden 50 and Trump 41

Now the betting odds, which at one point had reached 61% for Biden, are now:
Biden to win: 56.3%
Trump to win: 42.3%


Wrapping Up The Week…

lets wrap up the week

The isreali – uae agreement

The President announced an Israeli and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) agreement to establish “full normalization of relations.” In addition, Israel agreed to suspend plans to annex occupied West Bank territory.

This is major news and only the third Middle Eastern Arab nation to make an agreement with Isreal. The first two were Egypt and Jordan and the last in 1994. Pretty significant wasn’t it?

Well you couldn’t tell from the MSM and NYT today. They downplayed it. Why is that? Didn’t President Obama win a Peace Award for far less?

At some point we will go into foreign policy issues, but think about this. Are we in more wars as the MSM and the President’s opponents said we would be if he was elected, or less? We are actually in less conflict and pulling back. Why?

Because as President Reagan said and President Trump knows, we don’t get into wars because we are too strong, its because they think we’re weak. Want an example? ISIS, who did they develop under and who took them out?

really, no questions?

VP Biden had another show and tell session with Kamala Harris yesterday and took no questions. How is the MSM allowing them to get away with that?
Now yesterday the message was everyone should wear a mask in the nation when outside. The day before they chastised the President for his leadership on the virus. This is your difference? It must be because Harris called it leadership. Then they exited stage right.

speaking of the msm

The NYT and GMA today had the same spin on this story:
Trump Encourages Racist Conspiracy Theory About Kamala Harris 
“President Trump said he heard that Ms. Harris, the presumptive Democratic vice-presidential nominee born in California, was not eligible for the ticket, repeating a theory that is rampant among his followers. Constitutional scholars quickly called his words false and irresponsible.”
No he didn’t.
I saw the press conference. He was asked about a story that had just broken about Kamala Harris not being eligible. He said he had just heard about the story and didn’t know anything about it.
Yet the Times and GMA (“He is supporting another conspiracy.”) ran as if he supported it.

this will help decide which side you are on

Protesters in Oregon blocked two ICE buses that were holding illegal immigrants who committed a crime, and at one point tried to break in to free the migrants, forcing federal agents to mount a rescue mission of their agents and buses.
The protesters forced a nearly 12-hour standoff and attempted to deflate the bus tires or empty oil from the engine.

So you decide, do we have a right to take control of illegals who committed a crime or not? Is mob rule on the streets the new way we run the country?

republicans united or?

How many times have we been amazed how united the Democrats are in an action and vote; while the Republicans always seem to be trying and reign some in?
The counter arguments are the Democrats are either loyal to party or sheep. The Republican argument is they are either against the President or free thinkers. Depends on which side you are on. Well here’s another Republican example and look at why they are hesitant:

Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson said that fellow Republicans on his committee are blocking him from subpoenaing former FBI Director Comey, former CIA Director Brennan and others to discuss the Russian collusion probe.

Now wouldn’t you think with 81 days to go to the 2020 election and after the three years of Russian Collusion that they would want this? The collusion proved false, the dossier a lie, so let’s hear what Comey has to say now that others in the Obama administration have said he mislead them.

Well Senator Johnson said the reason his fellow Republicans are hesitating is they are “highly concerned about how this looks politically.” What?
Do they know what the past three years looked like? It was a political lie that hurt you. Really?

The senator said he needs all of the eight Republicans on the committee to support the subpoenas. If one opposed the move, it would result in a 7-7 deadlock with the committee’s six Democrats. Well since one is Mitt Romney, I don’t see much chance, do you?

There folks is the difference with the parties. Adam Schiff ran with a lie and the party walked lock set to control the House. Now to get the truth out Mitt Romney is riding the other way.

the harris Impact question

Kamala Harris brought a woman and minority to the ticket with Joe Biden. How important is that? Here’s a story in the Crystal Ball that will explain an aspect:
“While Harris is the first Black candidate chosen as a major party running mate, and just the third woman overall, we don’t necessarily have much past history to lean on in terms of how she will be perceived and what impact she might have on the election.
VP nominees sometimes have a modest impact in their home states, although because Harris is from deep blue California, whatever effect she’d have on her home state is meaningless to the overall outcome.
More interesting, though, is whether Harris would spur improved Black turnout. There is evidence that Black candidates can help with Black turnout, according to a summation of relevant research by friend of the Crystal Ball Ted Johnson.
One of Hillary Clinton’s problems in 2016 was that Black turnout was not as robust as it had been for Barack Obama, which may have contributed to her narrow losses in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin (all of which have significant Black voting blocs). Following the announcement, Johnson tweeted “Biden-Harris is the ticket, which, in my view, signals the Biden campaign believes black turnout is the key to victory.”

