Month: July 2020

In The News…

in the news today:

The NBA resumed last night with all the players and referees kneeling for the National Anthem. As we all agree, it’s their right to do so.
It’s also my right to decide if I will watch any games this season.

It’s been six years since the Ferguson, MO incident where Michael Brown was killed. You may recall there were numerous investigations, and all of them cleared the officer and pointed out that Brown was the aggressor. Well there was another one concluded by the DA in MO yesterday, and guess what? They came to the same conclusion, “the officer should not be charged.”
So where does the officer and his wife (a fellow officer) go to get their jobs and lives back? They both had to resign and go into hiding.

Did you see the releases by the judge in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial? She was first charged in notes and memo’s with developing an underage girl into Epstein’s sex slave. The woman also claimed Epstein made her available for sex with “politically-connected and financially-powerful people,” according to the filing. The same person claimed she saw Bill Clinton on the island!
She said Ms. Maxwell helped set up some of the illicit liaisons, including one that took place at her London apartment. Adding, that prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister and other world leaders were among those with whom she was forced to have sex.
The names were redacted in the filing. Do you think we’ll ever see them?

So the President went ahead with his threat to reduce our troops in Germany by 12,000. Pentagon officials rolled out the adjustment this week, following calls from President Trump to reduce the number of U.S. troops abroad and draw down America’s troop presence in Germany, after months of demanding Berlin contribute more funds to NATO.
Leading Democrats on Capitol Hill are hitting back at the announcement and calling for congress to block the move. They claim that the move will weaken U.S. efforts to counter Russian aggression in the region.
Really? Then how come Germany won’t pay their share?

Will the Flynn case ever end? The judge in the Flynn case, after refusing to accept the prosecutor’s desire to drop the charges, lost on appeal (2-1) to keep the case going. So he hired a lawyer and they appealed to the entire appeals court. Well yesterday they agreed to take a second look at whether the Justice Department can withdraw the charges.
Now a new round of oral arguments can proceed. Oral arguments before the full court are scheduled for Aug. 11.
Just for the record, the judge who dissented (in the 2-1 ruling) was the lone Democratic appointed judge on the panel. The D.C. Circuit is currently composed of seven judges appointed by three Democrats and four Republican appointees. The law should never come down to who appointed the judges.

Meanwhile on another case, a federal judge Thursday blocked a trio of anti-Trump lawyers from filing a legal brief opposing the commutation of Roger Stone’s prison sentence. U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson said the case is closed, and there is no reason for more court filings.
With this administration, cases never end for some.

Finally, after watching three hearings of Congress this week, I can understand completely why Gallup today said that congress approval is at 18%. I wonder who the 18% are?

have a great weekend.

Why, When…

how to play into hands of competition

Why would the President tweet this AM, even tweet about delaying the election? Why would he play right into the hands of the media and Democrats . Really, he did this? The tweet:
With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history. It will be a great embarrassment to the USA. Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???

There’s a reason he is behind and can’t seem to make it up, and that tweet says it all. Plus, this will be all the news covers, missing some stories he might have liked.

some quick headlines

Remember the recall petition for the Seattle Mayor (“Summer of Love”)?
Well, a judge who ruled earlier this month that a recall petition against her could move ahead is holding to that decision.
A Superior Court Judge on Wednesday denied a motion by the Mayor that asked for a reconsideration of the ruling.
So for now, recall moves forward. The Mayor will likely appeal to a higher court.

So who backed down in Portland? Here’s what we know:
Gov. Brown and acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf announced the deal in separate statements, and gave differing accounts of how quickly the federal officers will withdraw.
Oregon’s Gov. Brown agreed Wednesday to send in state police to protect the federal courthouse in Portland. She said it will remove its additional officers and agents and that they will begin to leave Thursday.
For his part, Wolf said there was an agreement but that agents will stick around until the police prove they can — and will — protect the courthouse. He added that he’s been trying to get the local police to handle things for weeks.

So the question now is when do the federal agents leave, what happens to the courthouse, and do the protests end? Let’s see now.

One more time I will say the President should stay out of cities uninvited. Announce over and over he is ready, willing and able to assist when asked. Let the pressure be on the Mayors and Governors.

With Rep. LOUIE GOHMERT (Texas) getting the virus, it is a blow to the no mask group. An outspoken representative, this one will get much coverage and his from the hip comments will hurt. Like yesterday, he said the “mask may have contributed” to his getting the virus.
Today he announced he would be taking hydroxychloroquine. Not a surprise.
The President’s second greatest liability in this election is the whole mask and down playing the virus issue. This will highlight it. His biggest liability is his tweet finger.

The school issue is next up and is not going to be pretty. Trump and team want kids back in school, the left is hesitant, teachers’ unions opposed and parents divided. The President may be on the wrong side here too. It might be better to be for school as soon as possible and not now.

have a great day.


I watched the AG Barr hearing yesterday, and my only comment was wow.

Congress wanted the AG in for months. They had “questions” and were convinced he had moved the DOJ from an office for the people to a defense for the President. Barr for his part was ready for the give and take.

You know what was missing? The give and take.

It was a disgrace. The Democratic Congressional members did not want answers. They made statements, charges and claims. Occasionally they did it in a question format, except as soon as Barr began to answer they stopped him and took their time back. It turned out to be a show and not a discussion.

They wasted my time, our nations money and did every citizen a disservice. If you defend that kind of “hearing,” you are part of the problem and likely afraid of open dialogue that may prove your charges and feelings wrong.

I came out of the hearing with this thought on Portland. The AG (when asked by Republicans) said numerous times that the federal courthouse would have been burned to the ground now if not for federal agents guarding it. That was not disputed.
Going in I heard that the federal agents were either the problem or adding to them. I now know that was not true. These agents are simply doing what they’re supposed to do and suffering for it. The fact that three of them have been blinded, maybe permanently by the protesters and rioters using lasers on them is an outrage. The fact the left is not angry about this is a crime to me.
When in your lifetime or our nations history has trying to burn and destroy a federal building not been condemned? The answer is never. The difference today is we have elected local and state leaders who support the protesters and their actions. You get what you vote for.

Now coverage of the event depended on what you watched and read. As an example, on GMA this AM they attacked Barr for his feelings “without proof” that mail in balloting could lead to fraud. Nothing else.
I say again, the media is part of the problem and can easily sway people.

We’ll see what November brings.

some other news

Did you see where the administration gave Kodak a $765 million loan? The reason — a first-of-its-kind government loan under the Defense Production Act. The goal is to have Kodak produce ingredients for a number of generic drugs to wean the U.S. off its reliance on China and India for such products.
This a big first step to bring reliance for these drugs back home and create jobs in the process.

We keep hearing how the Biden and Sanders camps have merged and all is well. Take a look at these comments from Bernie’s former Bernard presidential campaign co-chair Nina Turner. This from an article in The Atlantic titled, “Don’t Count Trump Out.”
“Ms. Turner gave a glimpse into her personal struggle in choosing between President Trump and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden. It’s like saying to somebody, ‘You have a bowl of s—t in front of you, and all you’ve got to do is eat half of it instead of the whole thing. It’s still s—t,’” the former Ohio state senator said.
The Atlantic article argues that Mr. Biden, who symbolizes “a brand of establishment centrism,” could have an uphill climb in November if he fails to pick up the younger and more radical voters who would have otherwise gone for Mr. Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont.
Cornel West, a Harvard University professor and Sanders supporter, told the outlet: “We have to be true to ourselves and acknowledge that Biden is a mediocre, milquetoast, neoliberal centrist that we’ve been fighting against in the Democratic establishment.”


Barr Day…

The big news today

The big news you will hear about tonight will be AG Barr’s testimony before Congress. As of this writing it has not begun, but both sides are poised for it. The Democrats think Barr has turned the DOJ into a Trump defense office. The Republicans want to know why more hasn’t happened on all the investigations.
Buckle up for this one. It will get nasty and combative.

On that topic, I watched Maria Bartiromo this AM interview Valerie Jarrett, former senior advisor to President Obama. Valerie is very bright, articulate and excellent at arguing her positions. This AM she was on to “review the 2020 election,” but the conversation went to the findings emerging from the non collusion of the 2016 election. Maria pressed her on who knew what and when. Jarrett wanted no part of it, and surprisingly to me just kept circling back to “why do you want to talk about four years ago.” She used that line on at least three occasions, which left me wondering why she didn’t have a better argument and whether the charges emerging are going to be the bombshells some say they are.
After three years of non stop daily “Russian Collusion” stories, if the whole thing was a made up lie perpetuated by rogue agents and administration personnel, it certainly is a story. It is not “four years ago,” it is current.

the president what?

