After The Weekend…

We learned a lot this weekend.

We learned that Donald Trump supporters won’t turn out “no matter what.” It was a shocker he drew “only” 6,200 to the 19,000 seat arena. A shocker because the hype was there were “a million ticket requests.”
Now 6,200 is a good crowd. What’s Joe Biden’s largest gathering of the campaign season?
But life is about expectations. They set the expectations high and couldn’t match it. That is the world Trump created. He is always with the “biggest, largest, never done before” comment. It raises expectations.

Now the question is, why were only 6,200 there?
Was it concern over the virus and fear of public gatherings?
Was it a fear of the violence that could erupt?
Was it just a loss of enthusiasm for the Trump campaign?
The answer to the question is vital.

The polls show VP Biden pulling away. Many will say “yea, they showed Hillary ahead too.” Fair enough, but 14 point leads are too large to discount.
And remember this, “follow the money.” Well VP Biden out-raised the president by about $7 million in May.

I don’t think people are ready to say VP Biden is up to and ready for the job. But it’s clear the President is reeling. His daily, way too long, Coronavirus press conferences were the start. His failure to address the racial strife and subsequent street activity is shocking.
Now he is talking about “the silent majority” as Richard Nixon did in 1968 (and they propelled him to the presidency). Except my recollection is the silent majority weren’t that silent. They had rallies supporting our troops and candidates out front professing their positions. Today we don’t have that. The dialogue has been all for one side, and any counter is immediately attacked and made to apologize. If the “silent majority” don’t speak out, turn out for the President, and coward to the mob, are they really a majority? Are they really unafraid enough to vote?

One thing unfair for sure was the MSM criticism of his comment about testing. It was clearly in jest and the fact the MSM ran with it as real is a disgrace.

One Place To Take A Stand

You saw a lot of news about the FoxNews Poll that showed VP Biden up 14. There was another part of that that didn’t get the coverage it deserved. That involved what people feel about the police in our nation. Here are the results:
40% of U.S. voters are “strongly favorable” of their local police.
34% overall are “somewhat favorable” of their local police.
14% overall are “somewhat unfavorable” of their police.
9% overall are “strongly unfavorable” of their police.
3% overall “can’t say.”

Now think about those numbers. 74% favorable despite all the negatives on the airwaves. Who is out there speaking for this majority?

If you’re a Trumper here’s something from Rep. Deb Dingell that might make you feel better:
“Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.), who calls herself ‘Debbie Downer’ for repeatedly raising the alarm in Democratic circles, said she heard directly from people in her district that they plan to vote for Trump in 2020. ‘Everyone will roll their eyes and say, “that’s Debbie.” But I was right in 2016,’ Dingell said in an interview. She was among the few Democrats to warn that Hillary Clinton was on track to lose Michigan: ‘Anybody who believes the polls right now is overconfident.’”


As stated Friday, I am done with him. The man is one of the few things that unify Republicans and Democrats. They both don’t like him. Though, after Nadler said he would not call Bolton to the house, today Schiff is saying he might.
Anyway, this described Bolton for me. This AM on GMA he said he cannot support the President for reelection under any circumstances. In the next sentence he said he could never support Joe Biden because of the ex VP’s wrong positions his whole career.
So who does he support then, he was asked. The answer, he wasn’t sure. He was going to write in some conservative Republican. If I were one of them, I would beg he not support me!
You see, Bolton is mad because his hardline policy to fight Iran and North Korea was not followed. He is angry the President pulled the planes from bombing Iran and angry the President has met with N. Korea. He is a war hawk and that is what this is all about. “Give Peace a chance” was never in his arsenal.

How Do You Feel

There were a number of brands announcing plans to change names because of the current environment. Did you hear that the families are not supporting the change? As an example:
The great-grandson of the woman whose face appears on the Aunt Jemima syrup bottles released a statement upset with Quaker for erasing his great-grandmother’s history. “This is an injustice for me and my family,” Larnell Evans Sr (66) said.  
In fact, USA Today reports that “two families of women who portrayed Aunt Jemima say they oppose Quaker Oats’ plans to rename the brand of syrup and pancake mixes and change the iconic figure. “

There is a pushback here and with the Eskimo Ice Cream decision. Let’s see if it gets coverage and how the companies react.
My gut is this will get no coverage and thus come to pass.

elections tomorrow

Tomorrow are the primaries in NY and Kentucky.
We are going to watch that Rep. Eliott Engel race closely in NYC to see if another mainstream left Democrat goes down to an AOC socialist.
At the same time watch AOC’s primary race. She is being attacked for driving Amazon out and other issues. Let’s see her margin of victory. A big win may well encourage her to launch a challenge to Senator Schumer in 2022.

In Kentucky they will choose the Democratic Senatorial challenger to Speaker Mitch O’Connell. There are a centrist and socialist Democratic candidates vying for the nomination.


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