The Squad At The Dem Convention

Next week is the Democratic convention and did you see The Squad has been given a total of 60 seconds to speak? Yes, one minute to AOC.
Yesterday she put a poem on twitter to poke at it. Here it is:
“I only have a minute. Sixty seconds in it. Forced upon me, I did not choose it, But I know that I must use it. Give account if I abuse it. Suffer, if I lose it. Only a tiny little minute, But eternity is in it.” – Dr. Benjamin E. Mays

Why no time for this group that has so influenced the party, its polices and programs? The general election is different than the Democratic primary.

i thought this was interesting

I think you’ll find this interesting and wonder where the coverage is. Remember all the coverage for the NBA because of kneeling and their active stance? Well, here’s a story out today on ratings. The NHL is up 39%, Baseball 29%, PGA and NASCAR up. The NBA? Down 4%.
Here’s the story from the Washington Times:
Baseball and hockey viewership is up. The PGA’s TV numbers are strong and NASCAR’s races were the third-and-fourth most-watched sporting events on the air last weekend. But, as President Trump pointedly noted this week, the NBA is in a ratings slump. As sports leagues stagger back to life after the global COVID-19 shutdown, athletes have made it clear to owners and fans that protests and calls for social justice — from kneeling during the national anthem to speaking out on partisan political issues — will be part of the new norm. And no league has embraced activism more than the NBA, a league where players now sport social justice messages on the backs of their jerseys, the Black Lives Matter logo appears at centercourt and stars like LeBron James and Chris Paul actively call out for racial justice.

According to Sports Media Watch, a website that tracks sports television ratings, the NBA saw its national ratings decline 4% from its pre-pandemic average through the league’s first week of returning to action. While the NBA has struggled to rediscover its ratings mojo in a post-pandemic television landscape, NHL fans seem more than happy to follow the sport into the uncharted territory of playoff hockey in August. NBC Sports touted that its hockey ratings were up 39% for the NHL’s qualification round compared to its regular-season average.Baseball, too, has seen a surge with ESPN reporting Thursday that the network’s MLB viewership jumped 29% to an average 1.2 million viewers. A company spokesman said viewership is up across key demographics, including adults 18-49 (57%) and 18-34 (69%). And the league’s premiere opening night matchup — the World Series champion Washington Nationals against the New York Yankees, carried on ESPN — was the most-watched regular season baseball game since 2011 with 4 million viewers. 

finally michael cohen is back in the news

There was a leak from the forward of his new book that he wants out before the election. Here’s the story:
In his memoir, “Disloyal,” Michael D. Cohen, President Trump’s onetime lawyer and fixer, claims that he had unique access to Mr. Trump, a man with “no true friends.”

That’s so funny because if anyone has less friends than him today I would have trouble naming them. Maybe Comey?

I guess the book will sell because its anti Trump, but …….

have a great weekend.

It’s On – Some Thoughts…

We’re all set for November 3rd

With the announcement yesterday and the resulting excitement from it the Biden/Harris campaign is off and running. As expected they got mostly positive media coverage, and Harris breaking ground as the first female minority candidate was heralded.

Now the challenge for both sides is to define her before the other side does.

So, is she the middle of the road Democrat that joins Biden as a main stream team? Is she the pro police DA from her days in that role?
That’s the goal of the Democrats to present.

On the other side, the Republicans will say she was just named the number one liberal voting senator last year — more liberal than Senator Sanders. They will say she changed positions and is pro medicare for all, for the new Green Deal, wants to raise taxes and favors defunding the police.

Watch and see who wins that battle and how the media answers when challenged with: If she is so perfect for the time, how come she never made it to Iowa in the primaries? How come she was fourth in her home state polls (California’s primary) before dropping out?

In the end I think she helps the Biden bid, but once the hype and conventions settle in, this election will be about Trump and Biden, as all presidential elections are about the top of the ticket.

Let’s Get to the issues

One thing that never came up yesterday in the teleprompter speeches was what do they stand for? It was clear they were against the President’s policies and his handling of the Coronavirus. We get it, but what would they do different?

They are going to have to explain that as we go forward.

Do they want to reinstate the Iran Nuclear Deal? NAFTA? TPP? Any trade deal? Do they want to assume more of the cost for NATO and allow others to skate? Do they want to go back with China to what was happening before the Trump administration? We know you said the President mishandled the crisis; how? Wasn’t it you who called him racist for closing the border to China? What have you said that you would have done different at any point in time?
On the economy you say the administration messed it up and created this mess. Can you sell that to the public? Don’t you think most blame China for their misleading on the virus? Was the economy before the virus bad in your opinion?
Is raising individual taxes the answer? Do you really want to raise the corporate tax rate again and risk jobs leaving again?

Let’s hope this is an issue focused election.

more to follow as we proceed

Some Other election news

Remember Representative Van Drew who switched parties rather than vote to impeach the President? Polls show him down 46-45 to Amy Kennedy, the Democratic nominee and Kennedy relative.

A second Kennedy relative, Joe Kennedy, is running for Senator in Massachusetts against incumbent Senator Ed Markey in a close race too. He, too, appears to be slightly ahead.

