Month: June 2020

So I’m Thinking..

i’m thinking

Why do people dislike President Trump so much that they blame him for the CoronaVirus and not China?
Why aren’t they mad that China didn’t announce the virus to the world when they barred internal travel in their country but allowed it international?
Why isn’t the whole world uniting to force justice against them?

Speaking of China, why isn’t there outrage over Hong Kong today?
They passed a national security law that will empower the government in Beijing to crack down on dissent from Hong Kong.
China is breaking an agreement they signed.
Does anyone care? Why have agreements then?

Why is the NYT and other MSM outlets allowed to pivot like they never said what they did? For three days they said the President was briefed on Russian plans to pay bounties to the Taliban to kill Americans.
The administration said they were wrong.
Today they pivoted to he got a written briefing “in February on Possible Russian Bounties.”
Well that’s a little different than hearing it in his daily brief, and does anyone expect the President to read a brief daily?
You think a President gets a daily face to face to brief so he hears the news he needs to know and doesn’t need to read a full document?

I have trouble understanding why it would be a surprise that Russia would want to help those fighting the U.S. in Afghanistan. After all, when they were fighting in that same country we were helping the Afghans against the Russian troops.
Is anyone really surprised both countries work against the other’s interest and troops?
It’s no different than the whole interfering in other countries elections. It has been going on forever.

A.G. Barr, who is a real professional had a great analysis on the press in the Washington Times today. Here’s part of what he said:
“I agree with you that it’s been stunning that all we have gotten from the mainstream media is sort of bovine silence in the face of the complete collapse of the so-called Russiagate scandal, which they did all they could to sensationalize and drive. And it’s, like, not even a ‘whoops.’ They’re just onto the next false scandal. So, that has been surprising to me: that people aren’t concerned about civil liberties and the integrity of our governmental process.”

Why is it an example of “White Supremacy” for the President to visit Mount Rushmore on July 4th? How could they even post that?

You keep hearing about how the appointment of Gorsuch or Kavanaugh will change the court forever. Well have you seen it happen? Yesterday Justice Roberts made sure it stayed left on an issue. Consider this in the WSJ:
“The cases have been reminders that the Roberts court is not reliably conservative on every issue, even though Republican presidents appointed five of the nine justices, including Roberts. Over the years, the court has also established a constitutional right to same-sex marriage (with Anthony Kennedy, now retired, as the swing vote); declined to outlaw affirmative action; upheld most parts of Obamacare; and more. These decisions have left many conservatives feeling betrayed.”
Remember this when you hear the left say the court is tipped.

Amazing how Coronavirus coverage disappeared while the protesting and riots were on 24/7. Now we get end to end again. Some people think it will stay centerstage and slowly recede beginning Nov. 4th. Is that possible?

We’ll say again, we think the President made a mistake moving the convention’s last night to Jacksonville. His desire for a full house cheering him has all the potential to come back and bite him. Jacksonville added mask requirements yesterday.
The mask itself is an issue for the President. He needs to lead by example here. We all know it makes a difference.

The “Summer of Love” that the Seattle Mayor promised saw it’s fourth shooting incident last night. Then again, who needs the police?

The question I hear most often is “How are they getting away with this?” The answer is the elected leaders agree with the protesters. In the past you had leaders dedicated to upholding the law. Today in some of these cities and states they are on the side of the law breakers. It’s that simple.

Two police officers in Tulsa, Oklahoma were shot and critically wounded on Monday. Anyone see the coverage of these officers?

have a great day

Trump and the Anti Trump

There’s Trump and the Anti Trump Faction:

These days they almost appear to have the same objective. The failure of the President to listen to his team and have someone review his tweets came home to haunt again yesterday with that White Power video he retweeted.

The funny thing is the President keeps saying “Joe Biden didn’t say or write that,” referring to any comment or tweet. He’s right. Yet VP Biden is pulling away from him using that strategy. There’s a lesson there.

Now they pulled the retweeted video immediatley, but too late. The damage was done. I guess he just doesn’t get it, and it is hurting him.

now the Russian bounty story

Here the anti Trump faction, led by the NYT, ran a story that for over 24 hours got great coverage and is turning out to be false. By the time the truth catches up to the story it will be believed by a majority.

Speaker Pelosi was on a Sunday Show and ran with this as if it were fact.
She called the President ignoring the report “totally outrageous.” She was allowed to get away with that by the host and then added, he “wants to ignore any allegation against Russia.” She wondered “what Putin had over him.”
All this over a story she didn’t know if it was true and had not heard about!

Again the host let her slide.
If the press were fair wouldn’t the next logical question have been:
Speaker Pelosi, you accused the President for three years of colluding with the Russians in the 2016 election, and spent $50 million investigating him to find that it was untrue. You say that as speaker you were never told this, and his office says he wasn’t told. How can you make these charges with such clarity now? Do you have proof outside the NYT story?
Of course George Stephanopoulos did not ask that. He let her get away with it.

The NYT, which has lost so much credibility, reported this story with such clarity:
“Even after learning in March that the Russian military offered bounties to the Taliban to kill American soldiers, the Trump administration has continued to treat Russia favorably.”

Donald Trump is a racist:

We hear this on the MSM and from Democratic politicians all the time. If he is, then I wonder when he became one. Because when he ran for office he was praised for his work, donations and efforts in the area of equality. Want some examples?
Here’s Jesse Jackson on Donald Trump:

Here’s Al Sharpton and Donald Trump before office:–best-buddies–518370371795

There’s a lot more if you want to research it. It’s either as they say now, he changed, or politics are at play. You choose what it is.

But the President, with tweets like yesterday, has made it easy for them to charge him.

whenever i see the tv ratings:

Whenever I see the ratings of the top shows on cable I am amazed that stations are so dogmatic on their beliefs that they allow FoxNews for news and FoxBusiness for business to dominate. They would never do it for entertainment. Here’s a top ten from last week:
Top four are Fox, as are six of top eight.

