After the weekend…

post the weekend

There are two views of the weekend, depending on who you listen to or watch.

The first is the President found his voice and position at Mount Rushmore and the White House July 4th celebration. He took the stand defending the virtues of the nation.

The other side led by NYT, WaPo and MSM was that instead of being the leader and healer he was dividing the nation and ignoring the continued Covid crisis.

For me it’s clear where I stand:
Stop tearing down our past and statues you didn’t put up.
There is a process in this nation to do such things.
Yes, let’s correct past actions that clearly need doing so.
We should rename the forts named for confederate leaders. The only exception would be if those individuals did extraordinary things for the United States of America that I am unaware of.
Protests are allowed.
Destruction of property in any manner is not.
Impeding upon the rights of others, no matter the cause, is unacceptable.
Defunding the police? That’s a local decision. You get what you vote for.

Now some questions:
Who is responsible for all the deaths resulting from the protests allowed to get out of hand?
Who pays the price for that besides the families and society overall?
Who pays the price for loss of business? Jobs? Opportunity?
Last night a young child was shot dead as protests continued at the Wendy’s in Atlanta.
Who owns that? The Mayor said this can’t be on the police, so who owns it?
I will say this again about Minneapolis and Atlanta. They were not the same.
Minneapolis was a murder, with the culprit in jail.
Atlanta was not. Very simply, if my son drove under the influence with outstanding issues, then fought with, punched and hit police officers and stole a weapon which he later fired at the police, I would expect a bad outcome.

In the end here, law abiding citizens have the right to feel safe in their homes, driving and traveling. You can defund the police and tie their hands if you want, as NYC has done. So who owns the shootings, deaths and mayhem now there? In my opinion it’s not the Mayor. He said he would do what he is. It is the voter.
You get what you vote for.

That’s where I stand. We know where the President stands. How about Joe Biden? Shouldn’t we know now and not later what he would have done?

speaking of Where they stand

We need to know where the candidates stand now on issues like:
Defunding the police.
Do they support encampments like we had in Seattle?
Should protesters be allowed to tear down any statue?
If not, should they be allowed to tear down some?
Where does that right begin and end? Who decides?

We know where the President stands on this virus and masks.
We know Joe Biden thinks there should be a national mask requirement.
But what would Biden do now?
I heard him say he would have handled it differently. How and when?
How does that fly with his call of the President being racist when he closed travel to China?

Speaking of China, that should be foreign issue number one in the election 120 days away.
I know the MSM will attack the President on his “friendship” with the leader of China, and what the trade deal is actually doing.
Now will they call Joe Biden on what China has become in his 48 years in Washington?
Will they call him on five months ago saying China was no threat to us?
Will they call him for criticizing the President on closing the border in January?

Let’s see. More on the issues to come as we get closer the the election. After all, your vote counts and makes a difference. Take a look around the nation today.

have a great day.

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