Meanwhile The Squad is expanding their standing in the Democratic Party.
The four original members all breezed through the primary campaign and will be reelected. Then they added new members like Cori Bush in MO who beat Rep. Clay and Jamaal Bowman in NY. He beat Elliot Engel.
On the other side of the party, in Illinois, Rep. Dan Lipinski, one of the few pro-life Democrats, lost his race to liberal challenger Marie Newman.

So the squad grows and the debate on the future of the parties and our nation does too. Your vote matters.


Keeping Up…

It’s Biden and Harris

We’re all set now with the tickets as VP Biden made his choice. In Kamala Harris he picked the right person (unless Michelle Obama would have accepted). He committed to a woman early, and then as events unfolded and he made some comments that surprised the parties most loyal base, he had to go for a minority woman. In Harris he has a charismatic, experienced individual who is an excellent debater and she will help the ticket.
The Republicans for their part will play the Harris attacks on Biden and point out how she has changed positions over time. Remember her raising her hand for medicare for all at debate one? Now she isn’t for it. So their attack will be do you want a leader or someone who outs a finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing.
Two final thoughts:
First, the Presidency is decided on the top of ticket. So lot’s of noise this week, but when people vote its Biden vs Trump.
Second, the coverage this week on Kamala and the Democratic convention next week will see a bump in their polls.

seattle and the country

I know you saw that the Seattle Police Chief (the first black woman to have that role) resigned after the council voted 7-1 to reduce the force and cut the pay of the chief and remaining officers. The chief was already upset with the stand down policy and this was the final straw. She quit and spoke out.
By the way, in the 7-1 vote you should know the 1 was not a supporter. That council member voted no because he felt this didn’t go far enough!
Imagine that, this policy and action were too little!
You get what you vote for.

On that score there are stories like this everyday:
Today people watch their leaders in city after city fail to keep the peace and restore order as protesters riot at will, and they make plans to move out. In the suburbs and country, they quietly observe the inability of cops to quell the violence, and they buy guns.
Here’s a message to those moving out. Don’t bring your voting attitudes and actions to the new neigborhood. You get what you vote for. If you’re running from what your leaders support, try not being the problem again.

a story on foreign policy implications:

President Trump wants to dramatically reshuffle U.S. forces in Europe to chastise Germany for not spending enough on defense, but that and a range of other foreign poliies pushed by the president are likely to fall by the wayside if presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden wins the office.
Mr. Biden would seek to cancel a slate of key Trump initiatives, including the U.S. withdrawal from the Iran nuclear and Paris climate deals, as well as the planned U.S. exit from the World Health Organization, analysts say.

While speculation is rampant over how the Democrat might overhaul Mr. Trump’s aggressive policy toward China, military insiders say there is little doubt the former vice president would move quickly on the Europe troop realignment issue with the goal of stopping it dead in its tracks.

Pentagon leaders have made it abundantly clear that they intend to move with great caution. They stress that it will take many months to pull nearly 12,000 troops from Germany, move U.S. European Command headquarters from Stuttgart to Mons, Belgium, and take other steps outlined by the Defense Department last month.
The slow process could create a key window of opportunity for Mr. Biden, who likely would cancel — or at least delay and review — many of the Europe moves as part of a broader effort to repair bruised relationships between the U.S. and NATO partners.
Such a move would allow the former vice president to put an immediate stamp on military and international affairs.

Your vote, you decide.

The flynn case

While we await the results of the hearing yesterday before the appellate court on whether or not the judge can stop the charges from being dropped, there was this incredible story that broke yesterday on the Flynn case. I am going to try and make it concise, but it says so much of what we don’t know.
The players are:
Stefan A. Halper, the FBI source who assisted the Russia investigation.
Svetlana Lokhova, a Russian-born scholar.
Steven Schrage, a former White House and G8 worker. It was he who first connected Carter Page with Stefan Halper.

Now, the reason Schrage introduced Page to Halper was to attend a conference where Madeline Albright the Obama Secretary of State would be representing the Clinton campaign and they needed a “token” Trump representative.

Mr. Lokhova said that it was Halper, not a fan of Flynn, who later spread the unfounded smears to create the Russia conspiracy story. In fact, Halper made remarks to Schrage (recorded) on Jan. 10, 2017, two days BEFORE a Washington Post column on Flynn led to his White House dismissal.

Schrage has outed himself as a whistleblower with a post saying:
“In these discussions I stressed that Flynn was indispensable. He was perhaps the only campaign adviser who both had Trump’s personal trust and the deep intelligence experience necessary to expose hidden problems in the intelligence community. At one point, I even recall telling Halper that taking Flynn out would be like ‘beheading’ Trump’s team. I had no idea I had been unintentionally aiding a spy preparing the guillotine and helping lead Flynn to exactly such a beheading.”

The story is hard to follow but put pieces of the puzzle are falling in place and support what Page, Papadopoulos and Flynn have said from the outset. They just didn’t know the players and how it came about. The DOJ lawyers told the court they had more documents to support dropping the case but could not release them yet.

