wait, a glimpse of sanity?

This morning I saw the President stand and say cease on the statue destruction. After 100+ were destroyed it was good to hear someone say “stop.” He even promised to bring charges to those destroying Washington, Jefferson, Grant and Roosevelt.

Then I heard two senators speak up and say this is wrong. One said you didn’t put that statue up, you have no authority or right to take it down. Wow, I thought. where did this logic come from? Then the second senator said enough, and reminded us we live by laws and there are ways to do things. Imagine that.

Then I heard the Mayor of Seattle saying it was time to end the “free country” in her city. Wait, was the “summer of love” over? It turns out, she said, she was just kidding about that. I have to really check on my sense of humor, because ever since I heard her utter it I never thought she was joking.

All that in one morning? Could we be turning a corner here?

Now the Seattle Mayor did say she’s not going to send the police in. I am anxious to watch how quickly and easily this “free country” rejoins Seattle.

Then I read the newspaper and two stories jumped out at me.

First, in NYC there has been an astounding 8,967 firework complaints. So many that there was a request to stop calling 911 and 311 (NYC Neighborhood Issues Line) because there are too many to handle. With shootings up (the most since 1996, says the NY Post), you have to wonder if the police are just laying back.
Then the funny part. Citizens were outside the Mayor’s residence blowing horns and making noise. They said if we can’t sleep, you shouldn’t either.

Then I read this story reporting on the funeral in Atlanta. In the opening paragraph they had a quote from an attendee who was upset and said, “It was emotional because that could be me.”
My immediate thought was if this was George Floyd’s wake, yes that could have been you. But this could be you only if you drove under the influence, fought with and punched the police, stole a weapon from them, ran away and then turned to shoot that weapon at them. Is that you?

Anyway it was an interesting start to the day. Let’s see what happens as it unfolds. After all, Fauci is testifying live to congress. That has to be entertaining.

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