Under 100…

we’re under 100 days to the election

As of this morning we are 99 days to the election and deciding the future of our nation.
Every poll shows a Democratic sweep of the Presidency and both houses of congress.
We’ll see a narrowing of those polls. The question is do they come all the way back?

It will be a big week in Washington. First, today the body of Congressman John Lewis will lie in state in Washington DC. A congressman who made a difference is getting a heroes funeral. Here’s one thing that will show some of the progress America has made. Remember watching the tapes of John Lewis and other marchers being beaten as they crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge in the 60’s?
Yesterday when he crossed the bridge for the final time, the State Troopers saluted.

Next, the congress will be arguing the next stimulus package. You will hear much noise. The Democratic plan is for $3-4 trillion. The Republican one for $1 trillion. You will likely hear the most noise about the added $600 to unemployment checks. The Democrats want it extended for the year. The Republicans scaled back, because they say 70% are getting paid more to stay home. (Remember the $600 is on top of state unemployment.)
No, they’ll settle on a smaller amount, but not before the left and media make it sound like the right wants to take away your unemployment.

Third, there is a lot happening with releases of documents on the investigation of the Russian Collusion story from 2016. There is “promised” breaking news this week. We’ll see what comes out and if it gets any coverage. As stated here before, there has been much that has come to light, but after three years of non stop collusion coverage, almost nothing on why it was a hoax.

The Great Divide

We’ve talked often of the great divide in thought and coverage in the nation. I think a great example is the current unrest. The left, and most of the MSM, are calling them peaceful protests. The right, otherwise. One place that seemed clear to be more was Portland. But the refrain now is it is the fault of federal agents. Here’s the NYT this AM:
Protests across the U.S. grew more volatile over the weekend, spurred by the presence of federal agents in Portland, Ore.
So if you think it is the federal agents fault, you know how to vote. If you think it Antifa, you know how to vote. Your vote, you decide.

in the news

The Coronavirus appears to have stabilized over the week, but the numbers remain high for contraction, but with a declining death toll. The stabilization should lead to an overall decline. Let’s see, and if it does how the MSM covers it.

In the meantime Florida passed NY for cases and is second now to California. However, the death toll in NY remains 4X greater. Remember, California, Texas, Florida and NY are the top four population states in that order.

President Trump cancelled his plan to throw the first pitch at Yankee Stadium in August. He said he had too much going on now and would do it later. Don’t you wonder how much push back the Yankees got?

The DNC is working on the convention details (Aug 17-20). Here is what we know the days themes are:
MONDAY: A United America. TUESDAY: Steady Leadership. WEDNESDAY: A Future for All. THURSDAY: 
Speakers are to be announced. The plan is for a virtual convention but VP Biden will be in Milwaukee for his speech we hear.


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