The squad sweeps

In Minnesota, Representative Ilhan Omar won her primary so all four members of “The Squad” easily won renomination, so those saying they would lose were wrong. Omar won easily in Minnesota, where with all the recent unrest some thought she would have trouble.

is a divide example?

So two conferences the Big Ten and Pac 12, cancelled fall football. In the meanwhile the SEC and ACC are planning to play. Is it just a coincidence where these schools are located?

More Of The Same…

On Police isn’t this interesting

Here’s a poll from Gallup that amid all the news you see on TV you might find interesting:
– 67% of U.S. adults would rather police spend the “same amount of time” in their area as they normally do; 71% of White Americans, 63% of Asian Americans, 61% of Black Americans, and 59% of Hispanic Americans agree.
– 19% overall would prefer the police spend “more time” in their area; 17% of White Americans, 9% of Asian Americans, 20% of Black Americans, and 24% of Hispanic Americans agree.
– 14% overall would prefer police spend “less time” in their area; 12% of White Americans, 28% of Asian Americans, 19% of Black Americans, and 17% of Hispanic Americans agree.

So 86% of us want police to spend as much or more times in our areas.
Only 14% want less presence.
Wouldn’t you think with all the protests and news coverage about “defunding” and “eliminating” the police the numbers were different?
Are you surprised that 81% of Black Americans and 83% of Hispanics want as much or more coverage?

Maybe the media needs to see this and catch on so they can provide real news.

really mayor wheeler

The Portland Mayor, who just a couple of weeks ago was marching with demonstrators against the federal courthouse in his Oregon city, earning a tear-gassing for his effort, has done a complete about-face! He is now urging demonstrators to stay home and ordered police to do “whatever is necessary” to quash ongoing violence. I assume that includes the same tear gas he railed against when federal officers were using it.
He has even accused some rioters of attempted murder after they barricaded a police precinct and set fires outside it — the same tactics they were using on the federal courthouse just weeks ago.

The about-face has not gone unnoticed at the Department of Homeland Security, where acting Secretary Chad Wolf said it’s striking to see the mayor now saying “almost word for word” what Mr. Wolf was saying for weeks. “It’s disappointing that it took him this long. It’s disappointing he wouldn’t make these comments when federal law enforcement officers were under attack night after night,” Mr. Wolf said.

why did this get no coverage?

On Sunday, Lindsey Graham Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman accused the FBI of committing a “new crime” before a Senate committee in 2018 when the bureau testified that a key source backed up Christopher Steele and his anti-Trump dossier when, in fact, the source had not.
Graham was incensed and said, “somebody needs to go to jail for this,” as he showed the newly declassified FBI document. “They misled the hell out of them,” he said. “They completely misrepresented to the Senate intel committee what the sub-source had told the FBI in 2017. That is a new crime, a different crime.”
Yet no MSM coverage and of course nothing in the NYT. Why is that?

and this too:

The pure nerve of Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, D-Fla., to ask A.G. Barr, “Under oath, do you commit to not releasing any report by Mr. Durham before the November election?”
Wait, we had interference in the 2016 election, and it wasn’t Russian Collusion with the Trump campaign that you told us for three years. We are finally getting to the bottom of this after $50 million were lost chasing a lie, and you don’t want the truth out before the 2020 election?
You can’t be serious. How do these people get reelected?

the biden pick

The prolonged delay in naming a running mate is, I think, beginning to harm VP Biden. As it drags out and groups like “The 100 Black Men” say you must choose a black female or we are out is not good.
You reach a point where intrigue begins to look like indecision.
The choices seem to be  Sen. Kamala Harris, former national security adviser Susan Rice, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Congresswoman Karen Bass.
At this point I think he has backed himself into a corner and must take a black female. The best choice for him is Harris, I think. Rice and Bass bring too much baggage.

here’s some news:

Here’s a Nielsen Media report that should rock the MSM:
In June and July, Fox News was the highest-rated television channel in the prime-time hours of 8 to 11 p.m. Not just on cable. Not just among news networks. All of television.
The average live Fox News viewership in those hours outstripped cable rivals like CNN, MSNBC and ESPN, as well as the broadcast networks ABC, CBS and NBC.
It is rare and extremely unusual for a cable station to achieve this. The report said that even the return of live sports did not stop the momentum: Shows hosted by Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity drew more live viewers than competing baseball and basketball games, including a Yankees-Nationals matchup on Opening Day.
And still the other networks and cable stations don’t vary their programming.

counting the days To

Election Day: 84 …  Government funding runs out: 50 …  The first presidential debate in Cleveland: 49 …  The VP debate in Nashville: 57.

The News Goes On…

lets start with the president’s action

The move by the President to offer an Executive Action stimulus program was a brilliant one. Is it legal? Probably not, but who is going to challenge it in court? Not Pelosi or Schumer. Why?
They would be in a position of trying to stop additional unemployment to those out of work; additional take home pay for those lower earning workers; no loan forgiveness for college students struggling; and stop evictions. How can they challenge that?
They are left bemoaning his moving away from the negotiation table, which the President and team parried well. They talked of all the non covid money in the Democratic package of $3.4 trillion. They need to continuing highlighting that, it is key.
In the end the President looks like he is trying to help people, and his opposition is boxed in. Now will some fringe group (with quiet support) go to court? Of course.
The outcome, though, will be this: The sides will go back to the table. The Democrats will reduce their demands big and the Republicans up the ante.
They will reach a deal and the Executive Order be cancelled.

did you see this biden tweet?

