What Now?

When we started this blog a decade ago we used this theme line:
Never has that meant more or been proven so valid.

What’s different about what is going on today with places like Seattle versus the past? It’s simply this:
The elected officials agree with the take over of the city. Their sympathies are with the protesters.
What that means is they are not about to criticize or take action. Thus blocking off seven streets, putting up no police zone signs, and taking over the police station is okay. It’s okay because you believe in their cause and can go on the air and call it a “peaceful protest.” In fact you support it by sending in portable toilets and other necessary goods. Just not a free traffic flow, police and any counter thought.

Now Seattle has moved further left each election cycle. They now have a government that sees a takeover of a police station and a part of the town as righteous.

When you hear of Los Angeles and New York City “defunding” their police budgets to move the money to some other undefined as of now service program, remember it was who the people voted for. Mayor DeBlasio hid nothing about leftist feelings. In fact his wife, yesterday, who is going to run for office in the city, said, “No police at all is a nirvana.” He won 75% of the vote. He was clear in his campaigns where he stood. Ask yourself this question, if Rudy Guiliani were still Mayor what would the situation be?

So you get what you vote for. It’s your choice. This November we get to choose a President, all of the House of Representatives and 35 members of the Senate.

The advantage the left has is the MSM is fully on their side. 100% of the coverage on the networks and cable, with the exception of FoxNews, is on their side. They give cover to the left actions and leaders. Any counter statement is presented as racist. Think about things like:
The 40 year newspaper editor who was fired as a racist because as riots occurred he put out a headline that Buildings Matter Too.
Do most Americans think that is a biased and racist statement in the paper?
I don’t think so, but the media decided it was and told you so. The editor was fired.
Do most Americans think Drew Brees is a racist? A former man of the year in the NFL for his charitable works. He said he believed in people standing for the National Athem. Is that a reason for him to go through what he has? His wife had to apologize this week. Do you think people should stand for the anthem? Do you consider yourself a racist because you believe in standing for the flag?

Why is Live PD, a top rated cable show, going off the air a few weeks after it was renewed for 160 more episodes? It was live; what is wrong with seeing the interactions between police and citizens? Do you think the majority of Americans think this should be off the air? Why is it?

We’re tearing down statues. I get it they’re honoring people we don’t want to honor today. My solution years ago still seems valid to me. It comes from a visit to Romania. The Russians had built statues to those who lead and maintained the dominance of Romania. When the Iron Curtain fell, rather than destroy the statutes they moved them to a Statue City, so people could see their history and what some chose to honor. What is wrong with that?

If you support tearing down the statues, I have a question. Where does this end?
Do we rename Washington DC? Mount Veron? Monticello?
Do we take down the Washington Monument? Jefferson Memorial?
Is there any point at which we stop placing today’s values and growth on people of yesterday?
Are you prepared to be judged for your righteousness in the same manner by future generations?

Is there a silent majority today? I think there is, but with a 24 hour news cycle that presents one side, thwarts free speech, and fails to present the news as is, I am not sure people can tie back their vote to the situation.
In America you get what you vote for. People complain about taxes, but then continue to vote free spenders in necessitating higher taxes. Do 75% of the people think Bill DeBlasio’s approach is right in NYC? No, they don’t. Would he have won if he was in another party? No, he wouldn’t.
So your choice, your vote, means voting for the candidates who support your view of the world. You can’t be a one party person.

We can’t change the media, except by what we choose to watch. The networks have proven that they will adopt scheduling and shows for everything except news ratings. Even though FoxNews dominates they are not adapting to a more center approach. It is the only thing in the industry they don’t adapt to.

Finally, the President continues to make it easier for the media to hide behind his words. Never has a political figure shot himself in the foot so often. When you do that, sooner or later you lose a foot. Yesterday he made Seattle about him. Fix it he said or “I will.” He gave them ammunition because they diverted the focus from the deplorable actions to his threats. Well today the Mayor indicated this occupation may go all summer. So what is the President going to do? Every story will have his quote and the media will focus on that, and people will become consumed with that and not what is actually occurring.

Have a great weekend.

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