We, along with others have remarked about how the President seems to be more disciplined the past few weeks, and that was leading to a narrowing of the election gap.
In fact, we saw this interview from the President on tweeting:
President Trump candidly admitted he “often” regrets his tweets. He said: “You know, it used to be in the old days before this, you’d write a letter. And you say this letter is really good. You put it on your desk and then you go back tomorrow and you say, ‘Oh, I’m glad I didn’t send it’, right? But we don’t do that with Twitter. We put it out instantaneously. We feel great. And then you start getting phone calls: ‘Did you really say this?’ I say, ‘What’s wrong with that?’ And you find a lot of things. You know what I find? It’s not the tweets, it’s the retweets that get you in trouble.”
On retweets, he said, “You see something that looks good. And you don’t investigate it and you don’t look at what’s on the helmet exactly, right? Which is in miniature and you don’t blow it up. I have found almost always it’s the retweets that get you in trouble.”

Wow, sounds like a guy that maybe finally got it?
Until last night when he went tweet crazy again. Beating on Dr. Fauci, masks and hydroxychloroquine again. They pulled the tweets later, but the damage was done.
So the answer is no, he didn’t get it.

Here’s the NYT lead headline today. It’s exactly what we predicted yesterday. Not that the Republicans want to reduce the extra unemployment payment (to $200 above the state level, moving later to 70% of prior income). Instead they would present the Republicans as taking away people’s benefits. Here’s the headline:

Democrats Balk at a Bid to Lower a Weekly Benefit by $400

other news

The University of Notre Dame withdrew as host of the first planned presidential debate in late September, citing public-health precautions. It is being moved to Ohio.

The President nominated Judy Shelton to the Fed.
As has become the norm, two Republican Senators Mitt Romney and Susan Collins have indicated they will vote against her. With the Democrats unified as usual, the President can only lose one more senator before the nominee cannot be approved.

On Covid19 the Worldometer released these stats for deaths per one million population. I think you’ll find it interesting as they listed states and countries:
New Jersey (U.S.) 1,787
New York (U.S.) 1,680
Belgium 847
District of Columbia (U.S.) 823
United Kingdom 674
Spain 608
Italy 581
Maryland (U.S.) 569
Sweden 564
Florida (U.S.) 273
Texas (U.S.) 178
South Dakota (U.S.) 139
Austria 79
West Virginia (U.S.) 57

have a great day.

Under 100…

we’re under 100 days to the election

As of this morning we are 99 days to the election and deciding the future of our nation.
Every poll shows a Democratic sweep of the Presidency and both houses of congress.
We’ll see a narrowing of those polls. The question is do they come all the way back?

It will be a big week in Washington. First, today the body of Congressman John Lewis will lie in state in Washington DC. A congressman who made a difference is getting a heroes funeral. Here’s one thing that will show some of the progress America has made. Remember watching the tapes of John Lewis and other marchers being beaten as they crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge in the 60’s?
Yesterday when he crossed the bridge for the final time, the State Troopers saluted.

Next, the congress will be arguing the next stimulus package. You will hear much noise. The Democratic plan is for $3-4 trillion. The Republican one for $1 trillion. You will likely hear the most noise about the added $600 to unemployment checks. The Democrats want it extended for the year. The Republicans scaled back, because they say 70% are getting paid more to stay home. (Remember the $600 is on top of state unemployment.)
No, they’ll settle on a smaller amount, but not before the left and media make it sound like the right wants to take away your unemployment.

Third, there is a lot happening with releases of documents on the investigation of the Russian Collusion story from 2016. There is “promised” breaking news this week. We’ll see what comes out and if it gets any coverage. As stated here before, there has been much that has come to light, but after three years of non stop collusion coverage, almost nothing on why it was a hoax.

The Great Divide

We’ve talked often of the great divide in thought and coverage in the nation. I think a great example is the current unrest. The left, and most of the MSM, are calling them peaceful protests. The right, otherwise. One place that seemed clear to be more was Portland. But the refrain now is it is the fault of federal agents. Here’s the NYT this AM:
Protests across the U.S. grew more volatile over the weekend, spurred by the presence of federal agents in Portland, Ore.
So if you think it is the federal agents fault, you know how to vote. If you think it Antifa, you know how to vote. Your vote, you decide.

in the news

The Coronavirus appears to have stabilized over the week, but the numbers remain high for contraction, but with a declining death toll. The stabilization should lead to an overall decline. Let’s see, and if it does how the MSM covers it.

In the meantime Florida passed NY for cases and is second now to California. However, the death toll in NY remains 4X greater. Remember, California, Texas, Florida and NY are the top four population states in that order.

President Trump cancelled his plan to throw the first pitch at Yankee Stadium in August. He said he had too much going on now and would do it later. Don’t you wonder how much push back the Yankees got?

The DNC is working on the convention details (Aug 17-20). Here is what we know the days themes are:
MONDAY: A United America. TUESDAY: Steady Leadership. WEDNESDAY: A Future for All. THURSDAY: 
Speakers are to be announced. The plan is for a virtual convention but VP Biden will be in Milwaukee for his speech we hear.



a few “wells” Today

Well, the President cancelled the Jacksonville convention. You may recall the day he announced he was moving it, we said this was a move that would likely backfire. At the time he was arrogant in that he wanted his coronation.
Yesterday he was humble in announcing the cancellation. He’ll take some heat from this because of past comments, but not as bad because he showed humility.

Well, the NY Judge is letting Michael Cohen out of jail, because he said they locked him up because he was writing an anti Trump book. The justice department said they had no idea on the book, and went after him after the front page NY Post pictures of him violating house arrest.
What do you think?
Two weeks ago the anti Trump crowd said with the Stone commutation “it is good to be a friend of the president.” Does this decision mean it’s good to be an enemy of the president? Just asking.

Well, earlier this week we wrote on issues and asked you to decide where you stand for the November election. Yesterday we watched Speaker Pelosi, and at least three, things she said are opposite the administration. They are key election barometers, so you decide again which side you are on:
1. When told the SF Giants had kneeled for the national anthem at their game, she said she was “proud of them.” The President is on the other side and thinks it disrespects the flag and those who fought and died for it.
You decide what side you are on.
2. She called the federal agents sent to assist guarding federal buildings in Portland “Storm Troopers.” A reference to the Nazi Party’s original paramilitary wing.
The president called them federal agents who are guarding federal buildings, and willing to do more to protect law and order.
You decide what you want to call them and where you stand.
3. She called it the Trump Virus that is killing Americans.
The President has called it the ChinaVirus.
You decide who is responsible for this worldwide plague, and vote accordingly.

Well, in the latest betting odds VP Biden is up to 61% probability to win.

Well, we hear so much about not deporting any illegals. Ever wonder if the President was for not deporting, what the MSM would be for? If he was, this story would be headlines today; instead you probably never heard about it:
“An illegal immigrant who stands accused of killing three motorcyclists in a drunken-driving crash last week in Texas was once a “Dreamer,” approved for the Obama-era DACA deportation amnesty in 2013, and protected from removal in 2016 despite another drunken-driving arrest.”
The three people killed were riding with a group called the Blue Wave, and all were ex officers or military personnel.
Why no coverage?

Well, while we ask that, here’s another why. Why no coverage of these just released documents? (Story from the Washington Post):
The FBI brought its Russia probe directly to candidate Donald Trump in August 2016, disguising its intentions as a routine counterintelligence briefing on spy threats, newly declassified documents show.
The written outline for the Aug. 17, 2016 briefing by FBI agent Joe Pientka, and his final report, were both titled “Crossfire Hurricane,” according to the papers declassified Thursday by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe. The Washington Times obtained the documents.
The FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane probe was opened July 31, and Trump associates were picked for targeting days before Mr. Trump arrived at the bureau’s New York field office. He was accompanied by former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, whom the FBI had selected for targeting the previous day.
Mr. Trump and his associates all thought the sole purpose was to receive a classified “defensive briefing.”
But the FBI documents said otherwise. And from the report by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz in December, Mr. Pientka wanted to deliver the briefing so he could size up Mr. Flynn.
Said a Republican congressional source: “Every part of this FBI investigation stunk to high heaven, and it turns out even the defensive briefing of Trump was part of that investigation.”