Joe Biden tweeted this yesterday, and I think it is telling as to what he says and believes as to the divide in the country today. His tweet:
“It’s been six years since Michael Brown’s life was taken in Ferguson — reigniting a movement. We must continue the work of tackling systemic racism and reforming policing.”
We have had six investigations and each one, including by the Obama/Biden DOJ, say the police did nothing wrong. They said Michael Brown did not have his hands up and was not shot in the back.
Now when the police are wrong, as in the George Floyd case, they should be held accountable. But when police do their job and are found innocent we cannot have a double standard.
There were many lives and families changed forever that day. The officer and his wife both had to leave the force and go into hiding. The rioting and looting destroyed many businesses. Ferguson will never be the same.
It was all over a false narrative that under oath no one supported. If Biden is supporting that he is on the wrong side for me.

what else was in the news?

A new assessment says that Russia is continuing to interfere and in 2020 trying to help Donald Trump get reelected. Why? I don’t know.
But it also said that China and Iran are interfering and would prefer to see Joe Biden win. That I get. Did you hear this on the MSM, too, or just Russia?
I will say it again, foreign interference in elections is nothing new for these countries or the U.S. It is common. What is new is the social media aspect.

Let’s stay on China for a second. The U.S. and China have agreed to high-level talks to assess Beijing’s compliance and plans with the trade pact signed this year. I am most interested to see where this ends up. I would guess China will back off. Why help the President and the U.S?

election news

Joe Biden announced he will not travel to Milwaukee to accept the nomination.
With 85 days to go, don’t you think at some point the pressure will build for Biden to get out?
One thing not reported very much was that over 100 police agencies withdrew from agreements to send personnel to bolster security at the Democratic National Convention. They did so in part because they were concerned about a recent directive ordering police in the city to stop using tear gas to control crowds. Related? I don’t know.

Because they have nothing going on crime wise in NYC the Manhattan DA announced that Deutsche Bank had handed over detailed financial records provided to the bank by President Trump.
Doesn’t that make you feel better about traveling to the city? All those shootings and street crimes sky rocketing past last years numbers, the police backing down from arrests, that’s nothing. You should feel safe because the DA is on the case against the President. Ridiculous.

BTW, here are NY numbers for the month of July:
Shootings up 177%; Murders up 59%; Burglaries up 31%; Auto Theft up 53%.

Speaking of NY Judges. You know the ones releasing all those arrested on no bail; well another rejected the President’s bid to delay a defamation suit against him by someone named E. Jean Carroll.
What’s this case?
Carroll is an advice columnist who wrote for Elle Magazine. She alleges that the President sexually assaulted her in a dressing room at a Manhattan department store (Bergdorf Goodman) in the 1990s. The President denied the allegation, calling it “totally false” and saying he “never met this person in my life.”

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we get another chapter in the Michael Flynn saga. The federal appeals court will rehear a challenge to whether charges against Flynn must be dropped. Remember, Judge Sullivan hired his own lawyer to pursue this case.
Think about the stories above and criminals walking free. Here we have the prosector and DOJ saying drop the charges there is no case, but a judge refusing. Make sense? Not to me either.

oh really portland?

Remember when the MSM was telling you that all the unrest in Portland was because of President Trump sending in federal troops to guard the courthouse? Well he pulled them, right? So all is quiet now? Not quite.
On Saturday a protest that can be deemed a “riot” set fire to a police building.  Demonstrators lit a fire inside the Portland police union building. It was the second time someone had set a fire inside the building.
Wait, wasn’t that what they were trying to do to the federal courthouse?
Hey Mayor Wheeler, what’s the excuse and who are you blaming now?


We passed the 5,000,000 total case number yesterday. Lots of coverage. Not much about the declining death rate though. Also, after weeks of hysteria about Florida and Arizona there is not much about their declining numbers. Why is that?
Plus the states showing increases are Illinois and Wisconsin? You didn’t know that? Can’t be because they have Democratic Governors can it?

You hear about our death rate. Take a look at this chart comparing the U.S. and some cities to the world on deaths per 1 million population as of Aug. 5th.
NJ – 1,793
NY – 1,686
MA – 1,256
CT – 1,245
United Kingdom – 677
Spain – 608
Sweden – 564
USA – 461
FL – 345
TX – 264
Bet you didn’t hear that on the MSM either did you?

