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Five headlines yesterday And today

There were two press events yesterday that you should watch to help make your decision for November.
VP Biden read a speech and outlined his plans. It was clear the vision he laid out, and it appealed to the left of his party for sure.
Later the President had what was called a “press conference” but was actually a speech laying out his differences with Joe Biden.
Watch both and you will see the clear differences on the vision for the nation. Then you can decide what country you want for the next four years. The contrast was clear.
By the way, mark these dates down, Sept. 29, Oct. 15 and Oct. 22. They are the 2020 debate nights!

In this blog we have long railed against a lost press that presented the news and informed the public. We have mentioned the NYT almost weekly. Yesterday the resignation of their opinion editor and writer and her clear message about their bias validated those complaints. If you didn’t read her letter, do it. She truly lays it all out.
On top of the Senator Cotton controversy it is clear the NYT is no longer the paper of record for all, just the left. Free expression of thought and ideas is gone.

A vaccine against the Coronavirus that was developed by government scientists and Moderna (a biotech company) had great results. In a study of 45 people it appeared safe and provoked an immune response in them.
The next step is to begin a 30,000 people test, and if that works we will all celebrate and get our country back.

I saw the interview with Mary Trump on GMA this AM. As much as they wanted to get the President, she came across with nothing. It was embarrassing as she had no evidence or news to support anything.
If you bought the book, watch the interview and see how happy you are for contributing to her. I think you got Trumped.

The President had a good day, but he still managed in a CBS interview to do a silly thing. He again supported the Confederate flag and against any bans. Why? His argument, people like the battle flag and don’t link it to slavery. “All I say is freedom of speech — it’s very simple.” He likened it to the phrase “Black lives matter” — but he called that a symbol of hate.

just another day. have a good one.

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