1⃣⁦‪@seanhannity‬⁩. Fox
2⃣⁦‪@TuckerCarlson‬⁩. Fox
3⃣⁦‪@IngrahamAngle‬⁩ Fox
4⃣⁦‪@TheFive‬⁩. Fox
5⃣⁦‪@maddow‬⁩. MSNBC
6⃣⁦‪@BretBaier‬⁩. Fox
7⃣⁦‪@Lawrence‬⁩. MSNBC
8⃣⁦‪@marthamaccallum‬⁩ Fox

quick Hits:

  • Those saying the polling is wrong — as it was in 2016, there is one big difference. Donald Trump is the incumbent this time and this vote is about him, not Hillary.
  • Have you ever seen a case like Michael Flynn? The prosecutor says I have no case, drop it. The appeals court says drop it, but the judge doesn’t? It is still out there.
  • Really, Mayor Deblasio you have nothing better to do than paint on the street in front of Trump Tower? Do you know what’s going on in your streets?

So Much More To Report But We’ll Leave Here Today.

Let’s Continue…

Let’s continue the conversation on politics:

What else can impact the election 130 days away?
The virus. The media will assure an outbreak is devastating for the President.
The China deal falling through. The President will feel the media brunt here, too.
The Supreme Court ruling Obamacare illegal. The media will run with “20 million uninsured.”
The Durham report release, especially if it indicts people and says there was a conspiracy to overturn the election. How would the media cover this? There was certainly an attempt with the Flynn case to make it appear A.G. Barr is orchestrating a cover up.

Most of what we talked about yesterday, and above today, is not good news for the President. Now let me address how I would answer these if I were running.

First of all on the virus when they attack me:
Stop right where you are. It’s so easy today to say what you would have done yesterday. Let’s deal on the facts only.
I stopped travel from China on January 31. No matter what my opponent and detractors say today, what did they say then?
It’s in the moment that you must look.
In the moment Joe Biden called me a xenophobe and racist. Pelosi and Schumer did the same.
Who was right? How many lives did we save? If we followed their advice, how many would be deceased today?
Don’t give me I was late, I was a month ahead of them.
End of story.

On China.
Who was running the government, and under whose watch did the China menace develop?
Was I here for the past 40+ years or were Biden, Pelosi and Schumer?
Who was running government when all our jobs, money and power was being sent to China?
Who ran on the issue that this must stop?
Don’t tell me now what you would have done; what did you do?
It was Joe Biden earlier this year who said, “China is a threat to us, come on man.”
After 40 years under his watch of it happening and three years of me beginning the reversal, he still didn’t get it.
Now he’s the solution — come on man.

They don’t like my policy – America First. Why?
I say countries should pay what they said they would for joint protection. For 40 years these three (Biden, Schumer and Pelosi) have been here they haven’t, and America has paid. Why?
You want to go back to that? If you do, vote for them. If you believe they should live up to what they promise, here I am.

Did you like ISIS developing and growing to the point where we were all concerned about them? Under whose watch did they develop and grow? Who took them out? You want them back, you got the three of them you should vote for.
You want them to stay gone. I am your candidate.

How’s Iran been fostering terrorism the past few years? Kind of quiet compared to the past? You want Iran back doing their thing, they are your candidates. You want us maintaining the boycott until they change? I am your candidate.

Where do they stand on the protests and anti police rhetoric?
You haven’t heard a word from them about the destroying of statues and the looting. Silence. Why?
All you heard was about the peaceful protests, that we all support. How about the rest?
Why can’t they speak up about the issue?
Did you hear anything from them about the occupation in Seattle? The vote to eliminate the police in Minneapolis? The tearing down of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln statues? Why not?
I bet you heard them criticize my walk to the church, did you hear condemn the attempted burning of it?
We don’t need to hear later what they would have done.
Where were they when it was happening?

And the media is covering for them now.
The Senate votes down the police bill because 7 Democrats would not advance it. It had 70-80% of what they want.
Then the house passes a bill that has 100% of what they want.
So instead of it going to joint committee of congress to agree on a bill, now it dies. (It does because the senate did not approve, thus no joint session.)
A joint committee would have produced a bill both sides could have gotten 85% of what they want. Instead we get zero.
Now the media will blame me, but think about that.
Congress could have worked on a compromise.
This was set up for a real change and they failed it.
It was 100% my way or no way – or maybe they don’t want a solution, just an issue.
It’s a shame the media will cover for them.

It’s funny, too, how they are talking now on the media about the “great economy” we had, but now ….
Like I created the virus?
And can you explain why, if it was so great, your coverage was 92% negative?

We produced the lowest unemployment rates for blacks, hispanics, women, asians, every group. The virus hit, it was not my policies that drove it down.
Who do you think coming out of this pandemic can get back there? The people who never produced what we had in my first years, or this administration?

You get the idea. It’s time for the President’s team to lay it out. They should keep is simple, and make it clear.


Let’s Talk Politics…

We haven’t talked politics in a while. let’s take a look at how things are shapiNg up.

All the recent polls show VP Biden ahead by double digits. Our assessment is he is ahead, not quite that much, but clearly ahead. The problem for him is the election is four plus months away, and the question is are people going to feel comfortable pulling his lever in these challenging times. Today its easy to say Biden and not Trump.

Biden’s vote currently seems to be more an anti Trump one rather than for him.

The last two months have been a disaster for the President. The virus itself, and then his daily CoronaVirus press conferences dented him. His hesitation on the current unrest added on top and he sank. In two or three weeks I think you will see the 14 point polls close and show him down 6 or 7 points.

