So Many Questions…

so many questions i have

Doesn’t it appear this election will be between a gaffe prone Joe Biden and a shoot from the lips President?

So Biden’s team keeps him locked up and reading from the transcript only as much as possible. We know his entire career when able to speak off the cuff he makes news. Example: “You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.” 
Thus, lock him down, there’s a virus you know, and get him prompters. It’s working.

The President, on the other hand, is intent to shoot himself a few times a day it seems. After a good weekend, and what we called finding his voice, he found his phone to tweet it all away. First going after Bubba Wallace. For what reason? Then he puts himself in a position to appear being for the confederate flag! Wait, the news was about the weekend violence and murders in big cities run by Democrats. Way to go Mr. President (the stable genius) for helping Joe’s campaign.
Oh yea, later he added a tweet about the folly of the Redskins and Indians considering a name change. Good idea, keep changing the topic.

So both campaigns want to lock up their candiates and control what they say and do. One is able to, and guess what? They’re winning!

Here’s an idea Mr. President, the (the progressive left movement) has said that the Biden campaign is the most progressive in history. They are fully supportive. Maybe you could try pointing out your differences and run a real campaign.

What happened to the Russian Bounty story? Once the administration pushed back and called it untrue it just seemed to die. Do the reporters just skate away? Who leaked it to them? Word is the administration has been aggressive to try and find out, and narrowed it to ten suspects. We’ll see if they can identify anyone. In previous attempts they were unable to ID the leaker.
However, after all the coverage of the story, how many people believe it was real?

Really? The Mayors of NYC, Chicago and Altanta have all blamed the Coronavirus in part for the violence in their cities. Basically they said its a reaction to being locked down that caused the weekends violence, shootings and deaths.
Are they serious?
You mean it’s not tying the hands of the police? It’s not coddling to law breakers? It’s not a long term issue in Chicago? In NYC it was the worst month of shootings since 1995. It’s not ceding the burnt Wendy’s area to occupiers and police not allowed?
I wonder how many of their constituents believe them. 

On GMA this morning they interviewed the Atlanta Mayor and allowed her to blame the President and virus.
Did they ever ask, Mayor the minute the incident happened you fired the officer and never condemned the action of anyone expect them. You allowed the Wendy’s to burn and be a gathering place with weapons for citizens who made clear no police allowed. Now a young child is killed there, and its the President and virus? Never came up.
They did allow her to rip into the Governor for last night announcing he is sending in the National Guard. She called him wrong.
Mayor, there were 23 reported shootings and the death of that 8 year-old girl. The police in Atlanta are clearly angry for how they were treated.
Really, you don’t need some help? How many shootings would it take?

This is family? More bad news for the President is coming. The release date of a tell-all book by his niece has been pushed up two weeks to July 28. Supposedly the book paints the president as “damaged man” with “lethal flaws” who threatens the world’s health, security and social fabric.
Makes me want to check in with my nieces and see how they feel about me!

What you heard and didn’t. You heard that the Supreme Court ruled that if you agree to be a presidential elector you then have to vote the way your state mandated. Now that doesn’t sound logical to you?
Do you remember after the 2016 election there was a movement to encourage electors not to vote for Trump? 
Now what you didn’t hear was this. A state could say that no matter how we vote, our electors must vote for who won the popular vote nationally.
So this isn’t over yet.
Watch the movement to change the state elector mandate. Texas may be first.

the covid argument

There is much noise in the media about where we are. For the most part the MSM is end to end with the increased numbers and raising concerns.
On the other side the argument is that deaths are down.
The daily death rates peaked at 3,000 in March and April, and fell, as an example, on Sunday to 251.
This is in large part because younger people who are better able to survive COVID-19 make up a larger percentage of patients.
The question then is are you hearing both sides, and is this being fairly covered?

a final thought on statues

Where’s the solution to this? Mine is this:
We mostly agree that confederate statues should be moved off public display. Let’s do that.
Statues of those who built this country, like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt. Douglas, Grant etc, should remain in place. They made our nation, our freedom and the world what it is today.
Then we should build statues to those who since our founding have made America even better. Think of those who impacted life since, like Tubman.
So let’s remember history and add to it as we recognize those who continued our growth, maintained our freedom and made us better.

Not so hard is it?

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