Trump and the Anti Trump

There’s Trump and the Anti Trump Faction:

These days they almost appear to have the same objective. The failure of the President to listen to his team and have someone review his tweets came home to haunt again yesterday with that White Power video he retweeted.

The funny thing is the President keeps saying “Joe Biden didn’t say or write that,” referring to any comment or tweet. He’s right. Yet VP Biden is pulling away from him using that strategy. There’s a lesson there.

Now they pulled the retweeted video immediatley, but too late. The damage was done. I guess he just doesn’t get it, and it is hurting him.

now the Russian bounty story

Here the anti Trump faction, led by the NYT, ran a story that for over 24 hours got great coverage and is turning out to be false. By the time the truth catches up to the story it will be believed by a majority.

Speaker Pelosi was on a Sunday Show and ran with this as if it were fact.
She called the President ignoring the report “totally outrageous.” She was allowed to get away with that by the host and then added, he “wants to ignore any allegation against Russia.” She wondered “what Putin had over him.”
All this over a story she didn’t know if it was true and had not heard about!

Again the host let her slide.
If the press were fair wouldn’t the next logical question have been:
Speaker Pelosi, you accused the President for three years of colluding with the Russians in the 2016 election, and spent $50 million investigating him to find that it was untrue. You say that as speaker you were never told this, and his office says he wasn’t told. How can you make these charges with such clarity now? Do you have proof outside the NYT story?
Of course George Stephanopoulos did not ask that. He let her get away with it.

The NYT, which has lost so much credibility, reported this story with such clarity:
“Even after learning in March that the Russian military offered bounties to the Taliban to kill American soldiers, the Trump administration has continued to treat Russia favorably.”

Donald Trump is a racist:

We hear this on the MSM and from Democratic politicians all the time. If he is, then I wonder when he became one. Because when he ran for office he was praised for his work, donations and efforts in the area of equality. Want some examples?
Here’s Jesse Jackson on Donald Trump:

Here’s Al Sharpton and Donald Trump before office:–best-buddies–518370371795

There’s a lot more if you want to research it. It’s either as they say now, he changed, or politics are at play. You choose what it is.

But the President, with tweets like yesterday, has made it easy for them to charge him.

whenever i see the tv ratings:

Whenever I see the ratings of the top shows on cable I am amazed that stations are so dogmatic on their beliefs that they allow FoxNews for news and FoxBusiness for business to dominate. They would never do it for entertainment. Here’s a top ten from last week:
Top four are Fox, as are six of top eight.

1⃣⁦‪@seanhannity‬⁩. Fox
2⃣⁦‪@TuckerCarlson‬⁩. Fox
3⃣⁦‪@IngrahamAngle‬⁩ Fox
4⃣⁦‪@TheFive‬⁩. Fox
5⃣⁦‪@maddow‬⁩. MSNBC
6⃣⁦‪@BretBaier‬⁩. Fox
7⃣⁦‪@Lawrence‬⁩. MSNBC
8⃣⁦‪@marthamaccallum‬⁩ Fox

quick Hits:

  • Those saying the polling is wrong — as it was in 2016, there is one big difference. Donald Trump is the incumbent this time and this vote is about him, not Hillary.
  • Have you ever seen a case like Michael Flynn? The prosecutor says I have no case, drop it. The appeals court says drop it, but the judge doesn’t? It is still out there.
  • Really, Mayor Deblasio you have nothing better to do than paint on the street in front of Trump Tower? Do you know what’s going on in your streets?

So Much More To Report But We’ll Leave Here Today.

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