Well, finally, you no doubt, even if you didn’t watch the game, saw that first pitch from Dr. Fauci at the Nationals vs. Yankees game. Properly social distanced from the catcher it was as my grandson said “a little outside.”
But, did you hear the President is throwing the first pitch out at Yankee Stadium on August 15th? Now with no fans, what kind of sound will they beam in? And, where will his pitch go? Wide right? Left? Down the middle?

have a great weekend.

This n That…

A Little of This n that

This election is narrowing and the polls you see in the week(s) ahead will show that. You can feel it.

A major reason is the President has been quieter on Twitter. Have you noticed that? He hasn’t dug himself holes.

A second reason, he has stuck to issues and his daily Coronavirus conferences have been focused, limited and on target.

Imagine that, acting presidential can work. Now let’s see if it lasts a few days or more.

On the Coronavirus:
Did you see California passed New York yesterday for the most cases? They now have 409,000 cases, a thousand more than NY.
Now consider this.
They have 40 million people, NY has 19 million.
Then consider that NY, with 32,500, had four times more deaths than California.
Isn’t it fair to ask why?
By the way, New Jersey has the second most deaths with 15,700 despite the fact they are the 11th largest population state.
Bet all you’re hearing about is Florida and Texas, right?

Michael Cohen, the president’s old attorney who was sent back to jail is in court today charging that AG Barr sent him back “because he was writing a book.”
Not because he flaunted his house arrest by going to NY restaurants and being on the front page of the NY Post. Not because he was explained the rules a few days later and refused to sign the agreement.
No, it’s because of Trump and Barr.

Watch the noise, maybe as early as tonight, on the Republican decision to reduce the $600 extra in unemployment. Now, we won’t hear that state unemployment remains as it was, only the extra $600 will be reduced.
It turns out, as some argued when it was enacted, that the result would be many were going to receive more not to work than to work. Some employers have actually said some refuse to come back, because it would be a pay cut.
Regardless, the MSM will say the right is heartless.

The President’s campaign has responded to the left’s controversial call to boycott Goya Foods with a Spanish-language ad campaign. The highlight is “Democrat’s” shameful smear campaign against Goya Foods, a beloved Hispanic-owned family business.”
A smart move, as Goya product sales soared.

The President announced Wednesday that he is expanding a federal law enforcement operation to combat rising violence in Chicago and Albuquerque, New Mexico, saying “help is on its way” over the objections of local Democratic officials.
We say again, this is wrong. He should offer help so the American people know he wants to assist. Let them say they don’t want him there, as the Governor of Oregon and Mayor of Portland have said.
Don’t make this your issue, it is there’s until they ask for help. The people in the area? They can rise up to ask for help, or vote out leaders who support the protesters and rioters.

The President also said a leftist movement to defund police departments has “led to a shocking explosion of shootings, killings, murders and heinous crimes of violence.” This is a great issue for him. Let’s get this front and center for every city and state. You are either standing behind the police or want to defund them. That’s the issue.
That doesn’t mean you support rogue officers; we all want them removed and punished. It just means we recognize that 98%+ of officers are doing their job with dedication and caring. They are protecting our neighborhoods, and the first to run to danger and to us when we call. Let’s see who is with them and not.
Here’s a Gallup poll from yesterday (36,463 adults participated) that shows the divide:
47% favor reducing police budgets and “shifting money to social programs.”
5% of Republicans, 46% of independents and 78% of Democrats agree.

15% favor “abolishing police departments”; 1% of Republicans, 12% of independents and 27% of Democrats agree.

I think being on the side of the police is the right place to be, and they as a group have taken far too much abuse recently and need our voices of support.

have a great day.

Let’s Stay On The Election…

Happy Birthday to Bob Dole, 97 years old today. Thank you for your service, the price you paid and leadership to build the WWII Memorial. God Bless you.

104 days to decide America’s future

With 104 days to go it’s time to begin focusing on the issues and America’s future. In this election we have a clear difference on what direction our nation should be going. Let’s look at three in the news today:

First, the President was back doing a Coronavirus overview. He did very well. Admitted to the crisis, encouraged masks, showed mastery over the topic and situation. That on the same day his opponent said he had quit on the issue.
Then he professionally handled the press questions and left the stage.
Add this to his other actions and you are going to see polls tightening. It has already begun and will continue.
Now the Coronavirus may well be topic one in 104 days. The President led boldly and early closing travel to China. His problem later was trying to wish it away to protect the economy.
That said, Nancy Pelosi calling it “The Trump Virus” yesterday should have been condemned. She, Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden chastised the President for closing the border. How many more would have suffered and died if we followed that counsel?
The media cannot have it both ways. They must call it as it happened. There are plenty of other issues.

An example was yesterday, the progressive DA in St. Louis County who is bringing charges against the couple who you saw come out and protect their home. The husband and wife were each charged with one felony count of unlawful use of a weapon.
The Governor of Missouri said, if charged, he would pardon them.
So you decide which side you are on. The President is for the couple. Joe Biden has not commented. The DA is a Democrat. The Governor a Republican.

A second issue in the news today is housing.
President Trump said he plans this week to reverse an Obama-era regulation designed to encourage more low-income units in the country’s suburbs. This puts him on the opposite side of Joe Biden who last week announced he favored this.
Your vote decides this.

One major problem the President has is the division in his own party. Where the Democrats are united to defeat him, many in his own party work against him.
In fact the Biden campaign is lining up Republican speakers for their convention. Ex Governor John Kasich is one set to endorse Biden and speak.
We all know about the Romneys and their “never Trump” stance. Now add this, yesterday Congressman Matt Gaetz attacked the number three Republican in the House (Liz Cheney), accusing her of working against the President. He said she should resign or be removed her role as conference chairperson.

more news today

In a letter to FBI Director Christoper A. Wray, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Adam B. Schiff (chairman of the House Intelligence Committee), Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, and Sen. Mark Warner (ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee), expressed concern that lawmakers could be a target of a disinformation campaign. “Given the seriousness and specificity of these threats … we believe it is imperative that the FBI provide a classified defensive briefing to all Members of Congress and that the briefing draw on all-source intelligence information and analysis, consistent with due regard for the protection of sensitive intelligence sources and methods,” the lawmakers wrote.

This struck for two reasons:
First, there were more reports released yesterday that showed the FBI (through Peter Strzok’s notes) knew from the outset the Russian Collusion story was a hoax, the Steele Dossier was fake and there was no connection. Yet this very group ran with the story for over two years putting this nation through hearings, charges and costs that were unnecessary.
Now they are worried about what? In my opinion, some, like Schiff, should be charged with lying to the American People.

Second, don’t they have anything else to do with all the country has going on than trying to find scandals for the 2020 election? How about working on our nation’s business.

Now if you think the Russian Collusion was real, and these were the truth finders, you know who to vote for. If you believe the released notes, then you know, too.

a poll

A new poll released today gauges public sentiment on statues. About three-fourths of U.S. voters say statues or monuments devoted to people like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson should remain standing. Nearly two-thirds of voters consider these two men to be “heroes.”
Now where do the parties stand on statues? We shared last week Nancy Pelosi said she wasn’t concered about statues. The Republicans seem to be pretty loud that you cannot simply tear them down.
So, where do you stand?

I will state again my stand. The statues stay as an honor to those who built the greatest nation ever on earth, and you build new statues to those who over the years made it even better.

Speaking of polls, we wrote yesterday about the Biden lead. For all you Trumper’s here’s an interesting view today from a veteran columnist named Roger L. Simon:
“Trump has already won the 2020 election,” and he credits the role of the nation’s “normal people,” for the victory.
‘These people aren’t just white. They are brown and black and yellow and everything in between. Some of them are friends and relatives and co-workers who aren’t saying a word about anything, who rarely ever do — who don’t want to get their cars keyed or have something a whole lot worse to happen to them. But they are there. Some of them even cringe at some of Trump’s presumed excesses, but they cringe more at the thought that police will not be there in an emergency for their families. They also despise the cancel culture because they are basically good human beings. These people, when they walk into the voting booth, are not going to be worrying about whether Christopher Columbus was or was not a racist, or whether someone waved a Confederate flag at a NASCAR race. They are going to be worry about whether they can walk their dog at night without fear of being shot.”

notes and observations

Didn’t Mary Trump’s book fall flat after all the hype? Think of her “expose” and coverage as opposed to John Bolton’s. I think she embarrassed herself and anyone who bought her book got taken.