Now the campaign has not begun, and it will be a nasty one. Here are the keys:

Can Joe Biden rise to the occasion and show he can do the job? He has to convince people he is up to the job for them to pull the lever.
He has to continue motivating the far left of his party without driving the center away. Can higher taxes, open borders sanctuary cities and supreme court promises fly?

On the other side can the President straighten out his campaign team so they can communicate the accomplishments of his years in office? Right now they appear very disorganized. Can they keep him quieter with his words and tweets? Can they keep his ego in check?

Both campaigns face big challenges with their candidates. Then add:

How do the conventions play out? Biden has cancelled the big gathering and will do a virtual one. (Though he will be Wisconsin.)
The President is all in for a big gathering. With the reports of an outbreak with the secret service after Saturday’s Tulsa rally, this could backfire.

Imagine the news if after the President’s convention the attendees have an outbreak. Imagine what he says of the Democrats cancelling theirs if no outbreak occurs.

The speeches at the convention. Biden will have a script and stick to it. He hasn’t exactly delivered stirring ones so far.
How much does the President deviate, and what does he say? Always a risk.

The debates. I think the Republicans are betting it all on these three events. I have long believed you can prepare someone for a three hour debate. Add they are raising expectations so high that if VP Biden stands on his own two feet he may win. I think the Republicans have done a horrible job of having people think VP Biden can’t stand on the stage for two hours and answer a question. Trump may win the debate, but if people walk away saying that Biden is fine, then he wins.

Then finally, turnout. Do the “I hate the President” voters turn out greater than “I love the President.” Today the answer is yes. In four months we’ll see.

In addition:

The same NYT poll yesterday that had Biden up had more bad news for the Republicans today. Their Senate majority is clearly in danger. To retake Senate control, Democrats would need to win five of the competitive races. The Times polled three of those races in Arizona, Michigan and North Carolina. The Democratic candidate is leading in all three.

As for the House, right now the Democrats’ odds of holding it are high.

By the way, the Times/Siena poll released had these key state battle results:
Wisconsin: BIDEN 49, TRUMP 38
BIDEN isn’t only leading in Wisconsin.
N.C.: BIDEN 49, TRUMP 40.

So lot’s of work for the President and his party to do.

One piece of good news for the president

The Senate confirmed the President’s 200th federal judge Wednesday, helping to fulfill one of his top campaign promises of remaking the federal bench with a conservative bent. Judge Cory T. Wilson of Mississippi cleared the chamber with a 52-48 vote and will now sit on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

pause To Remember

Take a moment today to remember that 70 years ago today, June 25, 1950, the Korean War began. On this day 75,000 soldiers with the North Korean People’s Army advanced across the 38th parallel.
Today the area remains unsettled, and that war never officially ended.

Have a great evening..

Short Takes…

Short Takes

So now we know why Geoffrey Berman, the NY Prosecutor, was asked to go. He refused to sign a Justice Department letter criticizing Mayor Bill de Blasio for enforcing social-distancing rules to block religious gatherings, but not protests.
So it was policy related and not a cover up attempt.

Dr. Fauci said at the House hearing that he and colleagues haven’t “ever been told to slow down on testing” for the coronavirus. He added, “we’re going to be doing more testing, not less.”
I guess that settles all the MSM questions since Saturday.

A new NYT/Siena poll says that VP Biden has A 14 point lead today. This is consistent with a number of other polls and illustrates the bad month the President has had.

More good news for Biden. His fund raiser with former President Obama raised $11 million dollars. It was the largest fundraiser of the Biden campagin and comes off his strong May we reported yesterday.

In the NY House race we were watching last night the AOC endorsed challenger knocked off Eliot Engel, the 18 term Democrat incumbent. Jamaal Bowman has made no secret of his intent to be AOC2.

Speaking of AOC, remember when many argued, especially after the Amazon decision, that she would be a single term congressional person? Well put that to rest, she won 70% of the vote.
The big question now is, does she challenge Senator Schumer in two years?

In Kentucky there was a close race for the Democratic Senator nomination to challenge Mitch O’Connell. Amy McGrath, the establishment candidate, appears to have won over her far left opponent.

On the Republican side, two Trump endorsed congressional candidates lost. One was for the replacement of Mark Meadows, now chief of staff.

“People are making a statement about equality, about community, to be against racism, against slavery, I think those are good statements.” That was Governor Andrew Cuomo on the statue take downs in response to the President’s “cities should do more to protect monuments.” Choose a side.

Another Governor, Kristi Noem of South Dakota, was asked about threats to Mount Rushmore and immediately answered “not under my watch.”
After hearing her defending the mountain symbols I thought she should tell the states that want to take down their monuments to send them to South Dakota. They can build a second attraction with a history for all who visit.

Remember all the discussion of Sen. Tim Scott’s police reform bill? Well forget about it, the Democrats voted this AM to kill it. Why wouldn’t they vote to pass and let the House pass the Pelosi bill, then have the reconciliation committee resolve? Now both bills will be killed by opposition, and nothing will get done. Does anyone care to move forward?

The Media Fair? Look at this:
Fox News played all 101 minutes of the President’s Saturday rally in Tulsa.
In doing so, they broke a viewer record for the station on that night.
In contrast, CNN showed 3 minutes and 25 seconds (or 3.4%) and MSNBC 3 minutes and 45 seconds (3.7%).
So an historic record for Fox covering and nothing for their cable competition. Didn’t you think the stations copied their competitors success to drive ratings?

Now they did cover VP Biden’s speech a week before. CNN went live with the speech for 15 minutes while MSNBC offered 18 minutes. Both networks devoted uninterrupted time to Mr. Biden.

