Wrapping Up…

First I wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday weekend. Let’s hope the spirit of America shines through this July 4th.

let’s wrap up the week with some thoughts

The good news this AM on the jobs report was welcome. The sooner our citizens get back to work the better.
A smart move by the President not to take any questions after announcing the numbers. This was evident if you saw the vehemence the press went after Kudlow and Mnuchin with.

The “summer of love” ended in Seattle yesterday as the “Capitol Hill Organized Protest” area was taken down in Seattle. There were at least four shootings while it existed.

I saw that a police officer in Miami is facing discipline after hitting a female protester in the face in a recorded episode all over social media.
I get that.
But how come protesters can spit on, throw urine at and yell derogatory things in officers faces and not face charges? Why are they allowed to get away with that?

The Russian Bounty story continues. The President tweeted: “The Russia Bounty story is just another made up by Fake News tale that is told only to damage me and the Republican Party.”
There’s a hearing for congressional leaders today with the CIA to review. Let’s see what the opposing sides say tonight.
I still don’t understand the noise. Whether a bounty, arms, intelligence or support, the objective is to help the enemies of your enemy.

Did you see that Joe Biden out-raised the President for the second straight month? Biden’s campaign raised $141 million. Trump’s $131 million.
Both totals were nearly twice the numbers for May.

In a move long overdue the Governor of Mississippi signed a bill changing the flag of the state, removing the confederate symbol from it. Good.
On the other side, another Governor said he thinks that the “President would be more upset at the toppling of a confederate statue than the Statue of Liberty going down”.
Really Governor? The President is one of the few defending statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and others. In fact, I noticed in your state you were silent as statues of Christoper Columbus were toppled and removed.

Speaking of statues. We mentioned yesterday the President threatened a veto of the military spending bill if it contained a measure to change the names of forts named after Confederate generals. Now some of the President’s most loyal allies were betting, or hoping, that a veto was not forthcoming.
This is the wrong side for the President, and he needs to let it go.

I bet you didn’t know that the USMCA agreement went into effect yesterday. No coverage was there? Why would that be?
The deal affects more than $1 trillion a year in trade. The International Trade Commission estimates that the deal will boost U.S. gross domestic product by roughly $70 billion, and increase exports to Canada and Mexico by 5% and 7%, respectively. 
Why report this?

Finally you heard much about the $1.5B cut in the NYC police budget. The details tell a different story. As an example:
$573 Million was a cut in capital improvements. Since the city has lost so much in the CoronaVirus coverage that is not a surprise.

$354 Million was shifted to other agencies because they transferred things like school safety officers to the Department of Education. So from the police to the DOE.

$484 Million was a combination $352M in overtime and other things.

The one impact I see on officers was the cancelling of the July new class of officers that was moved back. Moved back in part I guess because the city is in a financial crisis.

The devil as always is in the details.


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