I don’t think the administration should be sending troops to Portland, Chicago or any other city uninvited. The likelihood is increased violence which the local authorities and media will blame on them and the President. Theses places have created a mess, and some federal troops coming in will not fix it. The people of those cities voted in leaders who sympathize with the law breakers. Let them vote them out.
The exception would be if asked. If that happens, then go in full force and make a difference. To do it piecemeal like in Portland is a disaster for the administration. Uninvited means you can only protect federal buildings. That makes no sense.


Polls, Elections and Issues:

the polls and election ahead:

So take your choice. The ABC Poll this weekend said Joe Biden is up by 15. The FoxNews Poll says it’s 8. Real Clear Politics says its an 8.6% Biden lead.
What do I think?
I think it’s clearly a Biden lead today, probably closer to 5-6% and too far out to call it over.
Now the betting odds are always interesting, and they have moved to Biden big. Biden is a 60% favorite today.

Now the senate. We have long said is at stake and today it looks far more certain to go Democratic.
RCP has the Democratic challenger ahead in these Republican pickup states:
Montana, Colorado. Maine, North Carolina, Arizona and Iowa.
Republicans are ahead in only one Democratic seat, Alabama.
That would be a pickup of five, and the Dems only need 3 if Biden wins and 4 if Trump does to control the senate.

Thus, if the election were today the Democrats would likely control both houses of congress. A Biden win and control of both houses is what the polls say today.
Senate Leader Schumer and House Speaker Pelosi. What do you think?

We have 105 days until the election, and the questions to me for the Republicans are these:

– The President’s fate usually decides down ballot issues. Can they control his messaging? No one has yet.
– Can that messaging break through the media bias? ABC, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC clearly have chosen a side. They call the President “a liar.” Can he overcome that?
– Big large rallies are a Trump strength; they are unlikely to happen. Can he compensate for that?
– Will the debates happen?
– If they do, have the Republicans raised the stakes so high on them that if Biden stands on the stage he wins?
– Is America ready to move left, progressive style?
– The joint agreement that Biden and Sanders released heads that way. In fact Sen. Sanders said that Biden would be “the most progressive Pres. since FDR.”

So will the issues or personalities decide this election?
On the issues I don’t think America is ready to move that far left.
It’s funny, because on the issues America sides with the President.
On personalities they want a reprieve from the President.
Thus, are there more motivated pro Trump issue voters or anti Trump ones? Because the enthusiastic Biden voters are not there.

As we go forward we’ll get into those issues, and you can decide where you stand. After all:
Your vote, your choice, and You Get What You Vote For.

a poll: the public on the media:

A Rasmussen poll showed that sixty three percent (63%) of voters believe major news organizations have their own political agenda.
Only 27% say these large-scale news operations are impartial.
There is a political divide:
“Democrats (42%), are far less likely than Republicans (87%) and voters not affiliated with either major party (63%) to believe most news organizations are politically biased,” the poll analysis said.

Here’s an interesting finding from the poll that I think you agree with:
58% of voters agree that the public wishes for news that is accurate and balanced — and that “once-great journalistic institutions” have violated such traditional standards.
Once again there was a divide:
79% of Republicans, 55% of independents and 42% of Democrats say news consumers want a quality product and believe the news organizations have dropped their standards.

Finally, just 30% of voters trust the political news they get.
44%believe most reporters are trying to block President Trump’s agenda.
By contrast, 48% thought reporters were trying to help President Obama pass his agenda in 2010, according to a similar poll conducted that year.

We have long believed the media has lost its lofty standings and standard.

The News…

Five headlines yesterday And today

There were two press events yesterday that you should watch to help make your decision for November.
VP Biden read a speech and outlined his plans. It was clear the vision he laid out, and it appealed to the left of his party for sure.
Later the President had what was called a “press conference” but was actually a speech laying out his differences with Joe Biden.
Watch both and you will see the clear differences on the vision for the nation. Then you can decide what country you want for the next four years. The contrast was clear.
By the way, mark these dates down, Sept. 29, Oct. 15 and Oct. 22. They are the 2020 debate nights!

In this blog we have long railed against a lost press that presented the news and informed the public. We have mentioned the NYT almost weekly. Yesterday the resignation of their opinion editor and writer and her clear message about their bias validated those complaints. If you didn’t read her letter, do it. She truly lays it all out.
On top of the Senator Cotton controversy it is clear the NYT is no longer the paper of record for all, just the left. Free expression of thought and ideas is gone.

A vaccine against the Coronavirus that was developed by government scientists and Moderna (a biotech company) had great results. In a study of 45 people it appeared safe and provoked an immune response in them.
The next step is to begin a 30,000 people test, and if that works we will all celebrate and get our country back.

I saw the interview with Mary Trump on GMA this AM. As much as they wanted to get the President, she came across with nothing. It was embarrassing as she had no evidence or news to support anything.
If you bought the book, watch the interview and see how happy you are for contributing to her. I think you got Trumped.

The President had a good day, but he still managed in a CBS interview to do a silly thing. He again supported the Confederate flag and against any bans. Why? His argument, people like the battle flag and don’t link it to slavery. “All I say is freedom of speech — it’s very simple.” He likened it to the phrase “Black lives matter” — but he called that a symbol of hate.

just another day. have a good one.

Can We Go On Like This?

the media is dividing us

When I watch or read the MSM all I see is division. The dislike for one side and the biased reporting is incredible. They are drawing a line down the middle of our nation, and it is not good.
If you think they’re not divisive and one sided then answer this question.
How come they are now telling us things were so good before the President messed up with the virus, and yet coverage then was 92% negative?
The 99% negative now is so one sided that they are trying to impact a free election.

For those who think it’s different now, I have a message – no it isn’t.
What’s different is the 24/7 news cycle.
Think about Ronald Reagan and how the press called him dumb, racist, out of touch and a war monger. That was before cable news.
Think about George W. Bush who was the dumbest man in America for eight years and only got smart when he wouldn’t back Trump.
When did Mitt Romney become so smart and popular? Not when he ran against Obama.

In fact, when was the last time you heard the media say something nice about a Republican leader outside of being against a Trump policy?
Does the media ever say anything negative about Democratic leaders like Schumer and Pelosi?

look at what’s in the news today:

The Mary Trump book hasn’t even come out and we hear this:
A top prosecutor for special counsel Robert Mueller has a book coming out this fall about the investigation into the alleged ties between Russia and the 2016 campaign of President Donald Trump. The one that found no collusion!
You know who? Andrew Weissmann. Who’s he?
Well, a former Obama Justice Department official, supporter of Hillary and then a leader of the Special Counsel in the Mueller probe. He’s writing, “Where Law Ends: Inside the Mueller Investigation” to be published Sept. 29.

So the anti Trump books will never end before this election. Just amazing.

Meanwhile we may have another Flynn type case developing with Roger Stone. The federal judge on the case demanded more information about the President’s decision to commute the prison sentence of Stone.
Unbelievable. I still want to know why Bowe Bergdhal and the FALN terrorist were pardoned. I want to know why Marc Rich was. Yet the judges and those involved then did nothing.

Speaking of Stone, remember he said he was going to appeal his conviction? Well he is changing his mind quickly. Now he says he must appeal before that same judge, and “I gotta become convinced that I can get a fair second trial, because I certainly didn’t get a fair first trial.”

The Supreme Court said no to congress on seeing the President’s taxes.
Well they are back at it. “The House is planning to quickly revisit its effort to obtain President Donald Trump’s personal financial records.” They are urging the Supreme Court to take its final formal steps on the matter so lawmakers can reignite the issue in the lower courts.
After all, congress has nothing else to do.

Why all the crime in cities recently?
Some of us think the supportive leaders in them have tied the police’s hands. But the left led by AOC have another explanation:
She, an avid supporter of the defund the police movement, said the significant uptick in shootings and homicides is due to millions of New Yorkers being newly unemployed because of the coronavirus pandemic. They’re just desperate to “shoplift some bread” for their children.
Oh, that’s why shootings are up 600% versus last year, and why a one year old was murdered by a stray bullet.
Who knew?

The genius mayor of Seattle is in the news, too.
There is a petition to recall her, so she blasted the City Council’s plan to cut the police department’s budget by 50%. Really Mayor, if they take over city blocks, loot and you allow them to do what they want, why do you need so many police? You see the police usually prevent those things.

And through all this the polls are tighenting as we forecast two weeks ago.
In the new Zogby poll released today Biden now has a 7-point advantage over President Trump (49%-42%). It was 13% in late May. The race will tighten more.

