Watched, Saw and Heard..

some things i watched, saw and heard

I watched Joe Biden’s press conference and he won the day.
Why? People have raised expectations so high that he couldn’t stand on his own two feet and answer questions that when he did, he won the day.
Life is about expectations.
Now what I heard were softball questions said in such a warm tone.
Compare that to the accusations and tone of press questions to the President. It was almost “why is that Trump such a bad man …”
Yesterday you might have thought you were watching an Obama press conference.

I heard some veterans of Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign are joining together to endorse Joe Biden. They are preparing to announce they cannot vote Republican and for Donald Trump this year. The report is that “dozens and dozens of Romney 2012 staffers have ‘signed up.'”
Just following the lead of their leader who in 2012 embarrassed himself.

I see where the press is giving Liz Cheney (the #3 House Republican) a lot of positive coverage as she increasingly calls out differences with administration Trump foreign policy decisions and leadership during the coronavirus crisis.
I hope she realizes that if Biden wins she will go back to being the daughter of Darth Vader.

In fact, all these Republicans enjoying positive press because they are anti some administration policy will face the wrath of the press if Trump loses.

I see New York City went ahead and cut $1B from their police budget. Well instinct says that’s exactly what you should do when shootings and crime are on the rise. Then you hear of this great exodus from the city as people are scared and nervous.
I ask again, really? You voted for the Mayor at a 75% rate- twice – and it was clear what his agenda was. I repeat, you get what you vote for.

I read where AOC said the billion dollar cut was way too small. “Defunding police means defunding police,” she said adding that the cuts aren’t enough.
Okay then, let’s keep an eye on the city and see how things go.

I heard that President Trump has approved plans that would shift 10,000 troops currently based in Germany to other locations. Many of his, and, of course, the opposition party call his move reckless.
We’ve already stated, we agree with the move. You want our troop protection, pay what you promised to NATO. Is that hard? Or, how about not making a deal to buy Russian oil (that we and others can supply) to give them funds while asking us to fund your safety from them.
Why is that so hard for people to understand?

I also hear that President Trump is threatening to veto the Defense Authorization Act if it contains a provision to remove Confederate names from military bases. That would be a mistake.
The American people will be with you on protecting statues for the Revolutionary War period figures, and heroes like Grant and Lincoln for the Civil War. They won’t support you on confederacy names and statues.
In an election year you have to take the right (and popular) position. The President, in particular, needs to be conscious of how he appears.

I see the story continues to get coverage about the “Russian Bounty.”
I ask again, even if true, and there are questions, why is it a surprise or different that our enemies are helping our enemies to beat us?
Why is it different than us in the same country (Afghanistan) helping the rebels defeat the Russians?
Why is it different than Iran creating and supporting ISIS while we fought them and yet we gave them plane loads of cash?
I don’t see it, someone explain it to me.

I watched to see while this hysteric reporting was going on for a story no one could say was true, and changed from a verbal to a possible written presentation to the President, to see if anyone was reporting on the false Russian Collusion by the same reporters and newspaper.
I didn’t see it. Did you? Wouldn’t you think that if you chased a false story by someone and they gave you another, you would be sure it was factual and be a little more careful?
Does anything in the age of Trump matter?

I see that the Seattle Mayor, who was upset at the protests at her house, is finally making a move on the illegal CHOP area in the city. I guess the summer of love ends on July 1?


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