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A Little of This n that

This election is narrowing and the polls you see in the week(s) ahead will show that. You can feel it.

A major reason is the President has been quieter on Twitter. Have you noticed that? He hasn’t dug himself holes.

A second reason, he has stuck to issues and his daily Coronavirus conferences have been focused, limited and on target.

Imagine that, acting presidential can work. Now let’s see if it lasts a few days or more.

On the Coronavirus:
Did you see California passed New York yesterday for the most cases? They now have 409,000 cases, a thousand more than NY.
Now consider this.
They have 40 million people, NY has 19 million.
Then consider that NY, with 32,500, had four times more deaths than California.
Isn’t it fair to ask why?
By the way, New Jersey has the second most deaths with 15,700 despite the fact they are the 11th largest population state.
Bet all you’re hearing about is Florida and Texas, right?

Michael Cohen, the president’s old attorney who was sent back to jail is in court today charging that AG Barr sent him back “because he was writing a book.”
Not because he flaunted his house arrest by going to NY restaurants and being on the front page of the NY Post. Not because he was explained the rules a few days later and refused to sign the agreement.
No, it’s because of Trump and Barr.

Watch the noise, maybe as early as tonight, on the Republican decision to reduce the $600 extra in unemployment. Now, we won’t hear that state unemployment remains as it was, only the extra $600 will be reduced.
It turns out, as some argued when it was enacted, that the result would be many were going to receive more not to work than to work. Some employers have actually said some refuse to come back, because it would be a pay cut.
Regardless, the MSM will say the right is heartless.

The President’s campaign has responded to the left’s controversial call to boycott Goya Foods with a Spanish-language ad campaign. The highlight is “Democrat’s” shameful smear campaign against Goya Foods, a beloved Hispanic-owned family business.”
A smart move, as Goya product sales soared.

The President announced Wednesday that he is expanding a federal law enforcement operation to combat rising violence in Chicago and Albuquerque, New Mexico, saying “help is on its way” over the objections of local Democratic officials.
We say again, this is wrong. He should offer help so the American people know he wants to assist. Let them say they don’t want him there, as the Governor of Oregon and Mayor of Portland have said.
Don’t make this your issue, it is there’s until they ask for help. The people in the area? They can rise up to ask for help, or vote out leaders who support the protesters and rioters.

The President also said a leftist movement to defund police departments has “led to a shocking explosion of shootings, killings, murders and heinous crimes of violence.” This is a great issue for him. Let’s get this front and center for every city and state. You are either standing behind the police or want to defund them. That’s the issue.
That doesn’t mean you support rogue officers; we all want them removed and punished. It just means we recognize that 98%+ of officers are doing their job with dedication and caring. They are protecting our neighborhoods, and the first to run to danger and to us when we call. Let’s see who is with them and not.
Here’s a Gallup poll from yesterday (36,463 adults participated) that shows the divide:
47% favor reducing police budgets and “shifting money to social programs.”
5% of Republicans, 46% of independents and 78% of Democrats agree.

15% favor “abolishing police departments”; 1% of Republicans, 12% of independents and 27% of Democrats agree.

I think being on the side of the police is the right place to be, and they as a group have taken far too much abuse recently and need our voices of support.

have a great day.

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