Meanwhile, tonight Alabama Republicans will pick a senate candidate.
The choice is between Jeff Sessions and Tommy Tuberville in a race the President is all in on. Sessions, who fell from grace as President Trump’s attorney general, after recusing himself in the Russia investigation, hopes to reclaim a seat he held for 20 years. Tuberville coached Auburn University’s football team for 10 seasons, and Trump has endorsed him.

Two more Republican Senators seem set to not attend the convention.
They are Senators Blunt of Missouri and Roberts of Kansas. Plus this quote in the NYT today: ” Everybody just assumes no one is going,” said one House member wary of the virus risks. Many are not. The Republicans need to adjust here.

Finally, today we heard from Hillary Clinton again.
She said that the U.S. needs to be prepared for President Trump not to “go quietly” if he loses the fall election. You know like she did.

have a great day


The Media Beat over the weekend

The President felt it from all sides over the weekend. He was battered in the media over issue after issue.

The Coronavirus and the numbers growing was laid at his doorstep.
Now the President in his desire to have things perfect has downplayed the virus throughout. He has pushed to open the country to save the economy.
You would think people would be angry with China for letting the virus out and impacting the world.
But no, our media never seems to mention that, it is all Trump. No politician has been 100% right in retrospect (not even Fauci), but China has been wrong from day one.

Then the Roger Stone commutation was universally condemned by the media. Now I think Roger was guilty, but I also believe he deserved a retrial. When the jury foreperson lies and is an opposition activist, tweeting about Stone and Trump before the getting on the jury pool, then on that pool “forgets” any of that, it says bias.
So the President commutes the sentence. Stone is convicted (saying he is going to continue fighting it), but avoids jail time.
The President is battered from end to end.
Now know this:
President Trump has commuted 11 people, including Stone.
President Obama commuted 1,715, including 504 who had life sentences. President Clinton had 489, including his brother and fund raiser Marc Rich.
Add this:
On his last day in office he commuted Susan Rosenberg. Who is she?
A radical activist and domestic terrorist convicted (to 58 years in prison) of illegal explosives possession in 1984. Her stated goal, according to the FBI, was to “openly advocating the overthrow of the U.S. Government through armed struggle and the use of violence.”
Today she is leading the fundraising efforts for Black Lives Matter.

Watching the Media you would think the Stone commute was the first ever.
In fact Sunday’s NYT had this editorial:
In Commuting Stone’s Sentence, Trump Goes Where Nixon Would Not 
And this article on a Washington Post column.
In Rare Public Comments, Mueller Defends Prosecution of Roger Stone 

Really NYT? And, how many think Robert Mueller wrote that column? By the way, Mueller said there was no collusion. Remember that?

The Trump taxes. Oh what an issue this is for the media. Maybe what Charlie Kirk tweeted should be reported:
Net worth before running for President:
The Trump’s – $4.5 billion
The Obama’s – $3 million
The Clinton’s – $480,000
The Trump’s – $3 billion
The Obama’s – $70 million
The Clinton’s – $120 million 

I will say it again, the President has not profited being in office, no matter how many times the media and Democrats say he has.
His businesses and family have suffered. Maybe the media should look at some other politicians who came to office poor and are rich today.

The beat will go on this week as Mary Trump’s book is scheduled to be released. Let’s see if they give you the information we did Friday about her brother.

The early reports are that Goya sales are up since Friday when AOC, Hollywood and some media elites urged a boycott.
My goodness the CEO went to the White House to donate a million cans to food banks, thanks the President, and they want a boycott.
If you aren’t concerned about free speech and the rights we enjoyed in America then you aren’t paying attention.

some china news

In what should be big news, China and Iran, two top rivals of the U.S., are apparently forming a strategic relationship. The partnership would expand China’s presence in Iran’s telecommunications and other industries, and would supply China with discounted Iranian oil for the next 25 years. The agreement also calls for military cooperation.
This could help Iran economically and must be watched.

Plus this came out of China today:
“Hua Chunying, a Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman, said at a press conference on Monday that Beijing would sanction Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, House Representative Chris Smith and Sam Brownback, Donald Trump’s ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom. Ms Hua said the sanctions would take effect on Monday but did not elaborate on what the measures would entail.

So take a stand against and they ban you, no matter who you are. Leftists in America should take note.

have a great day.

So, Let Me Say This…


SO, the President hasn’t tweeted himself into trouble for two days. Bet his polls look better next week.

SO, U.S. Marshals took Michael Cohen into custody for violating the terms of his early release from prison. Probably not a good idea, when you are under sentence and sent home because of the Coronavirus in prisons, to be out at restaurants eating dinner and talking to publishers about a new book release.
Then add this, the marshals went to him to sign an agreement that he would cease these actions. He refused. When they showed back up in 90 minutes with cuffs he changed his mind. “Too late” they said.
If you feel bad for him you are in a very small minority.

SO, when Speaker Pelosi took to the podium yesterday to promise a continued effort to get the President’s tax returns, she was asked if she would release hers. Her answer: She won’t release her tax returns until she runs for President.
Now Trump came to Washington a billionaire, it might be interesting to see hers and how her net worth got to an estimated $120 million.

SO, if the President is as smart as he tells us, wouldn’t this have been his plan?
Knowing taxes would come up in his reelection, he would have assured pristine submissions for the years 2016, 17, 18 and 19? Then when challenged in the debate, announce you have no right to my taxes for the years I was in private business, but I will release them for the years I was a candidate and in office? Then release those four years and put the issue to bed for most people?
Was he smart enough?

SO, VP Biden laid out an economic vision with the tagline “Build Back Better” as part of an effort to confront one of the President’s positive campaign messages. But I would ask the VP, “Build Back Better” from what?
Is it the policies you supported for 47 years? You didn’t know it was a problem earlier this year when you spoke of China. Now you are the solution?

SO, let’s go back to Speaker Pelosi and another comment yesterday. For Americans upset over statue destruction, she said, “People will do what they do.”
Really? That’s your answer? Not do it legally, it’s okay to tear things down?
Are we that beholden to the radicals in the party?
Even when asked about the Christopher Columbus statue in Baltimore that her Father and Brother served as Mayor in, her flip comment was: “I don’t even have my grandmother’s earrings.”
So, are you sure you can count on her for your allegiance?

SO, Judge Emmet Sullivan, presiding over the case against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, asked for a hearing by a full appeals court after a three-judge panel ordered him to accept the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss the case. 
The prosecutor and courts say drop the case but this judge won’t, why?
Whatever happened to double and triple jeopardy? Is he trying to carry this past the election and try to convict? Does he care that the FBI said drop the case in January and the rogue agents reopened it? What is going on here?

SO, Congress held a hearing on the “Russian Bounty.” Defense Secretary Esper testified.
“To the best of my recollection, I have not received a briefing that included the word bounty. If it was a credible report, a credible, corroborated report, that used those words, certainly it would have been brought to my attention by chain of command, by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs and others, for action.”
Again, the story has fallen apart, but how many heard such hysterics and believe it? To those in the know, it dents the NYT reporting again, doesn’t it?

SO, Mayor BeBlasio, his wife and Al Sharton painted the Black Lives Matter in bright yellow on 5th avenue outside the Trump Tower. In fact, they painted the letter L right in front of the main door. They claimed victory after.
I think many see this as vindictive and a step too far. You?
Mayor, you better turn your attention to what is going on in the city, and your move limiting police retirements (since so many applied) is also tacky.

SO, to those leaving the city and complaining about the Mayor and conditions I say again, you get what you vote for. 75% of you voted for the Mayor – twice.

SO, the rumor is that in the next week or so, there is a plan in place to resubmit paperwork to do away with DACA. As a reminder, the Supreme Court said the administration repealed it incorrectly last time. It’s coming back.
At some point the Supreme Court has to stop playing politics and make calls.

SO, the MSM and leftists just blame the President for everything. The story now is that the president’s actions, decisions or policies have added to the surge in coronavirus cases around the nation.
Yesterday they claimed that public health officials blamed the Tulsa rally for a local surge in coronavirus cases. Great, except they never did. Tulsa County Health Department director, Dr. Bruce Dart, said that there were “several large events” and never singled out the rally.
Kayleigh McEnany told the press you are so eager to pounce on the President’s events, but overlook other large gatherings. Why?

SO, it reminds me of how crazy they can get. Remember this from Barbra Streisand who blamed the President for her weight gain? His speeches prompted her to “eat pancakes.”

SO, this is the new left? AOC and others are calling for a boycott of Goya Foods because the CEO went to the White House and said something nice about the President. The same CEO who went to help President Obama and said something nice.
Is this the free speech and expression we want? Your vote counts.