Take note as we get closer to schools opening how the media suddenly turns to coverage of the virus and kids.

lets drive and reward capitalism

Finally, did you see what Senators Bernie Sanders, Ed Markey, and Kirsten Gillibrand, introduced the “Make Billionaires Pay Act,” which would tax tech’s top leaders tens of billions of dollars in wealth made during the Coronavirus pandemic?
The act would impose a 60% tax on wealth gains made by billionaires between March 18, 2020 and Jan. 1, 2021.
That wouldn’t kill innovation and drive would it?

have a great day.

Catching Up After Storm…

we were out but news continueD:

The storm that hit the Northeast knocked us off the grid, and though we’re still down, we want to catch up on some real news from the week. I hope those of you who were also in the storm’s path are all well.

here’s what we missed with some comments:

Judy Woodruff interviewed Nancy Pelosi yesterday and asked a tough question. The reply from Pelosi was to call Woodruff an advocate for the Republicans.
Woodruff backed down and said she was being a devils advocate.
Really? The question was nothing. It tells you all you need to know about the state of the media today and why their ratings are so low.

The jobs report this morning beat expectations. Filings for jobless benefits fell to 1.2 million. A sign that layoffs declined as the labor market tries to recover. An additional 1.8 million jobs were added in July. There was a fear with states closing we may have lost jobs. The unemployment rate fell to 10.2%. We have now recovered 40% of the jobs lost with the close down.
The hope is, as states like Florida and Texas recover, the next few months could be good ones.

Meanwhile, because it’s an election year the parties cannot agree on what the next stimulus should be. Both sides accuse each other of not moving enough to bridge the gap. The Republicans have a $1 trillion proposal and the Democrats $3.5 trillion. You can pick your side. There are two major issues:
The Democrats want to keep the extra $600 through the first quarter of 2021. The Republicans offered $200. Here’s an example. In North Dakota the state pays $540 unemployment. Add the $600 and the total is $1,140 a week. For that state it works out to $28 per hour for a 40 hour workweek. In some cases, far more than going back to work.
It was reported that the Republicans moved to $400 per week until Dec. 15 (Post election). Democrats are holding at $600 per week.
The second area is state aid. The Republicans believe states like NY and Illinois, as an example, are trying to solve their long time issues by having the federal government borrow and pay them now.
You decide which side you are on. Me, I favor people going back to work and states paying their own bills.

Joe Biden was in the news a lot this week. Here are some highlighted positions:
1. His comments yesterday on hispanics and blacks was a total disaster. If you missed it (because the media like the NYT hid it), he said that with “notable exceptions” the Black community lacks the kind of diversity in attitudes he sees among Hispanics. He could have used a better choice of words for sure.

2. In a clip released Wednesday, Biden asked CBS’s Errol Barnett, who is Black, if he was a “junkie.” The former vice president was trying to ridicule the idea of taking a cognitive test, which President Trump has pushed him to do. “No, I haven’t taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test? Come on, man,” Mr. Biden said. “That’s like saying before you got on this program, you’re taking a test whether you’re taking cocaine or not,” Mr. Biden said. “What do you think, huh? Are you a junkie?”

3. He made the comment as he vowed to reengage the U.S. in the country’s relations with Cuba.

4. He said that if elected, he would cease construction of the southern border barrier but would not tear down the parts of the barrier built during the Trump administration. Wait, is the wall good or not?

Biden needs to drive his base’s enthusiasm and some of these comments won’t do the trick. Maybe voting against Trump is enough and the polls are right, but that is a dangerous path.

How far does the left want to Go?

An Illinois State Rep. La Shawn Ford (Democrat), said the current school curriculum in the state is “miseducating” children and overlooks the contributions to society by women and people of color.
Thus, he said the schools should stop teaching history until the lessons are changed.

The New York attorney general, Letitia James, filed a lawsuit to dissolve the NRA. She said that years of corruption and misspending had irreparably undermined its ability to operate as a nonprofit, and accused its chief executive, Wayne LaPierre, of raiding N.R.A. funds to bankroll an extravagant lifestyle that included frequent trips to the Bahamas.
There have been a record number of people applying for licenses and guns as a reaction to current affairs (in full disclosure I am one of them). Doesn’t a move like this now just fill the right narrative that first they would come for the police and then your guns?
I was never a gun advocate, but now after witnessing the handcuffs on police and defunding in some cities, I am changing my mind.
This will be an election issue, especially after VP Biden’s promise to make Beto the gun czar after he said he would come to your house to get the weapons.
The A.G. maybe should have just gone after Wayne LaPierre and not the whole organization.

On guns, did you see this?
The husband of the Los Angeles district attorney has been charged with pointing a gun at Black Lives Matter members who demonstrated outside the couple’s home the day before the primary election in March.
Authorities say Lacey, 66, pointed a gun at demonstrators who protested outside the couple’s home before dawn on March 2, and said “I will shoot you.”
District Attorney Lacey offered a tearful apology at the time, saying she and her husband were awoken by the protest and were frightened.
Lacey is the first Black person and first woman to hold the role in LA.

