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in the news today:

The NBA resumed last night with all the players and referees kneeling for the National Anthem. As we all agree, it’s their right to do so.
It’s also my right to decide if I will watch any games this season.

It’s been six years since the Ferguson, MO incident where Michael Brown was killed. You may recall there were numerous investigations, and all of them cleared the officer and pointed out that Brown was the aggressor. Well there was another one concluded by the DA in MO yesterday, and guess what? They came to the same conclusion, “the officer should not be charged.”
So where does the officer and his wife (a fellow officer) go to get their jobs and lives back? They both had to resign and go into hiding.

Did you see the releases by the judge in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial? She was first charged in notes and memo’s with developing an underage girl into Epstein’s sex slave. The woman also claimed Epstein made her available for sex with “politically-connected and financially-powerful people,” according to the filing. The same person claimed she saw Bill Clinton on the island!
She said Ms. Maxwell helped set up some of the illicit liaisons, including one that took place at her London apartment. Adding, that prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister and other world leaders were among those with whom she was forced to have sex.
The names were redacted in the filing. Do you think we’ll ever see them?

So the President went ahead with his threat to reduce our troops in Germany by 12,000. Pentagon officials rolled out the adjustment this week, following calls from President Trump to reduce the number of U.S. troops abroad and draw down America’s troop presence in Germany, after months of demanding Berlin contribute more funds to NATO.
Leading Democrats on Capitol Hill are hitting back at the announcement and calling for congress to block the move. They claim that the move will weaken U.S. efforts to counter Russian aggression in the region.
Really? Then how come Germany won’t pay their share?

Will the Flynn case ever end? The judge in the Flynn case, after refusing to accept the prosecutor’s desire to drop the charges, lost on appeal (2-1) to keep the case going. So he hired a lawyer and they appealed to the entire appeals court. Well yesterday they agreed to take a second look at whether the Justice Department can withdraw the charges.
Now a new round of oral arguments can proceed. Oral arguments before the full court are scheduled for Aug. 11.
Just for the record, the judge who dissented (in the 2-1 ruling) was the lone Democratic appointed judge on the panel. The D.C. Circuit is currently composed of seven judges appointed by three Democrats and four Republican appointees. The law should never come down to who appointed the judges.

Meanwhile on another case, a federal judge Thursday blocked a trio of anti-Trump lawyers from filing a legal brief opposing the commutation of Roger Stone’s prison sentence. U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson said the case is closed, and there is no reason for more court filings.
With this administration, cases never end for some.

Finally, after watching three hearings of Congress this week, I can understand completely why Gallup today said that congress approval is at 18%. I wonder who the 18% are?

have a great weekend.

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