SO, the Supreme Court was active this week. They capped yesterday with a 5-4 ruling, that 3 million acres of eastern Oklahoma, including the state’s second-largest city, is part of a reservation of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, effectively ending the state’s prosecution of American Indians on that land.
The decision could undo dozens, maybe hundreds of prosecutions by state law enforcement of tribal residents who can appeal to have cases reheard in federal or tribal courts.
Does anyone commit a crime these days other than the Police and those who work for President Trump?

have a great weekend.

I Keep Thinking…


With 116 days to go is Joe Biden going to pull off that bunker strategy?
The NYT columnist Tom Friedman opened the door to no debates. He said unless the President releases his taxes and agrees to a fact checker there should be no debates.
Can this be a strategy and Biden avoids debates?
In my mind since there can’t be a national campaign as in the past with rallies, we should have more debates. Don’t we need to hear about where they stand?


Here’s an example of clear differences between the two.
Joe Biden, yesterday, formally embraced citizenship rights for 11 million illegal immigrants and a full erasure of all of the President’s get tough border policies as part of the party’s new unity platform.
He also said he would expand sanctuary locations, limit ICE’s ability to deport criminals in local jails, and reverse deportations for some military veterans already ousted because of criminal records.

We will cover many issues here, but how many people know this and others? Don’t you think the MSM should get serious and stop with all its hysterics and cover issues? People can decide which side they are on.

usmca yesterday

The implementation of the USMCA this week received almost no coverage, did it? Why no coverage?
I guess it was good for the USA or the media would have blasted away. Think about that.
Also another issue to be discussed. VP Biden was a NAFTA supporter. The President cancelled it. Let’s have that discussion, and which created jobs.

In addition, the Mexican President was here and you know what he said?
He thanked President Trump. Imagine that!
“You have not tried to treat us as a colony. On the contrary … you have treated us as what we are — a country and a dignified people, increasingly respectful and a dignified people.” He pledged Wednesday “to work together as neighbors on migration, trade and efforts to counter drug trafficking.”
He added this too: “We have received from you understanding and respect.”
Since the President has been beaten over the coals by the media for his Mexico policy do you think this deserved coverage? Did you see it?

A little more on the mary trump book

The more I learn about her book and the timing, the more it appears to be a money grab. The essence of her case was that her grandfather kept her and her brother out of his will. She makes charges about how the family treated them. Now her Father and Mother separated in 1971. The grandfather died in 1989.
The grandfather (Donald’s Dad), did not like her mother and blamed her for his son’s substance issues. He also felt the kids (Mary and her Brother) were not respectful to him. Thus, he left them out of the will.
The kids sued after the will was released and a settlement reached, with which each side signed a non disclosure.
Mary is breaking that now and saying she and her brother were not treated fairly. She even said her brother’s son in need of medical care was denied by the family.
Now, that brother, from whom she has grown apart, has taken a different stand and has a relationship with the family. In a statement he released he said “their legal settlement had been generous and his son well-provided for.”
So you judge.

some news and headlines today & yesterday

Today the Supreme Court ruled that President Trump must release his taxes to the DA in NY. Not a surprise, and okay as long as its not a witch hunt. I would like to see a lot of tax returns, wouldn’t you? Also, I’d like to see some emails.
They also pushed back on congress getting his taxes.

Now, I don’t believe it will happen before the election. The court allowed the President to go back down to the lower courts to appeal.
It is just another case of the court trying to avoid any decision before the November election.

The same Supreme Court ruled yesterday that the administration acted legally when it allowed religious exemptions from the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive mandate.  
The ruling was 7-2. (Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor were the dissenters.) This case challenged the lower court ruling (by Clinton appointed judges) that no exemptions were allowed for religious organizations.
Judges should be another big issue in the 2020 election.

More bad news for the President:
The one poll he also touts and got it right in 2016, the Rasmussen Poll, released this update:
President Trump is trailing Democrat Joseph R. Biden by 10 percentage points in a poll often cited by the president as being fair to him. The vote was 50-40%.

Seattle is back in the news. This time on taxes. They are going after the large companies like Amazon. The tax passage was led by an avowed socialist. Here’s the story; as you read it tell me why big tech is publicly for Democrats.

City council member Kshama Sawant had a personal message for billionaire Jeff Bezos after the passage of the so-called Amazon tax, warning him that “we are coming for you.” The avowed socialist framed Monday’s 7-2 council vote for the hefty payroll tax on larger businesses as a step toward the goal of overthrowing the “bankrupt system of capitalism” and replacing it with “a socialist world.” “And if you, Jeff Bezos, want to drive that process forward by lashing out against us in our modest demands, then so be it,” she said in a video address that was posted on Socialist Alternative. “Because we are coming for you and your rotten system.” The newly passed tax increase, officially called JumpStart Seattle, but better known as the Amazon tax, would raise at least $214 million annually by taxing businesses with more than $7 million in annual payroll 0.7% for every employee earning at least $150,000, and 1.4% for those making more than $500,000.

Did you see this?
Don Lemon said efforts at “reshaping” the nation should include a conversation about putting former President Obama on Mount Rushmore.
“If they are going to put someone on Mount Rushmore, considering the history of the country, the first Black president should be front and center.”

Mayor DeBlasio in NYC is ready to begin painting a Black Lives Matter mural outside of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan today.
Is this necessary and right? You get what you vote for.

Biden is getting lots of help in raising funds:
Both former President OBAMA and HILLARY CLINTON will be holding separate big-donor fundraisers for  Joe Biden.
Biden’s been on a roll in fundraising, out raising the President the past two months.
The Obama event is with Illinois Gov. Pritzker. Giving levels range from $50,000 to $250,000. 
The Clinton event is with Rep.Shalala (D-Fla.) and California Lt. Gov. Kounalakis. Tickets range from $1,000 to $25,000. 
It’s nice to have friends!

Lot’s of coverage on the Coronavirus, as usual, and this city in particular.
Tulsa County reported 261 confirmed new cases on Monday, a one-day record high, and another 206 cases on Tuesday. The tieback of course to “the Trump rally,” which they said was disappointing in attendance.
Now do you ever hear about the protesters and rioters driving up cases? Have you heard one story about that? Why do Trump rallies (which shouldn’t be happening) drive up the virus but not protests, BLM rallies or anything else?

Enjoy your day.

Banging The Drum…

The news beat continues

So the President sends notice he intends to depart from the World Heath Organization. Since it requires a year notice the exit would be next July.
The MSM, Joe Biden and everyone reacted immediately. Angry, upset.
Now this is the same W.H.O. that missed the Coronavirus. The same W.H.O. we funded to the most extent. If they were doing their job millions might be alive.

All that said, let me ask you a question. Do you think notice with 12 months to run is a negotiation ploy by the President to get the W.H.O. to improve?
How come no one will say that; instead they blast away?

We told you yesterday it was coming, and today the leaks from Mary Trump’s book are beginning. For those asking why she would do this, here’s some info you might not hear on the MSM:
Mary Trump’s became an outcast in the family in 1999 when her Grandfather (Fred Trump Sr.) died. At that time she discovered that she and her brother had been cut out of his will, depriving them of what they believed was their rightful share of multiple millions of dollars. Got that? She was cut out.
A dispute over the will devolved into a court fight, where an agreement was reached. The details of the agreement were shielded by a confidentiality agreement.
So she signed an agreement that now for money she is breaking three months before her Uncle’s reelection vote.
Now you know the facts.

Remember Jeff Van Drew the NJ Congressman who switched parties to vote no on impeachment? The Democrats chose his opponent last night. They went to the progressive wing of the party. Her name is Amy Kennedy, a former schoolteacher, whose husband is a nephew of President John F. Kennedy.
A race to watch.

We said the President moving his convention night acceptance speech to Jacksonville was a mistake. With the virus erupting there, they have limitations today on the number of attendees allowed. If that holds, he will make the NC Governor look good and DeSantis in Florida bad. Add this:
Five Republican Senators have already said they will not attend. They are Susan Collins. Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, Chuck Grassley and Lamar Alexander.
Not good.

The President has another rally set for Saturday in New Hampshire. The Republican Governor there, Chris Sununu said, “I’m going to go and greet the president as the governor. I will not be in the crowd of thousands of people. I’m not going to put myself in the middle of a crowd of thousands of people, if that’s your question specifically. I try to — unfortunately, you know, I have to be extra cautious as the governor. I try to be extra cautious for myself, my family.”
This rally thing might not be working out.