The latest in portland:

The Portland Mayor (Ted Wheeler), who for weeks had blamed President Trump for fueling riots in the city, yesterday acknowledged that the violence has continued even after the federal presence was curtailed.
He is now authorizing the police to “do whatever is necessary” to gain control after another night of rioting.
He even tried this trick in his appeal for calm:
He told the protesters and rioters they are inadvertently helping Mr. Trump.
“Don’t think for a moment that if you are participating in this activity that you are not being a prop for the reelection campaign for Donald Trump, because you absolutely are.”

short takes

Yesterday was the 75th anniversary of the first atomic bomb in 1945, hastening the end of WWII.
Survivors gathered near an iconic blasted dome Thursday to mark the attack’s anniversary, many of them urging the world, and their own government, to do more to ban nuclear weapons. The average age of those surviving was 83.

Did you see the Supreme Court rating (58% approval) for its handling of cases? It was it’s highest rating in over a decade.
Meanwhile, Vice President Pence spoke for conservatives when he said that Supreme Court Chief Roberts, Jr. has been “a disappointment to conservatives.”

President Trump signed a long-promised executive order Thursday that compels federal agencies to “Buy American” when it comes to a list of essential medicines and supplies, saying the coronavirus pandemic has underscored the need to bring supply chains home.
You will hear more about this and the jobs it will bring back.

finally election news:

After being out raised two months in a row, the Trump campaign raised a record of $165 million in July, surpassing $1 billion for the election cycle. They reported more than $300 million cash on hand.
VP Biden’s campaign reported raising a $140 million in July, and said their cash-on-hand total was $294 million.

Finally, in case you missed the results of the primaries this week, take note:

The squad kept one member, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (easily winning) and added another, Cori Bush. She unseated Rep. William Lacy Clay, a 10-term congressman from St. Louis.

For the Republicans, they avoided a disaster as Rep. Roger Marshall defeated former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

have a great weekend, and it was good to catch up.

If It’s Tuesday…

if it’s tuesday there must be primaries

There are four you might want to watch this evening. They are:

In Michigan one of the squad is in a primary that some see as close. That is Rashida Tlaib. You may remember her from that famous “we are going to impeach the Mother….” She is facing a rematch with a primary challenger she narrowly beat in 2018.
I think they’re wrong, and she wins easily.

In Missouri the squad is attempting to add a member.
Cori Bush is the candidate who is challenging 10 term incumbent William Clay. It will be an interesting race to watch. I think Clay holds on, but this should be interesting.

On the Republican side we have two to watch, too.
The first is in Kansas where Kris Kobach, who lost the Governorship in this reddest of red states last year, is running in the Senate primary. A strong supporter of the President, he can win this primary, but lose again in November. That is something, with the senate at stake, the Republicans cannot afford. For that reason, I think he loses here and Mitch McConnell breathes a little easier.

The fourth is in Arizona. There, Joe Arpaio, the 88-year-old former sheriff of Maricopa County whose hard-line immigration stance earned him a criminal conviction and was pardoned by the President, is running for his old job. It’s a three way primary, but I think he loses. Arizona has changed a lot.

“Whatever you do, don’t debate Trump”

This was a quote from Joe Lockhart, the former Press Secretary for President Clinton. His stated reason is the President will lie, and Biden will spend the whole night having to deal with correcting the lies. Which is an interesting statement from him who worked for the only President convicted of lying under oath.
But, that said there is a growing chorus; see the NY Times opinion section, for the debates not to happen.
I warn the Republicans and administration again that they are setting the bar so low for Biden that if they continue, he will win the debate just by showing up and standing on the stage. Life is about expectations, and the Biden attacks are lowering the bar too far.

Former NYT opinion editor Bari Weiss 

We have long attacked the NYT coverage, and now Bari Weiss provides a reason for it.
She, who made an explosive exit from the paper last month, publishing her resignation letter online, said she had been constantly bullied at the publication for her “centrist” political beliefs and that Twitter had become the paper’s “ultimate editor.”|
On HBO’s “Real Time ” she expanded on the letter and said the last straw was when former Editorial Page editor James Bennet was ousted from the paper after he published an op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton.
“My boss got fired for running an op-ed by a sitting U.S. senator.” Ms. Weiss said. “Now, you might say that Tom Cotton is detestable, that you disagree with him, but I don’t want to live in a world where the views of half of the country can’t be heard in the paper of record. And that’s, I fear, where we’re headed. In order to do our job well, writers and editors, we need to have a level of bravery and thick skin and fearlessness,” she said. “And when you are living in fear of an online mob, you know, all it takes is a dozen people to repeat a lie about you — that you’re a racist, that you’re a transphobe, that you’re a bigot — for that lie to become true and that’s extremely dangerous.”
So the NYT is worried about the cancel culture. Interesting.

this story should have been front and center

I can’t help but think if it wasn’t Donald Trump, this gets big coverage. Here’s the details: (Read about the TVA and it’s CEO who he fired on the spot).

