Can We Go On Like This?

the media is dividing us

When I watch or read the MSM all I see is division. The dislike for one side and the biased reporting is incredible. They are drawing a line down the middle of our nation, and it is not good.
If you think they’re not divisive and one sided then answer this question.
How come they are now telling us things were so good before the President messed up with the virus, and yet coverage then was 92% negative?
The 99% negative now is so one sided that they are trying to impact a free election.

For those who think it’s different now, I have a message – no it isn’t.
What’s different is the 24/7 news cycle.
Think about Ronald Reagan and how the press called him dumb, racist, out of touch and a war monger. That was before cable news.
Think about George W. Bush who was the dumbest man in America for eight years and only got smart when he wouldn’t back Trump.
When did Mitt Romney become so smart and popular? Not when he ran against Obama.

In fact, when was the last time you heard the media say something nice about a Republican leader outside of being against a Trump policy?
Does the media ever say anything negative about Democratic leaders like Schumer and Pelosi?

look at what’s in the news today:

The Mary Trump book hasn’t even come out and we hear this:
A top prosecutor for special counsel Robert Mueller has a book coming out this fall about the investigation into the alleged ties between Russia and the 2016 campaign of President Donald Trump. The one that found no collusion!
You know who? Andrew Weissmann. Who’s he?
Well, a former Obama Justice Department official, supporter of Hillary and then a leader of the Special Counsel in the Mueller probe. He’s writing, “Where Law Ends: Inside the Mueller Investigation” to be published Sept. 29.

So the anti Trump books will never end before this election. Just amazing.

Meanwhile we may have another Flynn type case developing with Roger Stone. The federal judge on the case demanded more information about the President’s decision to commute the prison sentence of Stone.
Unbelievable. I still want to know why Bowe Bergdhal and the FALN terrorist were pardoned. I want to know why Marc Rich was. Yet the judges and those involved then did nothing.

Speaking of Stone, remember he said he was going to appeal his conviction? Well he is changing his mind quickly. Now he says he must appeal before that same judge, and “I gotta become convinced that I can get a fair second trial, because I certainly didn’t get a fair first trial.”

The Supreme Court said no to congress on seeing the President’s taxes.
Well they are back at it. “The House is planning to quickly revisit its effort to obtain President Donald Trump’s personal financial records.” They are urging the Supreme Court to take its final formal steps on the matter so lawmakers can reignite the issue in the lower courts.
After all, congress has nothing else to do.

Why all the crime in cities recently?
Some of us think the supportive leaders in them have tied the police’s hands. But the left led by AOC have another explanation:
She, an avid supporter of the defund the police movement, said the significant uptick in shootings and homicides is due to millions of New Yorkers being newly unemployed because of the coronavirus pandemic. They’re just desperate to “shoplift some bread” for their children.
Oh, that’s why shootings are up 600% versus last year, and why a one year old was murdered by a stray bullet.
Who knew?

The genius mayor of Seattle is in the news, too.
There is a petition to recall her, so she blasted the City Council’s plan to cut the police department’s budget by 50%. Really Mayor, if they take over city blocks, loot and you allow them to do what they want, why do you need so many police? You see the police usually prevent those things.

And through all this the polls are tighenting as we forecast two weeks ago.
In the new Zogby poll released today Biden now has a 7-point advantage over President Trump (49%-42%). It was 13% in late May. The race will tighten more.

Meanwhile, tonight Alabama Republicans will pick a senate candidate.
The choice is between Jeff Sessions and Tommy Tuberville in a race the President is all in on. Sessions, who fell from grace as President Trump’s attorney general, after recusing himself in the Russia investigation, hopes to reclaim a seat he held for 20 years. Tuberville coached Auburn University’s football team for 10 seasons, and Trump has endorsed him.

Two more Republican Senators seem set to not attend the convention.
They are Senators Blunt of Missouri and Roberts of Kansas. Plus this quote in the NYT today: ” Everybody just assumes no one is going,” said one House member wary of the virus risks. Many are not. The Republicans need to adjust here.

Finally, today we heard from Hillary Clinton again.
She said that the U.S. needs to be prepared for President Trump not to “go quietly” if he loses the fall election. You know like she did.

have a great day

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