Finally, what’s up with Twitter? Look at this story:
Twitter flagged the President for an “abusive” tweet Tuesday after the president warned that he would deploy “serious force” against demonstrators if they try to create an autonomous zone in the nation’s capital.
“We’ve placed a public interest notice on this Tweet for violating our policy against abusive behavior, specifically, the presence of a threat of harm against an identifiable group,” Twitter said of the president’s post. Earlier in the day, the president had responded to vandals who defaced St. John’s Church near the White House, spray-painting “BHAZ” on its white columns. The letters stand for Black House Autonomous Zone.

Have a great day.


wait, a glimpse of sanity?

This morning I saw the President stand and say cease on the statue destruction. After 100+ were destroyed it was good to hear someone say “stop.” He even promised to bring charges to those destroying Washington, Jefferson, Grant and Roosevelt.

Then I heard two senators speak up and say this is wrong. One said you didn’t put that statue up, you have no authority or right to take it down. Wow, I thought. where did this logic come from? Then the second senator said enough, and reminded us we live by laws and there are ways to do things. Imagine that.

Then I heard the Mayor of Seattle saying it was time to end the “free country” in her city. Wait, was the “summer of love” over? It turns out, she said, she was just kidding about that. I have to really check on my sense of humor, because ever since I heard her utter it I never thought she was joking.

All that in one morning? Could we be turning a corner here?

Now the Seattle Mayor did say she’s not going to send the police in. I am anxious to watch how quickly and easily this “free country” rejoins Seattle.

Then I read the newspaper and two stories jumped out at me.

First, in NYC there has been an astounding 8,967 firework complaints. So many that there was a request to stop calling 911 and 311 (NYC Neighborhood Issues Line) because there are too many to handle. With shootings up (the most since 1996, says the NY Post), you have to wonder if the police are just laying back.
Then the funny part. Citizens were outside the Mayor’s residence blowing horns and making noise. They said if we can’t sleep, you shouldn’t either.

Then I read this story reporting on the funeral in Atlanta. In the opening paragraph they had a quote from an attendee who was upset and said, “It was emotional because that could be me.”
My immediate thought was if this was George Floyd’s wake, yes that could have been you. But this could be you only if you drove under the influence, fought with and punched the police, stole a weapon from them, ran away and then turned to shoot that weapon at them. Is that you?

Anyway it was an interesting start to the day. Let’s see what happens as it unfolds. After all, Fauci is testifying live to congress. That has to be entertaining.

After The Weekend…

We learned a lot this weekend.

We learned that Donald Trump supporters won’t turn out “no matter what.” It was a shocker he drew “only” 6,200 to the 19,000 seat arena. A shocker because the hype was there were “a million ticket requests.”
Now 6,200 is a good crowd. What’s Joe Biden’s largest gathering of the campaign season?
But life is about expectations. They set the expectations high and couldn’t match it. That is the world Trump created. He is always with the “biggest, largest, never done before” comment. It raises expectations.

Now the question is, why were only 6,200 there?
Was it concern over the virus and fear of public gatherings?
Was it a fear of the violence that could erupt?
Was it just a loss of enthusiasm for the Trump campaign?
The answer to the question is vital.

The polls show VP Biden pulling away. Many will say “yea, they showed Hillary ahead too.” Fair enough, but 14 point leads are too large to discount.
And remember this, “follow the money.” Well VP Biden out-raised the president by about $7 million in May.

I don’t think people are ready to say VP Biden is up to and ready for the job. But it’s clear the President is reeling. His daily, way too long, Coronavirus press conferences were the start. His failure to address the racial strife and subsequent street activity is shocking.
Now he is talking about “the silent majority” as Richard Nixon did in 1968 (and they propelled him to the presidency). Except my recollection is the silent majority weren’t that silent. They had rallies supporting our troops and candidates out front professing their positions. Today we don’t have that. The dialogue has been all for one side, and any counter is immediately attacked and made to apologize. If the “silent majority” don’t speak out, turn out for the President, and coward to the mob, are they really a majority? Are they really unafraid enough to vote?

One thing unfair for sure was the MSM criticism of his comment about testing. It was clearly in jest and the fact the MSM ran with it as real is a disgrace.

One Place To Take A Stand

You saw a lot of news about the FoxNews Poll that showed VP Biden up 14. There was another part of that that didn’t get the coverage it deserved. That involved what people feel about the police in our nation. Here are the results:
40% of U.S. voters are “strongly favorable” of their local police.
34% overall are “somewhat favorable” of their local police.
14% overall are “somewhat unfavorable” of their police.
9% overall are “strongly unfavorable” of their police.
3% overall “can’t say.”

Now think about those numbers. 74% favorable despite all the negatives on the airwaves. Who is out there speaking for this majority?

If you’re a Trumper here’s something from Rep. Deb Dingell that might make you feel better:
“Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.), who calls herself ‘Debbie Downer’ for repeatedly raising the alarm in Democratic circles, said she heard directly from people in her district that they plan to vote for Trump in 2020. ‘Everyone will roll their eyes and say, “that’s Debbie.” But I was right in 2016,’ Dingell said in an interview. She was among the few Democrats to warn that Hillary Clinton was on track to lose Michigan: ‘Anybody who believes the polls right now is overconfident.’”


As stated Friday, I am done with him. The man is one of the few things that unify Republicans and Democrats. They both don’t like him. Though, after Nadler said he would not call Bolton to the house, today Schiff is saying he might.
Anyway, this described Bolton for me. This AM on GMA he said he cannot support the President for reelection under any circumstances. In the next sentence he said he could never support Joe Biden because of the ex VP’s wrong positions his whole career.
So who does he support then, he was asked. The answer, he wasn’t sure. He was going to write in some conservative Republican. If I were one of them, I would beg he not support me!
You see, Bolton is mad because his hardline policy to fight Iran and North Korea was not followed. He is angry the President pulled the planes from bombing Iran and angry the President has met with N. Korea. He is a war hawk and that is what this is all about. “Give Peace a chance” was never in his arsenal.

