Polls, Elections and Issues:

the polls and election ahead:

So take your choice. The ABC Poll this weekend said Joe Biden is up by 15. The FoxNews Poll says it’s 8. Real Clear Politics says its an 8.6% Biden lead.
What do I think?
I think it’s clearly a Biden lead today, probably closer to 5-6% and too far out to call it over.
Now the betting odds are always interesting, and they have moved to Biden big. Biden is a 60% favorite today.

Now the senate. We have long said is at stake and today it looks far more certain to go Democratic.
RCP has the Democratic challenger ahead in these Republican pickup states:
Montana, Colorado. Maine, North Carolina, Arizona and Iowa.
Republicans are ahead in only one Democratic seat, Alabama.
That would be a pickup of five, and the Dems only need 3 if Biden wins and 4 if Trump does to control the senate.

Thus, if the election were today the Democrats would likely control both houses of congress. A Biden win and control of both houses is what the polls say today.
Senate Leader Schumer and House Speaker Pelosi. What do you think?

We have 105 days until the election, and the questions to me for the Republicans are these:

– The President’s fate usually decides down ballot issues. Can they control his messaging? No one has yet.
– Can that messaging break through the media bias? ABC, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC clearly have chosen a side. They call the President “a liar.” Can he overcome that?
– Big large rallies are a Trump strength; they are unlikely to happen. Can he compensate for that?
– Will the debates happen?
– If they do, have the Republicans raised the stakes so high on them that if Biden stands on the stage he wins?
– Is America ready to move left, progressive style?
– The joint agreement that Biden and Sanders released heads that way. In fact Sen. Sanders said that Biden would be “the most progressive Pres. since FDR.”

So will the issues or personalities decide this election?
On the issues I don’t think America is ready to move that far left.
It’s funny, because on the issues America sides with the President.
On personalities they want a reprieve from the President.
Thus, are there more motivated pro Trump issue voters or anti Trump ones? Because the enthusiastic Biden voters are not there.

As we go forward we’ll get into those issues, and you can decide where you stand. After all:
Your vote, your choice, and You Get What You Vote For.

a poll: the public on the media:

A Rasmussen poll showed that sixty three percent (63%) of voters believe major news organizations have their own political agenda.
Only 27% say these large-scale news operations are impartial.
There is a political divide:
“Democrats (42%), are far less likely than Republicans (87%) and voters not affiliated with either major party (63%) to believe most news organizations are politically biased,” the poll analysis said.

Here’s an interesting finding from the poll that I think you agree with:
58% of voters agree that the public wishes for news that is accurate and balanced — and that “once-great journalistic institutions” have violated such traditional standards.
Once again there was a divide:
79% of Republicans, 55% of independents and 42% of Democrats say news consumers want a quality product and believe the news organizations have dropped their standards.

Finally, just 30% of voters trust the political news they get.
44%believe most reporters are trying to block President Trump’s agenda.
By contrast, 48% thought reporters were trying to help President Obama pass his agenda in 2010, according to a similar poll conducted that year.

We have long believed the media has lost its lofty standings and standard.

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