President Trump, on Monday, signed an executive order banning federal agencies – with particular attention on the technology sector – from firing U.S. citizens or green card holders only to replace them with foreigners.
The order, which the White House is calling the Executive Order on Hiring American, challenges federal contractors’ use of H-1B visas to bring in temporary foreign labor for high-skilled jobs rather than relying on American workers

“This Executive Order follows his Buy American, Hire American Executive Order from April 2017 and takes further action to prevent Americans from being displaced by foreign workers,” the White House said in a statement released Monday. “Under President Trump’s leadership, the firing of hardworking Americans in the pursuit of cheap foreign labor will not be tolerated.” 

Trump’s action was in part to prevent the outsourcing of jobs at the Tennessee Valley Authority, the federally owned corporation created by congressional charter in 1933 to provide electricity, economic development and other essential services to the region. 

At the White House signing ceremony Monday, Trump said he’s pushing for the removal of authority CEO Jeff Lyash and called on its board to make Lyash “does not receive a lavish compensation package upon his departure too.”

“He gets $8 million a year so that was just a succession of deep swamp things happening and it’s a disgrace,” Trump said. “So let this serve as a warning to any federally appointed board. If you betray American workers, then you will hear two simple words, ‘You’re fired.’ “

Lyash almost immediately after the order signing contacted the White House, saying he wanted to settle the labor dispute.
But Trump nevertheless fired Lyash.

NYC on the case: crime? shootings? guns? No.

You would think that the DA in NYC, with more shootings in the first seven months of this year than all of last year and no bail, releasing criminals, closing Riker’s Island would have some important issues to deal with. But, no. Here’s what he did yesterday:
Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. on Monday said that his office wants President Trump’s tax returns as part of an investigation into criminal conduct at the Trump Organization.
In a new court filing, Mr. Vance said his office is investigating “possible extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump Organization,” including fraud allegations that have popped up in media reports over the past few years.
Mr. Vance made the claim in a legal filing asking a federal judge to block Mr. Trump’s latest bid to keep his tax returns and other financial records out of the hands of prosecutors.
Mr. Vance, your “possible” here can be replaced by actual crime all around your city. In fact try keeping Ghasline Maxwell alive in the same prison you allowed Epstein to die. I don’t think the President’s taxes are the issue you should be spending your time on

and the communist party endorses:

Bob Avakian, founder and leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, told followers in an email yesterday that ousting President Trump is too important a goal to miss, so they should vote for Democratic candidate Jospeh Biden.
Mr. Avakian, a controversial figure who over the decades has backed violent fringe movements worldwide, said that means no protest votes for third-party or independent candidates. Mr. Biden must be the pick of the far left. He said he still considers Mr. Biden  and the Democratic Party “representatives and instruments of this exploitative, oppressive, and literally murderous system of capitalism-imperialism.” But Mr. Trump and the Republicans are even worse, he said.

If the communist party is against someone, does that give you a reason to vote for them?

have a great day.

After The Weekend…

after the weekend

The main focus is on who Joe Biden will pick for VP. With the convention pushed into later August, he backed off his Aug. 1 date for naming her and pushed the date to as late as Aug. 10th.
Who will it be? He seems to have narrowed the list to a black female, and though it appears Kamala Harris is the lead choice there has been a hesitance to name her. We’ve heard all the reasons why, but there is no other clear choice.
It looked like Rep. Karen Bass was making progress, but then her pro Castro statements and positions came to light and pointed out a major issue.
Hard to see him choosing Susan Rice with her connections to the Russian probe and writing that odd memo Jan. 20, 2017. If the Durham report comes out, that could be a tough position to argue. Add her Benghazi “was because of a video” on all those Sunday shows, and you compound her issues.
So who would be safe?
Rep. Val Demings would be a choice that helps with the middle and right with her police background. In a normal election year that would be the way to go. However, it could hurt with the left in this anti police era.

So, VP Biden’s first decision is no easy one. The person must be seen as ready for the office and to assume the presidency, and not anger his supporters.

the story out of portland

The Washington Times reports that, “with federal officers taking a lower profile in Portland, Oregon, protesters are turning their ire on local police, using the same tactics of throwing bottles and firing lasers into officers’ eyes, as demonstrations enter their 10th week.”
Now, we were told that if federal agents left, the violence would too. The weekend seems to undercut those claims, as federal pullback began Thursday.

three things on the coronavirus

California became the first state in the U.S. to report more than 500,000 coronavirus cases. They’ve been on a lock down and limited for a long time.

Florida passed NY to move into second place for the most cases. Texas remains third and New York fourth. They are the largest four seats.
NY remains at the top for deaths.

Speaker Pelosi went after Dr. Deborah Birx on Sunday saying she has no confidence in her. She basically called her a Trump lackey.
So now we’ve had Senator Paul go after Dr. Fauci and Speaker Pelosi at Birx. Will we soon be choosing up sides?

finally the polls

All polls released over the weekend by state said that VP Biden was ahead, including Ohio, NC and Georgia which President Trump won in 2016.

Now the Rasmussen Poll today has the President’s job approval at 51%, his highest ever.

Go figure.

have a great day