How Do You Feel

There were a number of brands announcing plans to change names because of the current environment. Did you hear that the families are not supporting the change? As an example:
The great-grandson of the woman whose face appears on the Aunt Jemima syrup bottles released a statement upset with Quaker for erasing his great-grandmother’s history. “This is an injustice for me and my family,” Larnell Evans Sr (66) said.  
In fact, USA Today reports that “two families of women who portrayed Aunt Jemima say they oppose Quaker Oats’ plans to rename the brand of syrup and pancake mixes and change the iconic figure. “

There is a pushback here and with the Eskimo Ice Cream decision. Let’s see if it gets coverage and how the companies react.
My gut is this will get no coverage and thus come to pass.

elections tomorrow

Tomorrow are the primaries in NY and Kentucky.
We are going to watch that Rep. Eliott Engel race closely in NYC to see if another mainstream left Democrat goes down to an AOC socialist.
At the same time watch AOC’s primary race. She is being attacked for driving Amazon out and other issues. Let’s see her margin of victory. A big win may well encourage her to launch a challenge to Senator Schumer in 2022.

In Kentucky they will choose the Democratic Senatorial challenger to Speaker Mitch O’Connell. There are a centrist and socialist Democratic candidates vying for the nomination.


Just Thinking…

Just Thinking as we Wrap Up The Week

The Atlanta DA wants no bail for the police officer he is charging with murder. Have we lost all sense of fairness in this nation? In NYC this week a 92 year old woman was abused on the street by a 31 year old who had 103 prior violations.
Let me ask you, who is more of a threat to the public? Who would you fear more to pass on the street? Who would you want less to be your neighbor?

Some free advice for President Trump. You’re in an election year (137 days). Watch what you say tomorrow at your rally. Try toning it down. Here’s two thoughts:
1) You’re the president. Try finding solutions and leading from the front. Use the power of your office and show people you care.
2) Stay away from the inflammatory issues. An example is the renaming of military bases. You can count me as one who had no idea the forts were named after confederate generals.
I would think renaming them after Medal of Honor winners in WWII might be pretty popular.

On November’s election, it seems to be coming down to this. What are there more of? Citizens who so despise the President that they will turn out and vote against him, or enthusiastic supporters that will outnumber them.
What’s clear is the President has a base. Joe Biden voters seem to be more against the President than for him. So do those not so enthusiastic Biden voters turn out in large enough numbers to win?

Here’s an early prediction for you. Whichever party loses the presidency in 2020 will win big and control congress in 2022. That’s an easy one to see and predict.

Before the George Floyd incident I thought Amy Klobuchar was the lead choice to be VP Biden’s VP. Once that story broke, and her history of not prosecuting came to light, she was done. Yesterday she withdrew her name.

A day later I feel the same about John Bolton. The more I see and hear, the more I think the President’s pull back of the bombers from attacking Iran is what really set him off. The guy is a war hawk, and believe it or not, the president isn’t. John Bolton couldn’t get along with anyone because of his hawkish position with our young soldiers’ lives.

The MSM bias continues to amaze me. Here’s a report from today on the Senator Scott police/racial program:
“ABC’s World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News completely ignored the Senate GOP’s Justice Act, a package of police reforms authored by Sen. Tim Scott, South Carolina Republican. And while the CBS Evening News mentioned the bill, they only spent 22 seconds on it. Instead of dedicating airtime to Scott’s reform bill, ABC and NBC each spent plenty of airtime gushing about John Bolton’s new anti-Trump book. ABC gave it five minutes and 31 seconds, while NBC allotted two minutes and 14 seconds. CBS provided four minutes and 25 seconds on Mr. Bolton’s book — and also brought up the possibility that the book could spark new impeachment charges to be filed against President Trump.”

I see it again today on the Supreme Court’s DACA decision. They delighted in calling it a defeat for the President. Fair enough, it was. But as Paul Harvey used to say, what about “the rest of the story”? Did you hear them say that the order by President Obama to put the program in place was illegal? That all nine agreed it was? That they were ruling on the “procedure” to take it away? How many Americans today know that the ruling was only the procedure to repeal an illegal executive act? Isn’t it the role of the media to inform?
This ruling was just another Justice Roberts attempt to squirm and find a way to protect what he thinks is the integrity of the court. He’s done this before, and some will see it as courage while others will see it as a failure to stand tall.
For me here’s what it didn’t do.
It didn’t solve the DACA issue. We need to solve that so 800,000 lives can be settled and go on. The failure to do so for decades doesn’t say much for our elected leaders.
We almost had an agreement two years ago. Money for the wall and DACA solved. It failed. Look it up.
Finally, the court failing to act is a head shaker. They can say the Obama Executive Order was wrong, but it can’t be repealed because a procedure wasn’t followed?
It goes back to something we mentioned earlier this week, every action creates a reaction. In this case, the first illegal action is okay according to the court..

Have a Great Weekend.

Okay now…


The DA in Atlanta brought charges against the police officers involved in the Wendy’s parking lot death. In the case of the officer firing his weapon, he could face the death penalty if convicted of the charges. Is this right?
My reaction.

First, I mentioned here the day it happened that this was not a murder like the George Floyd case. I also said I was unsure if the officer needed to fire his weapon.
With that said …

The DA has way over stepped his bounds. Blaming the officers for inflaming the situation is a view of events that I did not see. Saying they became aggressive is way off base. The DA forgot one basic tenant of life, that many today seem to have forgotten. It’s called personal responsibility.

Until the moment of the shooting it was Mr Brooks who did everything wrong. He drove impaired. He fell asleep in the drive thru lane. He was the one the store was unable to awaken. He was the one who started the fight with the officers. He was the one who stole the (stun) gun. He was the one who ran away. He was the one who fired at the officers.

