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Just Thinking as we Wrap Up The Week

The Atlanta DA wants no bail for the police officer he is charging with murder. Have we lost all sense of fairness in this nation? In NYC this week a 92 year old woman was abused on the street by a 31 year old who had 103 prior violations.
Let me ask you, who is more of a threat to the public? Who would you fear more to pass on the street? Who would you want less to be your neighbor?

Some free advice for President Trump. You’re in an election year (137 days). Watch what you say tomorrow at your rally. Try toning it down. Here’s two thoughts:
1) You’re the president. Try finding solutions and leading from the front. Use the power of your office and show people you care.
2) Stay away from the inflammatory issues. An example is the renaming of military bases. You can count me as one who had no idea the forts were named after confederate generals.
I would think renaming them after Medal of Honor winners in WWII might be pretty popular.

On November’s election, it seems to be coming down to this. What are there more of? Citizens who so despise the President that they will turn out and vote against him, or enthusiastic supporters that will outnumber them.
What’s clear is the President has a base. Joe Biden voters seem to be more against the President than for him. So do those not so enthusiastic Biden voters turn out in large enough numbers to win?

Here’s an early prediction for you. Whichever party loses the presidency in 2020 will win big and control congress in 2022. That’s an easy one to see and predict.

Before the George Floyd incident I thought Amy Klobuchar was the lead choice to be VP Biden’s VP. Once that story broke, and her history of not prosecuting came to light, she was done. Yesterday she withdrew her name.

A day later I feel the same about John Bolton. The more I see and hear, the more I think the President’s pull back of the bombers from attacking Iran is what really set him off. The guy is a war hawk, and believe it or not, the president isn’t. John Bolton couldn’t get along with anyone because of his hawkish position with our young soldiers’ lives.

The MSM bias continues to amaze me. Here’s a report from newsbusters.org today on the Senator Scott police/racial program:
“ABC’s World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News completely ignored the Senate GOP’s Justice Act, a package of police reforms authored by Sen. Tim Scott, South Carolina Republican. And while the CBS Evening News mentioned the bill, they only spent 22 seconds on it. Instead of dedicating airtime to Scott’s reform bill, ABC and NBC each spent plenty of airtime gushing about John Bolton’s new anti-Trump book. ABC gave it five minutes and 31 seconds, while NBC allotted two minutes and 14 seconds. CBS provided four minutes and 25 seconds on Mr. Bolton’s book — and also brought up the possibility that the book could spark new impeachment charges to be filed against President Trump.”

I see it again today on the Supreme Court’s DACA decision. They delighted in calling it a defeat for the President. Fair enough, it was. But as Paul Harvey used to say, what about “the rest of the story”? Did you hear them say that the order by President Obama to put the program in place was illegal? That all nine agreed it was? That they were ruling on the “procedure” to take it away? How many Americans today know that the ruling was only the procedure to repeal an illegal executive act? Isn’t it the role of the media to inform?
This ruling was just another Justice Roberts attempt to squirm and find a way to protect what he thinks is the integrity of the court. He’s done this before, and some will see it as courage while others will see it as a failure to stand tall.
For me here’s what it didn’t do.
It didn’t solve the DACA issue. We need to solve that so 800,000 lives can be settled and go on. The failure to do so for decades doesn’t say much for our elected leaders.
We almost had an agreement two years ago. Money for the wall and DACA solved. It failed. Look it up.
Finally, the court failing to act is a head shaker. They can say the Obama Executive Order was wrong, but it can’t be repealed because a procedure wasn’t followed?
It goes back to something we mentioned earlier this week, every action creates a reaction. In this case, the first illegal action is okay according to the court..

Have a Great Weekend.

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