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Let’s continue the conversation on politics:

What else can impact the election 130 days away?
The virus. The media will assure an outbreak is devastating for the President.
The China deal falling through. The President will feel the media brunt here, too.
The Supreme Court ruling Obamacare illegal. The media will run with “20 million uninsured.”
The Durham report release, especially if it indicts people and says there was a conspiracy to overturn the election. How would the media cover this? There was certainly an attempt with the Flynn case to make it appear A.G. Barr is orchestrating a cover up.

Most of what we talked about yesterday, and above today, is not good news for the President. Now let me address how I would answer these if I were running.

First of all on the virus when they attack me:
Stop right where you are. It’s so easy today to say what you would have done yesterday. Let’s deal on the facts only.
I stopped travel from China on January 31. No matter what my opponent and detractors say today, what did they say then?
It’s in the moment that you must look.
In the moment Joe Biden called me a xenophobe and racist. Pelosi and Schumer did the same.
Who was right? How many lives did we save? If we followed their advice, how many would be deceased today?
Don’t give me I was late, I was a month ahead of them.
End of story.

On China.
Who was running the government, and under whose watch did the China menace develop?
Was I here for the past 40+ years or were Biden, Pelosi and Schumer?
Who was running government when all our jobs, money and power was being sent to China?
Who ran on the issue that this must stop?
Don’t tell me now what you would have done; what did you do?
It was Joe Biden earlier this year who said, “China is a threat to us, come on man.”
After 40 years under his watch of it happening and three years of me beginning the reversal, he still didn’t get it.
Now he’s the solution — come on man.

They don’t like my policy – America First. Why?
I say countries should pay what they said they would for joint protection. For 40 years these three (Biden, Schumer and Pelosi) have been here they haven’t, and America has paid. Why?
You want to go back to that? If you do, vote for them. If you believe they should live up to what they promise, here I am.

Did you like ISIS developing and growing to the point where we were all concerned about them? Under whose watch did they develop and grow? Who took them out? You want them back, you got the three of them you should vote for.
You want them to stay gone. I am your candidate.

How’s Iran been fostering terrorism the past few years? Kind of quiet compared to the past? You want Iran back doing their thing, they are your candidates. You want us maintaining the boycott until they change? I am your candidate.

Where do they stand on the protests and anti police rhetoric?
You haven’t heard a word from them about the destroying of statues and the looting. Silence. Why?
All you heard was about the peaceful protests, that we all support. How about the rest?
Why can’t they speak up about the issue?
Did you hear anything from them about the occupation in Seattle? The vote to eliminate the police in Minneapolis? The tearing down of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln statues? Why not?
I bet you heard them criticize my walk to the church, did you hear condemn the attempted burning of it?
We don’t need to hear later what they would have done.
Where were they when it was happening?

And the media is covering for them now.
The Senate votes down the police bill because 7 Democrats would not advance it. It had 70-80% of what they want.
Then the house passes a bill that has 100% of what they want.
So instead of it going to joint committee of congress to agree on a bill, now it dies. (It does because the senate did not approve, thus no joint session.)
A joint committee would have produced a bill both sides could have gotten 85% of what they want. Instead we get zero.
Now the media will blame me, but think about that.
Congress could have worked on a compromise.
This was set up for a real change and they failed it.
It was 100% my way or no way – or maybe they don’t want a solution, just an issue.
It’s a shame the media will cover for them.

It’s funny, too, how they are talking now on the media about the “great economy” we had, but now ….
Like I created the virus?
And can you explain why, if it was so great, your coverage was 92% negative?

We produced the lowest unemployment rates for blacks, hispanics, women, asians, every group. The virus hit, it was not my policies that drove it down.
Who do you think coming out of this pandemic can get back there? The people who never produced what we had in my first years, or this administration?

You get the idea. It’s time for the President’s team to lay it out. They should keep is simple, and make it clear.


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