So, Let Me Say This…


SO, the President hasn’t tweeted himself into trouble for two days. Bet his polls look better next week.

SO, U.S. Marshals took Michael Cohen into custody for violating the terms of his early release from prison. Probably not a good idea, when you are under sentence and sent home because of the Coronavirus in prisons, to be out at restaurants eating dinner and talking to publishers about a new book release.
Then add this, the marshals went to him to sign an agreement that he would cease these actions. He refused. When they showed back up in 90 minutes with cuffs he changed his mind. “Too late” they said.
If you feel bad for him you are in a very small minority.

SO, when Speaker Pelosi took to the podium yesterday to promise a continued effort to get the President’s tax returns, she was asked if she would release hers. Her answer: She won’t release her tax returns until she runs for President.
Now Trump came to Washington a billionaire, it might be interesting to see hers and how her net worth got to an estimated $120 million.

SO, if the President is as smart as he tells us, wouldn’t this have been his plan?
Knowing taxes would come up in his reelection, he would have assured pristine submissions for the years 2016, 17, 18 and 19? Then when challenged in the debate, announce you have no right to my taxes for the years I was in private business, but I will release them for the years I was a candidate and in office? Then release those four years and put the issue to bed for most people?
Was he smart enough?

SO, VP Biden laid out an economic vision with the tagline “Build Back Better” as part of an effort to confront one of the President’s positive campaign messages. But I would ask the VP, “Build Back Better” from what?
Is it the policies you supported for 47 years? You didn’t know it was a problem earlier this year when you spoke of China. Now you are the solution?

SO, let’s go back to Speaker Pelosi and another comment yesterday. For Americans upset over statue destruction, she said, “People will do what they do.”
Really? That’s your answer? Not do it legally, it’s okay to tear things down?
Are we that beholden to the radicals in the party?
Even when asked about the Christopher Columbus statue in Baltimore that her Father and Brother served as Mayor in, her flip comment was: “I don’t even have my grandmother’s earrings.”
So, are you sure you can count on her for your allegiance?

SO, Judge Emmet Sullivan, presiding over the case against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, asked for a hearing by a full appeals court after a three-judge panel ordered him to accept the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss the case. 
The prosecutor and courts say drop the case but this judge won’t, why?
Whatever happened to double and triple jeopardy? Is he trying to carry this past the election and try to convict? Does he care that the FBI said drop the case in January and the rogue agents reopened it? What is going on here?

SO, Congress held a hearing on the “Russian Bounty.” Defense Secretary Esper testified.
“To the best of my recollection, I have not received a briefing that included the word bounty. If it was a credible report, a credible, corroborated report, that used those words, certainly it would have been brought to my attention by chain of command, by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs and others, for action.”
Again, the story has fallen apart, but how many heard such hysterics and believe it? To those in the know, it dents the NYT reporting again, doesn’t it?

SO, Mayor BeBlasio, his wife and Al Sharton painted the Black Lives Matter in bright yellow on 5th avenue outside the Trump Tower. In fact, they painted the letter L right in front of the main door. They claimed victory after.
I think many see this as vindictive and a step too far. You?
Mayor, you better turn your attention to what is going on in the city, and your move limiting police retirements (since so many applied) is also tacky.

SO, to those leaving the city and complaining about the Mayor and conditions I say again, you get what you vote for. 75% of you voted for the Mayor – twice.

SO, the rumor is that in the next week or so, there is a plan in place to resubmit paperwork to do away with DACA. As a reminder, the Supreme Court said the administration repealed it incorrectly last time. It’s coming back.
At some point the Supreme Court has to stop playing politics and make calls.

SO, the MSM and leftists just blame the President for everything. The story now is that the president’s actions, decisions or policies have added to the surge in coronavirus cases around the nation.
Yesterday they claimed that public health officials blamed the Tulsa rally for a local surge in coronavirus cases. Great, except they never did. Tulsa County Health Department director, Dr. Bruce Dart, said that there were “several large events” and never singled out the rally.
Kayleigh McEnany told the press you are so eager to pounce on the President’s events, but overlook other large gatherings. Why?

SO, it reminds me of how crazy they can get. Remember this from Barbra Streisand who blamed the President for her weight gain? His speeches prompted her to “eat pancakes.”

SO, this is the new left? AOC and others are calling for a boycott of Goya Foods because the CEO went to the White House and said something nice about the President. The same CEO who went to help President Obama and said something nice.
Is this the free speech and expression we want? Your vote counts.

SO, the Supreme Court was active this week. They capped yesterday with a 5-4 ruling, that 3 million acres of eastern Oklahoma, including the state’s second-largest city, is part of a reservation of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, effectively ending the state’s prosecution of American Indians on that land.
The decision could undo dozens, maybe hundreds of prosecutions by state law enforcement of tribal residents who can appeal to have cases reheard in federal or tribal courts.
Does anyone commit a crime these days other than the Police and those who work for President Trump?

have a great weekend.

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