Wait, What Now?

As the nation continues to reel from the news, I find myself stopping and saying, “Wait, what now?” Some examples.

I am convinced just about 100% of the people agree that the Minneapolis police officers are guilty and should be in jail.
I am convinced about the same per cent agree that no matter how loud or long, that peaceful protests are allowed.
I am convinced a great majority of citizens think looting, destroying, burning and breaking into businesses is wrong.

So, if those core facts are real, why is there such a divide and the media fanning such unrest?
Why can’t they start with the two things we agree on above and then cover the third?
Why can’t they be part of the calming and uniting instead of the dividing?
Imagine if they explained Black Lives Matter, as you can’t have All Lives Matter, without it. Wouldn’t everyone agree you can’t have All Lives Matter without Black Lives Mattering? It’s only when people feel you don’t care about their lives that you divide. How about trying to unite?

Now examples of the things that make me go “Wait, what now?”

Defund the police?
Does that mean just get rid of all police and not replace with an alternative? If it’s simply a means to move the police funds to alternative programs and not provide security, that may not work. Defund the police sounds good to some, but what does it mean? We need more than a slogan.
Now Minneapolis has voted to do this, but not really explain what it means. If they want to get rid of the police and their citizens agree, then do it. Let’s see how it works out. Let’s see the plan. Maybe they have an idea to make things better. It has to be more than sending a sociologist or psychologist to an armed dispute or robbery. I would think!

Does defunding come with gun confiscation?
I would think this would have to be part of the overall picture. However, I think these past few weeks have told citizens you cannot count on the police to protect you, and the cause of control has taken a huge hit. In fact I suspect more people than ever will want a firearm to protect themselves and family.

“Wait, what?” was my reaction to watching newscasts that never mentioned the police officers killed in the last week. Why not? I saw plenty of “police violence” videos, but no mention of the young officers with families and pregnant spouses killed. I don’t understand that. The officers were white and black.
In fact the FBI and local investigators are trying to determine a possible link between the ambush-style killing of a Northern California sheriff’s deputy Saturday night and that of a federal officer who was fatally shot outside the U.S. courthouse in Oakland last week. Isn’t that newsworthy?

I said “What?” on being lectured to by the Cuomos on NY Police activity. They (the police) were being pelted with objects, injured (300) and yelled at inches from their face. I thought showed a lot restraint. In fact, I thought they showed more restraint with people in their face than Chris did when a single person called him Fredo.

“Wait,” the NYT had to fire their editor because he published an opinion piece by a Republican Senator? “What?” The “paper of record” who last endorsed a Republican for President in 1956, doesn’t deserve that title any longer.

“Wait,” a headline today in the same paper says Republicans are abandoning the President. Colin Powell? Since he voted for Hillary and President Obama twice, how many elections is it before you’re not part of that party anymore?
And, President Bush, you were mentioned in the article. Let me understand your thinking (in part because I had trouble for the eight years you were President.) You are against the President because he belittled your brother in the 2016 primaries? Do you know that President Obama and VP Biden have used you as a punching bag and blamed you for every thing possible that was wrong? Democratic Leaders called you a liar and the dumbest person to ever occupy the office. How do you separate the two?

Taking a knee for the national anthem has now gotten to the point where it appears more NFL players will do it than not. The momentum has switched to this is an expression of a fault in our nation than disrespect. Let’s say we all accept that. Is it now wrong to say you would not take a knee? After what happened with Drew Brees how could you not take a knee now? Even after two apologies from him (and one from his wife today) the criticism continues. What happened to freedom of thought?
The question is how the football audience perceives the whole issue. Hopefully for their good they know who their fan base is.

Where’s the coverage of this? With the Coronavirus, the numbers are back from the states with early reopening. Remember all the heat states like Georgia and Florida took? Well, Georgia as an example is six weeks in and has seen hospitalizations drop from about 155 a day to about 110 a day and the new positive test rate remains about the same, even though many more are performed. Shouldn’t some of the loud voices who warned us how bad these governors were admit they were wrong?

And I ask again, after three years of Russian Collusion with the Trump Team where is the coverage now that it turned out wrong? Where is the coverage of some shady dealings in the FBI and DOJ? Why is the media silent here?

Enjoy the day.

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