Nothing happens in that parking lot without the victim precipitating it. It seems neither the DA or MSM want to express this. Makes you wonder why.

Now the DA talks about the stun gun as not a deadly device. Yet two weeks ago he said it was—the same DA. You don’t get to have it both ways.

Finally, I think the DA and MSM continue to mislead when they say he was “shot in the back.” They say this as if the officer was chasing a helpless victim and did that. That is misleading again. What I saw was an officer chasing a criminal who stole a weapon. The criminal, while running, turned to his right to fire the weapon. The officer immediately veered to his left to avoid being hit. As he did he fired his gun. Because the escaping Brooks was turned only partialy to his right, this led to the bullets entering his back. Don’t make it sound like a helpless person was shot in the back. That is misleading.

Now we can argue if the officer should have used his weapon. I think that is a legitimate argument. Each person passing judgement should place themselves in that exact spot and ask what they would have done. Put yourself in the heat of the moment and decide.

Me? I am not sure he needed to fire, but understand why he did. But blaming the officers and charging them to the point they face the death penalty is way beyond reasoning, and forgetting the action that led to all this was the cause. Every action has a reaction. The actions of the victim are being glossed over here, and that is wrong.


Before this book release, John Bolton, a man who never saw a war he didn’t like, was one of the most despised Americans by the left. In fact he was so disliked that he could not be nominated for any position that required congressional approval because he had no chance.
Now that, in his self serving way he has written a book and is attacking the President, he is a hero. Sorry, he is not; he is in fact despicable. He is putting his own financial gain over the interests of the nation.

Here are some of the things the left leaning Politico today said about the book and charges, and some comments from me in italics.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP asked Chinese President XI JINPING to buy ag products to help him win reelection. “He stressed the importance of farmers, and increased Chinese purchases of soybeans and wheat in the electoral outcome.”
And what’s the problem with this? China buying agriculture products is great for our farmers and of course would help the President. What’s the issue? If the President said it would help him in reelection, that happens to be a fact. It was also good for America.

TRUMP seemingly thought it was OK for China to build concentration camps to house 1 million Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang, and told that to XI. He also told the Chinese leader that Americans want to change the Constitution to have him serve more than two terms.
Er, “seemingly?” What does that mean?

TRUMP was unsure if Finland was part of Russia (it is not). He also did not know that the United Kingdom was a nuclear power (it is).
Really John? Trump thought the country of Finland was Russia? Why did he call them Finland?

VLADIMIR PUTIN compared JUAN GUAIDÓ to HILLARY CLINTON in an apparent bid to boost Venezuelan strongman NICOLÁS MADURO in TRUMP’S eyes. TRUMP thought Guaidó was kid-like compared to MADURO. TRUMP also suggested war in Venezuela would be “cool.”
Okay John, then tell me why he has backed Guaido to this day. I know you wanted to send troops, but this President is really reluctant to use the military. Isn’t that one of your differences with him?

SECRETARY OF STATE MIKE POMPEO slipped BOLTON a note during negotiations with North Korea, saying the president was “so full of shit.” He later said there was “zero probability of success” in negotiating with North Korea. POMPEO listened in to a call between TRUMP and the South Koreans, and told BOLTON that he was “having a cardiac arrest in Saudi Arabia.” BOLTON said the call was a “near death experience.”
First Secreatry Pompeo said you are full of … in saying this. But let’s assume its true. You mean that when trying to convince North Korea, the President was saying things that you thought could not be? Do you know about negotiation? Of course we do know you wanted to use military force in North Korea.

TRUMP was fixated on getting a copy of Elton John’s “Rocket Man” to KIM JONG UN. 
And the problem with that is? He ridiculed the man on the one thing that bothers him, his size and called him Little Rocket Man. What’s the issue here?

There are more, but you get the idea. Let’s leave it with this.
U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said at a House hearing yesterday that the U.S.-China trade deal shows no signs of weakening. Since for the past 40 years China has eaten our lunch, and this is the first time we have pushed back to level the trade field, why is our China policy wrong?


There’s plenty more to talk about today, but this is a long blog so we’ll limit things to a few short takes:

That congressional race in NY we mentioned yesterday got even more interesting. Senator Warren came out for the AOC backed candidate (Jamaal Bowman). She joined Senator Sanders in that regard.
Senator Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff came out for the incumbent Elliott Engel.
The Democratic party divide is there like the Republican Tea Party was.

Remember back when we said the noise about the Supreme Court was way over blown about a conservative majority? Well today John Roberts proved us right again. He sided with the left on the DACA case, proving the argument from the right that the Bush’s just couldn’t get the court right!

Have a great day.

Outside the protests…

Let’s try today to move off the issues of the day to other news that impact us and the election of 2020 as we go forward. 

two books

Two books coming out will impact the President over the next two months.

The first by John Bolton which is scheduled for six days, but which the administration is in court trying to fight. From all reports the book will present the President in a negative light and question his motives on every action.
Now Bolton is a far right hawk and disagreed with any peaceful reach out. Funny how today his best friends are on the left and want the book out.
Why would Bolton do this and help the Biden campaign?
As they say in politics, follow the money. Bolton sells more books, and earns more dollars by doing it now.

The second is by the President’s only Niece, scheduled for just before the Republican convention.
In addition to telling us about the book (Too Much And Never Enough), she let us know it was her who leaked some of his tax information to the press. She has made clear that this is a tell-all book that will detail ‘harrowing and salacious’ stories about the president. One of the early leaks is — she going to say he was involved in ‘fraudulent’ tax schemes and had received more than $400 million in todays dollars from his father’s real-estate empire.