Coronavirus cases hit 60,000 for a day which is a single day record. You will hear much about this.
The counter will be that deaths continue to decline to under 500 from 3,000 per day.
Here’s a question. What per cent of Americans have contracted the virus? If you said less than 1% you would be correct.

On the Russian Bounty here’s the update:
A top U.S. military official said yesterday that that U.S. intelligence had assessed the charge and “there was no evidence the proposed payment scheme resulted in any U.S. troop deaths.”
Did you hear this on the MSM? Wouldn’t you think with all the hysteria when they ran the story they would tell you what the outcome was? I ask again, after their reporting don’t most people believe the story was real?

Like your low oil prices? Read this from the Washington Times:
“The nation may be awash in oil and natural gas, but U.S. pipelines are running on fumes after three high-profile conduits ran aground in 24 hours, the victims of Obama-appointed judges and regulatory uncertainty under the possibility of a climate-woke Biden presidency.
In this week’s triple whammy, a federal judge ordered the 3-year-old Dakota Access Pipeline to empty pending an environmental review. The Keystone XL pipeline, still under construction, was further delayed after the Supreme Court upheld a lower-court order blocking a permit.
Despite winning a Supreme Court case last month, Dominion Energy and Duke Energy stunned the industry by abandoning after six years the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline, citing the “increasing legal uncertainty that overhangs largescale energy and industrial infrastructure development in the United States.”

With Roger Stone ordered to jail next week, New York prosecutors are after Paul Manafort again:
They are seeking to revive state mortgage fraud charges against him. Double jeopardy from his federal sentence? They say their case is distinct from that one though the charge is the same.
Meanwhile the Republicans continue to try and figure out who changed the Flynn documents, paid for the dossier, spread the false collusion charges, and what Hunter might have done and gotten from the Ukraine and China.

Where does personal reasonability come into play. Where does one’s actions come into account? Here’s an example from Florida.
A Miami-Dade police officer has been relieved of duty after an incident caught on body cam. The video shows a Miami-Dade officer, who was wearing a face mask, speaking to a woman inside an airport terminal. She was not wearing a mask, became irate, saying, “You acting like you White when you really Black … what you want to do?” She approaches the officer, and puts her face right next to his, the video shows. The officer then hits her in the face.
So he loses his job and she walks free. At the very least aren’t they both at fault?

With all the calls for the next generation of leadership think about this:
Now, after nearly 30 years, the boomers won’t go away. Donald Trump, the third president born in 1946, is running again. Joe Biden, born December 1942, is just a month away from boomer status (defined by William Strauss and Neal Howe’s prescient 1991 book, “Generations,” as starting in birth year 1943).
So we have a boomer and someone born before the boomers running!

Speaking of that generation here’s a squad member yesterday, which seem to be pushing the Democrats far left. Her goals are clear:

Rep. Ilhan Omar says America is a giant “system of oppression” needing an immediate “dismantling” far beyond current calls for criminal justice reform.

The Minnesota Democrat told constituents Tuesday that most national conversations about the death of George Floyd and the coronavirus pandemic fail to realize the size and scope of change she envisions.

“We can’t stop at criminal justice reform or policing reform,” she said during an outdoor press conference. “We are not merely fighting to tear down the systems of oppression in the criminal justice system. We are fighting to tear down systems of oppression that exist in housing, in education, in health care, in employment, [and] in the air we breathe.”

Ms. Omar urged Americans that it was time to “guarantee homes for all” due to racial disparities in home ownership.

Similarly, she promoted the Green New Deal as a public policy necessity because “we know that environmental racism is real.”

The congresswoman ended her introductory remarks by making the case for razing linked “systems of oppression.”

“As long as our economy and political systems prioritize profit without considering who is profiting, who is being shut out, we will perpetuate this inequality. So we cannot stop at [the] criminal justice system. We must begin the work of dismantling the whole system of oppression wherever we find it.”

have a great day.


So Many Questions…

so many questions i have

Doesn’t it appear this election will be between a gaffe prone Joe Biden and a shoot from the lips President?

So Biden’s team keeps him locked up and reading from the transcript only as much as possible. We know his entire career when able to speak off the cuff he makes news. Example: “You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.” 
Thus, lock him down, there’s a virus you know, and get him prompters. It’s working.

The President, on the other hand, is intent to shoot himself a few times a day it seems. After a good weekend, and what we called finding his voice, he found his phone to tweet it all away. First going after Bubba Wallace. For what reason? Then he puts himself in a position to appear being for the confederate flag! Wait, the news was about the weekend violence and murders in big cities run by Democrats. Way to go Mr. President (the stable genius) for helping Joe’s campaign.
Oh yea, later he added a tweet about the folly of the Redskins and Indians considering a name change. Good idea, keep changing the topic.

So both campaigns want to lock up their candiates and control what they say and do. One is able to, and guess what? They’re winning!

Here’s an idea Mr. President, the (the progressive left movement) has said that the Biden campaign is the most progressive in history. They are fully supportive. Maybe you could try pointing out your differences and run a real campaign.

What happened to the Russian Bounty story? Once the administration pushed back and called it untrue it just seemed to die. Do the reporters just skate away? Who leaked it to them? Word is the administration has been aggressive to try and find out, and narrowed it to ten suspects. We’ll see if they can identify anyone. In previous attempts they were unable to ID the leaker.
However, after all the coverage of the story, how many people believe it was real?

Really? The Mayors of NYC, Chicago and Altanta have all blamed the Coronavirus in part for the violence in their cities. Basically they said its a reaction to being locked down that caused the weekends violence, shootings and deaths.
Are they serious?
You mean it’s not tying the hands of the police? It’s not coddling to law breakers? It’s not a long term issue in Chicago? In NYC it was the worst month of shootings since 1995. It’s not ceding the burnt Wendy’s area to occupiers and police not allowed?
I wonder how many of their constituents believe them. 

On GMA this morning they interviewed the Atlanta Mayor and allowed her to blame the President and virus.
Did they ever ask, Mayor the minute the incident happened you fired the officer and never condemned the action of anyone expect them. You allowed the Wendy’s to burn and be a gathering place with weapons for citizens who made clear no police allowed. Now a young child is killed there, and its the President and virus? Never came up.
They did allow her to rip into the Governor for last night announcing he is sending in the National Guard. She called him wrong.
Mayor, there were 23 reported shootings and the death of that 8 year-old girl. The police in Atlanta are clearly angry for how they were treated.
Really, you don’t need some help? How many shootings would it take?

This is family? More bad news for the President is coming. The release date of a tell-all book by his niece has been pushed up two weeks to July 28. Supposedly the book paints the president as “damaged man” with “lethal flaws” who threatens the world’s health, security and social fabric.
Makes me want to check in with my nieces and see how they feel about me!

What you heard and didn’t. You heard that the Supreme Court ruled that if you agree to be a presidential elector you then have to vote the way your state mandated. Now that doesn’t sound logical to you?
Do you remember after the 2016 election there was a movement to encourage electors not to vote for Trump? 
Now what you didn’t hear was this. A state could say that no matter how we vote, our electors must vote for who won the popular vote nationally.
So this isn’t over yet.
Watch the movement to change the state elector mandate. Texas may be first.

the covid argument

There is much noise in the media about where we are. For the most part the MSM is end to end with the increased numbers and raising concerns.
On the other side the argument is that deaths are down.
The daily death rates peaked at 3,000 in March and April, and fell, as an example, on Sunday to 251.
This is in large part because younger people who are better able to survive COVID-19 make up a larger percentage of patients.
The question then is are you hearing both sides, and is this being fairly covered?

a final thought on statues

Where’s the solution to this? Mine is this:
We mostly agree that confederate statues should be moved off public display. Let’s do that.
Statues of those who built this country, like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt. Douglas, Grant etc, should remain in place. They made our nation, our freedom and the world what it is today.
Then we should build statues to those who since our founding have made America even better. Think of those who impacted life since, like Tubman.
So let’s remember history and add to it as we recognize those who continued our growth, maintained our freedom and made us better.

Not so hard is it?

After the weekend…

post the weekend

There are two views of the weekend, depending on who you listen to or watch.

The first is the President found his voice and position at Mount Rushmore and the White House July 4th celebration. He took the stand defending the virtues of the nation.

The other side led by NYT, WaPo and MSM was that instead of being the leader and healer he was dividing the nation and ignoring the continued Covid crisis.

