a few “wells” Today

Well, the President cancelled the Jacksonville convention. You may recall the day he announced he was moving it, we said this was a move that would likely backfire. At the time he was arrogant in that he wanted his coronation.
Yesterday he was humble in announcing the cancellation. He’ll take some heat from this because of past comments, but not as bad because he showed humility.

Well, the NY Judge is letting Michael Cohen out of jail, because he said they locked him up because he was writing an anti Trump book. The justice department said they had no idea on the book, and went after him after the front page NY Post pictures of him violating house arrest.
What do you think?
Two weeks ago the anti Trump crowd said with the Stone commutation “it is good to be a friend of the president.” Does this decision mean it’s good to be an enemy of the president? Just asking.

Well, earlier this week we wrote on issues and asked you to decide where you stand for the November election. Yesterday we watched Speaker Pelosi, and at least three, things she said are opposite the administration. They are key election barometers, so you decide again which side you are on:
1. When told the SF Giants had kneeled for the national anthem at their game, she said she was “proud of them.” The President is on the other side and thinks it disrespects the flag and those who fought and died for it.
You decide what side you are on.
2. She called the federal agents sent to assist guarding federal buildings in Portland “Storm Troopers.” A reference to the Nazi Party’s original paramilitary wing.
The president called them federal agents who are guarding federal buildings, and willing to do more to protect law and order.
You decide what you want to call them and where you stand.
3. She called it the Trump Virus that is killing Americans.
The President has called it the ChinaVirus.
You decide who is responsible for this worldwide plague, and vote accordingly.

Well, in the latest betting odds VP Biden is up to 61% probability to win.

Well, we hear so much about not deporting any illegals. Ever wonder if the President was for not deporting, what the MSM would be for? If he was, this story would be headlines today; instead you probably never heard about it:
“An illegal immigrant who stands accused of killing three motorcyclists in a drunken-driving crash last week in Texas was once a “Dreamer,” approved for the Obama-era DACA deportation amnesty in 2013, and protected from removal in 2016 despite another drunken-driving arrest.”
The three people killed were riding with a group called the Blue Wave, and all were ex officers or military personnel.
Why no coverage?

Well, while we ask that, here’s another why. Why no coverage of these just released documents? (Story from the Washington Post):
The FBI brought its Russia probe directly to candidate Donald Trump in August 2016, disguising its intentions as a routine counterintelligence briefing on spy threats, newly declassified documents show.
The written outline for the Aug. 17, 2016 briefing by FBI agent Joe Pientka, and his final report, were both titled “Crossfire Hurricane,” according to the papers declassified Thursday by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe. The Washington Times obtained the documents.
The FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane probe was opened July 31, and Trump associates were picked for targeting days before Mr. Trump arrived at the bureau’s New York field office. He was accompanied by former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, whom the FBI had selected for targeting the previous day.
Mr. Trump and his associates all thought the sole purpose was to receive a classified “defensive briefing.”
But the FBI documents said otherwise. And from the report by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz in December, Mr. Pientka wanted to deliver the briefing so he could size up Mr. Flynn.
Said a Republican congressional source: “Every part of this FBI investigation stunk to high heaven, and it turns out even the defensive briefing of Trump was part of that investigation.”

Well, finally, you no doubt, even if you didn’t watch the game, saw that first pitch from Dr. Fauci at the Nationals vs. Yankees game. Properly social distanced from the catcher it was as my grandson said “a little outside.”
But, did you hear the President is throwing the first pitch out at Yankee Stadium on August 15th? Now with no fans, what kind of sound will they beam in? And, where will his pitch go? Wide right? Left? Down the middle?

have a great weekend.

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