You may have heard that the President is prepared to recall about half of the U.S. soldiers stationed in Germany. But, do you know why?
The President said Germany is delinquent in their payments to NATO — paying 1% and “they’re supposed to be at 2%.”
He has told Germany that if they don’t pay more to NATO and treat Washington more fairly on trade issues he is pulling half of our 50,000 troops. He said the current deployment is very costly to us and we are not getting supported. 
The president told reporters that the current deployment of about 52,000 U.S. troops in Germany is a “tremendous” cost to America that isn’t being reciprocated.
Now that you know this are you more in favor of the move? Have you heard the whole story on the MSM, or just the cuts?

Supreme Court Decision:
The Supreme Court ruled Monday that employers cannot discriminate against workers on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity, marking a landmark victory for gay rights groups authored by one of President Trump’s appointments to the high court.
Now I wondered why this was such a big deal, did you? You can’t discriminate against someone based upon their sexual orientation. Is anyone surprised?
Now the court made sure that this ruling does not cover the use of bathrooms or locker rooms, or whether insurance should cover gender reassignment surgery, or to what degree religious exemptions can be claimed.  Those all will play out in the future—now that will be news.
No discrmination based upon orienation seems a no brainer.

Now this is funny:
The campaigns of Joe Biden and President Trump agreed on something; not for the same reasons, but they agree Biden should get more coverage. 
VP Biden’s campaign said they were not getting enough coverage. The President’s campaign said:
“We formally join Joe Biden’s campaign in their call for the national news media, particularly cable and broadcast television outlets, to carry Biden’s remarks and unscripted events in their entirety. The failure to expose the American people to these rambling displays of incoherence, ineptitude, and forgetfulness is depriving voters of a clear picture of Biden’s inability to execute the duties of the office he seeks. Stop protecting Biden. Air the events,” says Brad Parscale, campaign manager for the Trump 2020 reelection campaign.

You heard that North Korea blew up a building used for diplomatic talks?
The MSM was quick to tell us this proves the President was a failure in his outreach. First, I never think a peace outreach where you give up nothing is a failure. Second, so you think they might be pursuing a calculated plan to win concessions from the outside, while appearing tough to their own people?

An election to watch: A NY congressional seat next to AOC’s.
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has endorsed Jamaal Bowman in his primary challenge against longtime Democratic incumbent Rep. Eliot Engel (New York’s 16th congressional district).
Engel, a liberal Democrat has held the seat since 1989. His voting record is similar to Rep. Nadler, whom you know so well by now.
However, that is not good enough for socialist leaning Democrats and, thus, this challenge.
The race is too close to call. The NYT has endorsed Bowman.

By the way, the socialist wing made some progress last week:
Five conservative Democrats in the New Mexico state legislature lost their primary, partly because of previous votes to uphold an abortion ban. In Philadelphia, a socialist candidate for the state legislature, Nikil Saval, beat an incumbent Democrat.

An arrest made in police officer killing on night one of the unrest:
Two men have been charged in the May 29 drive-by killing of a federal courthouse guard in Oakland, California. You may remember his sister testified last week to congress.
The suspect, Steven Carrillo, a U.S. Air Force sergeant, had additionally been charged with killing a sheriff’s deputy in Santa Cruz earlier this month.
According to the FBI’s affidavit, Carrillo appeared to be inspired and motivated by the militant anti-government group “boogaloo,” whose followers believe the U.S. government is an enemy, focused on taking away the guns that citizens may need in the event of a civil war or violent uprising.

Senator Loeffler in the clear:
The Senate Ethics Committee has ended its investigation into Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s stock trades. The news comes three weeks after Loeffler’s office said the Justice Department had also dropped its probe into her stock trades.”
The lone Senator not cleared remains Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina.

Finally today in our ever changing world:
Two iconic brand namesakes decided they needed to change their names.
Quaker Oats is giving its Aunt Jemima pancake syrup and mix a new name and package design to eliminate branding based on a racial stereotype. Quaker will release packaging without the Aunt Jemima image by the end of this year with the line’s new name and redesign will follow.
Uncle Ben’s is going to follow through with to be announced plans.

Have a great day.

What a time…

The news cycle is non ending and relentless in their coverage. Unlike the past, it has a viewpoint today and there is no deviation. As one reader told me, “I am confused today, what I thought was right is now wrong.” When did the world change?

Well I am not sure it has. As I watch the coverage I come to these conclusions:
100% of us agree that the action of the police in Minneapolis was wrong, and charges should be brought for murder.
Almost 100% of us agree that protests are fine, and we encourage the free expression of thought.
Most of us, and I would think it is over 80%, think protests that lead to rioting and looting is wrong. There is never a justification for this.

So where did things change? For me its here:
When the MSM takes a side and tries to tell me the protests are peaceful in areas I can see the opposite.
When you fail to present the whole picture. There was a murder on video we all saw (George Floyd). But there have been murders and wounding of peace officers protecting the right to protest and trying to protect property. Why can’t we tell that story? Don’t their lives and the families they leave behind matter? It doesn’t seem that way on the MSM.
Where is the study as to why that officer in Minneapolis was still on the force? Seventeen infractions on his record and he is still out there? What job in this country would allow that many infractions and keep the people in the role?
Why was that? Was it the power of the union? Was it the liberal government in the city and state of Minneapolis that protected people? Why? I want to know. We can’t fix something unless we know the reasons why.
I can tell you that no matter what the MSM says, it wasn’t President Trump being in office three years that caused it. They should look a little deeper into the states government for the past forty years.

Now we get to Atlanta. When I saw the event I wondered if that officer needed to fire at the end. I still wonder.
But I don’t wonder about the events that led up to it. Don’t whitewash those events. The man was driving under the influence of something. He fell asleep in the drive-thru lane of a fast food restaurant. The manager tried to wake him and couldn’t. She called the police.
They came and woke him and, then as required, tested him.
Now some say he was close to home so they should have let him drive home.
What? If he killed someone, or a family, what would you say then?
Others say they should have let him walk home.
Oh, so if he fell or got hit by a car that would have been fine? No one would be criticizing the police?
How about this.
Individual responsibility in life. You are responsible for your actions.
How about not driving under the influence, falling asleep in the drive thru lane and being so bad they can’t wake you up.
How about not physically fighting with the police and punching them?
How about not taking one of their weapons and running away with it?
How about not turning that weapon on the police?