For me it’s clear where I stand:
Stop tearing down our past and statues you didn’t put up.
There is a process in this nation to do such things.
Yes, let’s correct past actions that clearly need doing so.
We should rename the forts named for confederate leaders. The only exception would be if those individuals did extraordinary things for the United States of America that I am unaware of.
Protests are allowed.
Destruction of property in any manner is not.
Impeding upon the rights of others, no matter the cause, is unacceptable.
Defunding the police? That’s a local decision. You get what you vote for.

Now some questions:
Who is responsible for all the deaths resulting from the protests allowed to get out of hand?
Who pays the price for that besides the families and society overall?
Who pays the price for loss of business? Jobs? Opportunity?
Last night a young child was shot dead as protests continued at the Wendy’s in Atlanta.
Who owns that? The Mayor said this can’t be on the police, so who owns it?
I will say this again about Minneapolis and Atlanta. They were not the same.
Minneapolis was a murder, with the culprit in jail.
Atlanta was not. Very simply, if my son drove under the influence with outstanding issues, then fought with, punched and hit police officers and stole a weapon which he later fired at the police, I would expect a bad outcome.

In the end here, law abiding citizens have the right to feel safe in their homes, driving and traveling. You can defund the police and tie their hands if you want, as NYC has done. So who owns the shootings, deaths and mayhem now there? In my opinion it’s not the Mayor. He said he would do what he is. It is the voter.
You get what you vote for.

That’s where I stand. We know where the President stands. How about Joe Biden? Shouldn’t we know now and not later what he would have done?

speaking of Where they stand

We need to know where the candidates stand now on issues like:
Defunding the police.
Do they support encampments like we had in Seattle?
Should protesters be allowed to tear down any statue?
If not, should they be allowed to tear down some?
Where does that right begin and end? Who decides?

We know where the President stands on this virus and masks.
We know Joe Biden thinks there should be a national mask requirement.
But what would Biden do now?
I heard him say he would have handled it differently. How and when?
How does that fly with his call of the President being racist when he closed travel to China?

Speaking of China, that should be foreign issue number one in the election 120 days away.
I know the MSM will attack the President on his “friendship” with the leader of China, and what the trade deal is actually doing.
Now will they call Joe Biden on what China has become in his 48 years in Washington?
Will they call him on five months ago saying China was no threat to us?
Will they call him for criticizing the President on closing the border in January?

Let’s see. More on the issues to come as we get closer the the election. After all, your vote counts and makes a difference. Take a look around the nation today.

have a great day.

Wrapping Up…

First I wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday weekend. Let’s hope the spirit of America shines through this July 4th.

let’s wrap up the week with some thoughts

The good news this AM on the jobs report was welcome. The sooner our citizens get back to work the better.
A smart move by the President not to take any questions after announcing the numbers. This was evident if you saw the vehemence the press went after Kudlow and Mnuchin with.

The “summer of love” ended in Seattle yesterday as the “Capitol Hill Organized Protest” area was taken down in Seattle. There were at least four shootings while it existed.

I saw that a police officer in Miami is facing discipline after hitting a female protester in the face in a recorded episode all over social media.
I get that.
But how come protesters can spit on, throw urine at and yell derogatory things in officers faces and not face charges? Why are they allowed to get away with that?

The Russian Bounty story continues. The President tweeted: “The Russia Bounty story is just another made up by Fake News tale that is told only to damage me and the Republican Party.”
There’s a hearing for congressional leaders today with the CIA to review. Let’s see what the opposing sides say tonight.
I still don’t understand the noise. Whether a bounty, arms, intelligence or support, the objective is to help the enemies of your enemy.

Did you see that Joe Biden out-raised the President for the second straight month? Biden’s campaign raised $141 million. Trump’s $131 million.
Both totals were nearly twice the numbers for May.

In a move long overdue the Governor of Mississippi signed a bill changing the flag of the state, removing the confederate symbol from it. Good.
On the other side, another Governor said he thinks that the “President would be more upset at the toppling of a confederate statue than the Statue of Liberty going down”.
Really Governor? The President is one of the few defending statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and others. In fact, I noticed in your state you were silent as statues of Christoper Columbus were toppled and removed.

Speaking of statues. We mentioned yesterday the President threatened a veto of the military spending bill if it contained a measure to change the names of forts named after Confederate generals. Now some of the President’s most loyal allies were betting, or hoping, that a veto was not forthcoming.
This is the wrong side for the President, and he needs to let it go.

I bet you didn’t know that the USMCA agreement went into effect yesterday. No coverage was there? Why would that be?
The deal affects more than $1 trillion a year in trade. The International Trade Commission estimates that the deal will boost U.S. gross domestic product by roughly $70 billion, and increase exports to Canada and Mexico by 5% and 7%, respectively. 
Why report this?

Finally you heard much about the $1.5B cut in the NYC police budget. The details tell a different story. As an example:
$573 Million was a cut in capital improvements. Since the city has lost so much in the CoronaVirus coverage that is not a surprise.

$354 Million was shifted to other agencies because they transferred things like school safety officers to the Department of Education. So from the police to the DOE.

$484 Million was a combination $352M in overtime and other things.

The one impact I see on officers was the cancelling of the July new class of officers that was moved back. Moved back in part I guess because the city is in a financial crisis.

The devil as always is in the details.


Watched, Saw and Heard..

some things i watched, saw and heard

I watched Joe Biden’s press conference and he won the day.
Why? People have raised expectations so high that he couldn’t stand on his own two feet and answer questions that when he did, he won the day.
Life is about expectations.
Now what I heard were softball questions said in such a warm tone.
Compare that to the accusations and tone of press questions to the President. It was almost “why is that Trump such a bad man …”
Yesterday you might have thought you were watching an Obama press conference.

I heard some veterans of Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign are joining together to endorse Joe Biden. They are preparing to announce they cannot vote Republican and for Donald Trump this year. The report is that “dozens and dozens of Romney 2012 staffers have ‘signed up.'”
Just following the lead of their leader who in 2012 embarrassed himself.

I see where the press is giving Liz Cheney (the #3 House Republican) a lot of positive coverage as she increasingly calls out differences with administration Trump foreign policy decisions and leadership during the coronavirus crisis.
I hope she realizes that if Biden wins she will go back to being the daughter of Darth Vader.

In fact, all these Republicans enjoying positive press because they are anti some administration policy will face the wrath of the press if Trump loses.

I see New York City went ahead and cut $1B from their police budget. Well instinct says that’s exactly what you should do when shootings and crime are on the rise. Then you hear of this great exodus from the city as people are scared and nervous.
I ask again, really? You voted for the Mayor at a 75% rate- twice – and it was clear what his agenda was. I repeat, you get what you vote for.

I read where AOC said the billion dollar cut was way too small. “Defunding police means defunding police,” she said adding that the cuts aren’t enough.
Okay then, let’s keep an eye on the city and see how things go.

I heard that President Trump has approved plans that would shift 10,000 troops currently based in Germany to other locations. Many of his, and, of course, the opposition party call his move reckless.
We’ve already stated, we agree with the move. You want our troop protection, pay what you promised to NATO. Is that hard? Or, how about not making a deal to buy Russian oil (that we and others can supply) to give them funds while asking us to fund your safety from them.
Why is that so hard for people to understand?

I also hear that President Trump is threatening to veto the Defense Authorization Act if it contains a provision to remove Confederate names from military bases. That would be a mistake.
The American people will be with you on protecting statues for the Revolutionary War period figures, and heroes like Grant and Lincoln for the Civil War. They won’t support you on confederacy names and statues.
In an election year you have to take the right (and popular) position. The President, in particular, needs to be conscious of how he appears.

I see the story continues to get coverage about the “Russian Bounty.”
I ask again, even if true, and there are questions, why is it a surprise or different that our enemies are helping our enemies to beat us?
Why is it different than us in the same country (Afghanistan) helping the rebels defeat the Russians?
Why is it different than Iran creating and supporting ISIS while we fought them and yet we gave them plane loads of cash?
I don’t see it, someone explain it to me.

I watched to see while this hysteric reporting was going on for a story no one could say was true, and changed from a verbal to a possible written presentation to the President, to see if anyone was reporting on the false Russian Collusion by the same reporters and newspaper.
I didn’t see it. Did you? Wouldn’t you think that if you chased a false story by someone and they gave you another, you would be sure it was factual and be a little more careful?
Does anything in the age of Trump matter?

I see that the Seattle Mayor, who was upset at the protests at her house, is finally making a move on the illegal CHOP area in the city. I guess the summer of love ends on July 1?