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Let’s try today to move off the issues of the day to other news that impact us and the election of 2020 as we go forward. 

two books

Two books coming out will impact the President over the next two months.

The first by John Bolton which is scheduled for six days, but which the administration is in court trying to fight. From all reports the book will present the President in a negative light and question his motives on every action.
Now Bolton is a far right hawk and disagreed with any peaceful reach out. Funny how today his best friends are on the left and want the book out.
Why would Bolton do this and help the Biden campaign?
As they say in politics, follow the money. Bolton sells more books, and earns more dollars by doing it now.

The second is by the President’s only Niece, scheduled for just before the Republican convention.
In addition to telling us about the book (Too Much And Never Enough), she let us know it was her who leaked some of his tax information to the press. She has made clear that this is a tell-all book that will detail ‘harrowing and salacious’ stories about the president. One of the early leaks is — she going to say he was involved in ‘fraudulent’ tax schemes and had received more than $400 million in todays dollars from his father’s real-estate empire.

You may have heard that the President is prepared to recall about half of the U.S. soldiers stationed in Germany. But, do you know why?
The President said Germany is delinquent in their payments to NATO — paying 1% and “they’re supposed to be at 2%.”
He has told Germany that if they don’t pay more to NATO and treat Washington more fairly on trade issues he is pulling half of our 50,000 troops. He said the current deployment is very costly to us and we are not getting supported. 
The president told reporters that the current deployment of about 52,000 U.S. troops in Germany is a “tremendous” cost to America that isn’t being reciprocated.
Now that you know this are you more in favor of the move? Have you heard the whole story on the MSM, or just the cuts?

Supreme Court Decision:
The Supreme Court ruled Monday that employers cannot discriminate against workers on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity, marking a landmark victory for gay rights groups authored by one of President Trump’s appointments to the high court.
Now I wondered why this was such a big deal, did you? You can’t discriminate against someone based upon their sexual orientation. Is anyone surprised?
Now the court made sure that this ruling does not cover the use of bathrooms or locker rooms, or whether insurance should cover gender reassignment surgery, or to what degree religious exemptions can be claimed.  Those all will play out in the future—now that will be news.
No discrmination based upon orienation seems a no brainer.

Now this is funny:
The campaigns of Joe Biden and President Trump agreed on something; not for the same reasons, but they agree Biden should get more coverage. 
VP Biden’s campaign said they were not getting enough coverage. The President’s campaign said:
“We formally join Joe Biden’s campaign in their call for the national news media, particularly cable and broadcast television outlets, to carry Biden’s remarks and unscripted events in their entirety. The failure to expose the American people to these rambling displays of incoherence, ineptitude, and forgetfulness is depriving voters of a clear picture of Biden’s inability to execute the duties of the office he seeks. Stop protecting Biden. Air the events,” says Brad Parscale, campaign manager for the Trump 2020 reelection campaign.

You heard that North Korea blew up a building used for diplomatic talks?
The MSM was quick to tell us this proves the President was a failure in his outreach. First, I never think a peace outreach where you give up nothing is a failure. Second, so you think they might be pursuing a calculated plan to win concessions from the outside, while appearing tough to their own people?

An election to watch: A NY congressional seat next to AOC’s.
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has endorsed Jamaal Bowman in his primary challenge against longtime Democratic incumbent Rep. Eliot Engel (New York’s 16th congressional district).
Engel, a liberal Democrat has held the seat since 1989. His voting record is similar to Rep. Nadler, whom you know so well by now.
However, that is not good enough for socialist leaning Democrats and, thus, this challenge.
The race is too close to call. The NYT has endorsed Bowman.

By the way, the socialist wing made some progress last week:
Five conservative Democrats in the New Mexico state legislature lost their primary, partly because of previous votes to uphold an abortion ban. In Philadelphia, a socialist candidate for the state legislature, Nikil Saval, beat an incumbent Democrat.

An arrest made in police officer killing on night one of the unrest:
Two men have been charged in the May 29 drive-by killing of a federal courthouse guard in Oakland, California. You may remember his sister testified last week to congress.
The suspect, Steven Carrillo, a U.S. Air Force sergeant, had additionally been charged with killing a sheriff’s deputy in Santa Cruz earlier this month.
According to the FBI’s affidavit, Carrillo appeared to be inspired and motivated by the militant anti-government group “boogaloo,” whose followers believe the U.S. government is an enemy, focused on taking away the guns that citizens may need in the event of a civil war or violent uprising.

Senator Loeffler in the clear:
The Senate Ethics Committee has ended its investigation into Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s stock trades. The news comes three weeks after Loeffler’s office said the Justice Department had also dropped its probe into her stock trades.”
The lone Senator not cleared remains Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina.

Finally today in our ever changing world:
Two iconic brand namesakes decided they needed to change their names.
Quaker Oats is giving its Aunt Jemima pancake syrup and mix a new name and package design to eliminate branding based on a racial stereotype. Quaker will release packaging without the Aunt Jemima image by the end of this year with the line’s new name and redesign will follow.
Uncle Ben’s is going to follow through with to be announced plans.

Have a great day.

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