What a time…

The news cycle is non ending and relentless in their coverage. Unlike the past, it has a viewpoint today and there is no deviation. As one reader told me, “I am confused today, what I thought was right is now wrong.” When did the world change?

Well I am not sure it has. As I watch the coverage I come to these conclusions:
100% of us agree that the action of the police in Minneapolis was wrong, and charges should be brought for murder.
Almost 100% of us agree that protests are fine, and we encourage the free expression of thought.
Most of us, and I would think it is over 80%, think protests that lead to rioting and looting is wrong. There is never a justification for this.

So where did things change? For me its here:
When the MSM takes a side and tries to tell me the protests are peaceful in areas I can see the opposite.
When you fail to present the whole picture. There was a murder on video we all saw (George Floyd). But there have been murders and wounding of peace officers protecting the right to protest and trying to protect property. Why can’t we tell that story? Don’t their lives and the families they leave behind matter? It doesn’t seem that way on the MSM.
Where is the study as to why that officer in Minneapolis was still on the force? Seventeen infractions on his record and he is still out there? What job in this country would allow that many infractions and keep the people in the role?
Why was that? Was it the power of the union? Was it the liberal government in the city and state of Minneapolis that protected people? Why? I want to know. We can’t fix something unless we know the reasons why.
I can tell you that no matter what the MSM says, it wasn’t President Trump being in office three years that caused it. They should look a little deeper into the states government for the past forty years.

Now we get to Atlanta. When I saw the event I wondered if that officer needed to fire at the end. I still wonder.
But I don’t wonder about the events that led up to it. Don’t whitewash those events. The man was driving under the influence of something. He fell asleep in the drive-thru lane of a fast food restaurant. The manager tried to wake him and couldn’t. She called the police.
They came and woke him and, then as required, tested him.
Now some say he was close to home so they should have let him drive home.
What? If he killed someone, or a family, what would you say then?
Others say they should have let him walk home.
Oh, so if he fell or got hit by a car that would have been fine? No one would be criticizing the police?
How about this.
Individual responsibility in life. You are responsible for your actions.
How about not driving under the influence, falling asleep in the drive thru lane and being so bad they can’t wake you up.
How about not physically fighting with the police and punching them?
How about not taking one of their weapons and running away with it?
How about not turning that weapon on the police?

Let’s place blame where blame lies and not create a link to the murder of Floyd.

Now none of this answers the question on whether the officer should have fired. Let’s investigate that, but in doing so let’s not forget the actions that led to it.


I keep getting asked about this. All I can tell you is when the Mayor and Governor agree with those breaking the law, this is what you get. It’s that simple. If allowed in your city they will do the same. The reason they don’t is because they won’t be allowed. Seattle has drifted more and more to the left, and they are not about to take action to take back their city blocks. It’s just that simple. Your vote counts.

Just like if you live in Minneapolis today, your council voted unanimously to get rid of the police department. Okay, lets see what they replace it with. You better get something more than a social experiment if you are concerned about your well being and security. Eyes are on you, Minneapolis. Now let’s see.

Have a great day.

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