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i’m thinking

Why do people dislike President Trump so much that they blame him for the CoronaVirus and not China?
Why aren’t they mad that China didn’t announce the virus to the world when they barred internal travel in their country but allowed it international?
Why isn’t the whole world uniting to force justice against them?

Speaking of China, why isn’t there outrage over Hong Kong today?
They passed a national security law that will empower the government in Beijing to crack down on dissent from Hong Kong.
China is breaking an agreement they signed.
Does anyone care? Why have agreements then?

Why is the NYT and other MSM outlets allowed to pivot like they never said what they did? For three days they said the President was briefed on Russian plans to pay bounties to the Taliban to kill Americans.
The administration said they were wrong.
Today they pivoted to he got a written briefing “in February on Possible Russian Bounties.”
Well that’s a little different than hearing it in his daily brief, and does anyone expect the President to read a brief daily?
You think a President gets a daily face to face to brief so he hears the news he needs to know and doesn’t need to read a full document?

I have trouble understanding why it would be a surprise that Russia would want to help those fighting the U.S. in Afghanistan. After all, when they were fighting in that same country we were helping the Afghans against the Russian troops.
Is anyone really surprised both countries work against the other’s interest and troops?
It’s no different than the whole interfering in other countries elections. It has been going on forever.

A.G. Barr, who is a real professional had a great analysis on the press in the Washington Times today. Here’s part of what he said:
“I agree with you that it’s been stunning that all we have gotten from the mainstream media is sort of bovine silence in the face of the complete collapse of the so-called Russiagate scandal, which they did all they could to sensationalize and drive. And it’s, like, not even a ‘whoops.’ They’re just onto the next false scandal. So, that has been surprising to me: that people aren’t concerned about civil liberties and the integrity of our governmental process.”

Why is it an example of “White Supremacy” for the President to visit Mount Rushmore on July 4th? How could they even post that?

You keep hearing about how the appointment of Gorsuch or Kavanaugh will change the court forever. Well have you seen it happen? Yesterday Justice Roberts made sure it stayed left on an issue. Consider this in the WSJ:
“The cases have been reminders that the Roberts court is not reliably conservative on every issue, even though Republican presidents appointed five of the nine justices, including Roberts. Over the years, the court has also established a constitutional right to same-sex marriage (with Anthony Kennedy, now retired, as the swing vote); declined to outlaw affirmative action; upheld most parts of Obamacare; and more. These decisions have left many conservatives feeling betrayed.”
Remember this when you hear the left say the court is tipped.

Amazing how Coronavirus coverage disappeared while the protesting and riots were on 24/7. Now we get end to end again. Some people think it will stay centerstage and slowly recede beginning Nov. 4th. Is that possible?

We’ll say again, we think the President made a mistake moving the convention’s last night to Jacksonville. His desire for a full house cheering him has all the potential to come back and bite him. Jacksonville added mask requirements yesterday.
The mask itself is an issue for the President. He needs to lead by example here. We all know it makes a difference.

The “Summer of Love” that the Seattle Mayor promised saw it’s fourth shooting incident last night. Then again, who needs the police?

The question I hear most often is “How are they getting away with this?” The answer is the elected leaders agree with the protesters. In the past you had leaders dedicated to upholding the law. Today in some of these cities and states they are on the side of the law breakers. It’s that simple.

Two police officers in Tulsa, Oklahoma were shot and critically wounded on Monday. Anyone see the coverage of these officers?

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