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It’s a good thing we are all quarantined, we need the at home and down time to keep up with the news.
Of course what you see depends on what the MSM wants you to see.

As an example, what I thought was strong symbolism for the President to show he could walk the streets and visit an historic church, which the media turned into a negative, got 30 minutes of coverage on the evening news.

The historic church burning got 1.5 minutes.
You think maybe that was unbalanced?

Well that is because some in the media want to call the protests peaceful. Not that some, or most weren’t. Just don’t try and sell the impression all were. Today they were pressing that those moved from across the White House were peaceful. Oh really. I guess it was a UFO that landed and threw that projectile through the window causing the fire.

Today I watched as they stressed “peaceful protests.” Well I have news.
Protests are supposed to be peaceful. Read that again. They are supposed to be peaceful. That is not news. The non peaceful ones are the news.

The family of George Floyd again called for peaceful protest today. They find rioting and looting disrespectful to his memory. We should be calling out those not following their plea, not glossing over it, as if it never occurred.

In fact there should be some coverage of the innocent officers who are being buried this week as a result of the non peaceful protests. How about remembering them and their families? Most were young with lives to live and families that will have no parent now. How many did you hear about?
Add the retired 77-year-old St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn who was shot dead by looters when he tried to stop looting at a local pawn shop. If you saw his facial expression lying on the ground dying you wouldn’t forget it.
Add the injured officers who are hospitalized and home bound. They deserve recognition, too.

Today the Minnesota State AG announced that he is raising the murder charge to second degree. He also announced plans to charge the other three for abetting the murder. Good. It should be. Too bad we can’t charge them with all this upheaval that resulted from their failure to do their job.

Some Other News to share

We have an Antifa candiate on the ballot this year:
Voters in Portland, Oregon will decide in November whether to elect an Antifa mayor. Portland community organizer Sarah Iannarone has made no secret of her political sympathies. She declared last year that “I am Antifa” and wryly embraced the “Antifa mayor” label. 

Put this in the “you won’t believe it” category:
The last person receiving a pension from the U.S. Civil War has died. Irene Triplett, 90, had been collecting a pension of $73.13 a month from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Her father, Mose Triplett, started fighting in the war for the Confederacy but defected to the North in 1863.

the hearing today

This should get big coverage tonight, but I bet the MSM takes the same tact as the Democrats on the Intelligence Committee did today. That is, this is old news. I actually thought it was big news; after all we went through it for three years.
Rod Rosenstein testified today and admitted there was no Russian Collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. He said if he had gotten the full true facts he would not have gone forward.
Now think about the three years of charges, lies and leaks that were reported daily on this. We were told it was fact and that evidence was in plain site.
Shouldn’t the fact it was wrong be covered big as well?
Watch tonight, I bet the MSM doesn’t give it much, and watch what they say and show.

Have a great evening.

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