Free Speech & Election 2020

I have become concerned that free speech is at risk in our nation, and I place the MSM right in the middle of the crisis.

It wasn’t that long ago that the most liberal among us argued that all views and thoughts are welcome. They stood proudly for free speech and the right of anyone to say what they believed. This was so admirable, righteous and right.

Today I don’t see that. I see anyone offering a contrary view or thought immediately labeled a racist. I see a “my way” or “you’re wrong” attitude. I see biased coverage to support one side and news reports focused on that.

Which raises a question I haven’t heard on the air waves. Is this free speech?
Is anyone concerned about this? Does anyone recognize that this is happening? Do you see it or I am way off base? Are you concerned?

The 2020 Election Impact

Four months ago the President was headed for reelection as the nations economy boomed. Then came two events, neither of which he was was responsible for; the Coronavirus and the murder of George Floyd.

The MSM did all they could to find fault with the President’s efforts with the virus. Think of ventilators, stay at home, timing, and testing. In every instance they found fault for the administration’s efforts.
He aided them with his ego press conferences daily that led to major battles.

Then came the George Floyd case. The MSM has managed to make it seem like the President’s fault. We had a liberal state with liberal leadership for generations and yet they managed to blame the President.
Of course he aided them with his tweets providing fodder for their coverage. Just last night he tweeted that the older agitator in Buffalo was a member of Antifa. Why did he do that? The person has an activist record since the 1960’s. He has tweets on line that truly attacked the police. He marched toward the police as they marched forward and everyone else moved back. He was the only protestor in the picture as the incident occurred. Plenty there to talk about. But no, the President has to go one step further and look out of control.

Thus he is making it easy for a biased media to present him in a negative light. He made it easy to have a line drawn, and in the process free speech is being threatened. We all better be careful to allow anyone to speak their mind. As I always enjoyed telling people I argued with – “I am the world’s greatest authority on my own opinion,” We all are. Let’s allow all to be heard.

Have a great evening.

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