I’m Baffled..

“I’m baffled” are the words the Bishop of St. John’s Church used as to why the President walked over yesterday.

Why did he walk across? I’m baffled as to why she is baffled.
It’s the church of Presidents and was attacked the night before.
It would baffle me as to why someone would attack the church.
Was she baffled when that incendiary device came through the window?
Was she baffled by the fire it caused?
It baffled me as to why these protesters would want to burn this 1816 church.
Was she baffled that the President wanted to show we’re taking the streets back?
Should we just have awaited the night to see if they tried again?
I’m baffled as to when she thought we should regain control.

Now I am also baffled as to why he didn’t go into the church. Why?
I am baffled by his awkward holding up of that bible. What was that?

I’m baffled by a lot more these days:

I’m baffled on why the MSM keeps saying innocent protesters are out there. They are, until the sun goes down. Can we tell the 24 hour story please?
Can we please praise the honest protesters who are hurting and want real change — from those just rioting?
Can we tell the whole story?
It’s not racist to do so; there are many from all races out there causing havoc.

I’m baffled as to why the Governor of NY and Mayor of NYC want to blame the police first in NY. The morning after night one of riots they condemned some officers before they had the full facts. If my child were on the force I would tell him/her to avoid any action that could be an issue, because no one will have their back.
Ask yourself, would you want your boss to have your back? Shouldn’t people trying to prevent looting have the same courtesy?
What would you tell your child?

I’m baffled as to how all this is President Tump’s fault. His tweets don’t help, I get it. His words are not the best, I get it. But in places like Minnesota we have had liberal leadership for over 40 years. We had police instances over and over. This arrested officer had 17 citations and was still on the job. Since the Mayor, Governor, Council and others are all Democratic, following previous Democrats, why is this Trump’s fault?
Why are Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Mitch O’Connell and Nancy Pelosi the answer and not the blame? They were the ones in Washington for the past 40 to 50 years. Now they’re the solution?

I’m baffled by the fact that at least six police officers got shot last night. At least four got run over. At least 15 went to the hospital. Do their lives matter? How about the black officer in Oakland killed, does his life matter? I don’t hear any news about it on the MSM, and I’m baffled as to why. They were hurt and died trying to protect the public and law. I’m baffled as to why that doesn’t matter.

I’m baffled that people were getting arrested last week in places like NJ and Michigan for opening a gym and salon. With no restrictions lifted, I’m baffled how people are allowed in those outlets and others without repercussion to take what they want.

Let’s see what tonight brings.

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