Let’s place blame where blame lies and not create a link to the murder of Floyd.

Now none of this answers the question on whether the officer should have fired. Let’s investigate that, but in doing so let’s not forget the actions that led to it.


I keep getting asked about this. All I can tell you is when the Mayor and Governor agree with those breaking the law, this is what you get. It’s that simple. If allowed in your city they will do the same. The reason they don’t is because they won’t be allowed. Seattle has drifted more and more to the left, and they are not about to take action to take back their city blocks. It’s just that simple. Your vote counts.

Just like if you live in Minneapolis today, your council voted unanimously to get rid of the police department. Okay, lets see what they replace it with. You better get something more than a social experiment if you are concerned about your well being and security. Eyes are on you, Minneapolis. Now let’s see.

Have a great day.

What Now?

When we started this blog a decade ago we used this theme line:
Never has that meant more or been proven so valid.

What’s different about what is going on today with places like Seattle versus the past? It’s simply this:
The elected officials agree with the take over of the city. Their sympathies are with the protesters.
What that means is they are not about to criticize or take action. Thus blocking off seven streets, putting up no police zone signs, and taking over the police station is okay. It’s okay because you believe in their cause and can go on the air and call it a “peaceful protest.” In fact you support it by sending in portable toilets and other necessary goods. Just not a free traffic flow, police and any counter thought.

Now Seattle has moved further left each election cycle. They now have a government that sees a takeover of a police station and a part of the town as righteous.

When you hear of Los Angeles and New York City “defunding” their police budgets to move the money to some other undefined as of now service program, remember it was who the people voted for. Mayor DeBlasio hid nothing about leftist feelings. In fact his wife, yesterday, who is going to run for office in the city, said, “No police at all is a nirvana.” He won 75% of the vote. He was clear in his campaigns where he stood. Ask yourself this question, if Rudy Guiliani were still Mayor what would the situation be?

So you get what you vote for. It’s your choice. This November we get to choose a President, all of the House of Representatives and 35 members of the Senate.

The advantage the left has is the MSM is fully on their side. 100% of the coverage on the networks and cable, with the exception of FoxNews, is on their side. They give cover to the left actions and leaders. Any counter statement is presented as racist. Think about things like:
The 40 year newspaper editor who was fired as a racist because as riots occurred he put out a headline that Buildings Matter Too.
Do most Americans think that is a biased and racist statement in the paper?
I don’t think so, but the media decided it was and told you so. The editor was fired.
Do most Americans think Drew Brees is a racist? A former man of the year in the NFL for his charitable works. He said he believed in people standing for the National Athem. Is that a reason for him to go through what he has? His wife had to apologize this week. Do you think people should stand for the anthem? Do you consider yourself a racist because you believe in standing for the flag?

Why is Live PD, a top rated cable show, going off the air a few weeks after it was renewed for 160 more episodes? It was live; what is wrong with seeing the interactions between police and citizens? Do you think the majority of Americans think this should be off the air? Why is it?

We’re tearing down statues. I get it they’re honoring people we don’t want to honor today. My solution years ago still seems valid to me. It comes from a visit to Romania. The Russians had built statues to those who lead and maintained the dominance of Romania. When the Iron Curtain fell, rather than destroy the statutes they moved them to a Statue City, so people could see their history and what some chose to honor. What is wrong with that?

If you support tearing down the statues, I have a question. Where does this end?
Do we rename Washington DC? Mount Veron? Monticello?
Do we take down the Washington Monument? Jefferson Memorial?
Is there any point at which we stop placing today’s values and growth on people of yesterday?
Are you prepared to be judged for your righteousness in the same manner by future generations?

Is there a silent majority today? I think there is, but with a 24 hour news cycle that presents one side, thwarts free speech, and fails to present the news as is, I am not sure people can tie back their vote to the situation.
In America you get what you vote for. People complain about taxes, but then continue to vote free spenders in necessitating higher taxes. Do 75% of the people think Bill DeBlasio’s approach is right in NYC? No, they don’t. Would he have won if he was in another party? No, he wouldn’t.
So your choice, your vote, means voting for the candidates who support your view of the world. You can’t be a one party person.

We can’t change the media, except by what we choose to watch. The networks have proven that they will adopt scheduling and shows for everything except news ratings. Even though FoxNews dominates they are not adapting to a more center approach. It is the only thing in the industry they don’t adapt to.

Finally, the President continues to make it easier for the media to hide behind his words. Never has a political figure shot himself in the foot so often. When you do that, sooner or later you lose a foot. Yesterday he made Seattle about him. Fix it he said or “I will.” He gave them ammunition because they diverted the focus from the deplorable actions to his threats. Well today the Mayor indicated this occupation may go all summer. So what is the President going to do? Every story will have his quote and the media will focus on that, and people will become consumed with that and not what is actually occurring.

Have a great weekend.

Free Speech & Election 2020

I have become concerned that free speech is at risk in our nation, and I place the MSM right in the middle of the crisis.

It wasn’t that long ago that the most liberal among us argued that all views and thoughts are welcome. They stood proudly for free speech and the right of anyone to say what they believed. This was so admirable, righteous and right.

Today I don’t see that. I see anyone offering a contrary view or thought immediately labeled a racist. I see a “my way” or “you’re wrong” attitude. I see biased coverage to support one side and news reports focused on that.

Which raises a question I haven’t heard on the air waves. Is this free speech?
Is anyone concerned about this? Does anyone recognize that this is happening? Do you see it or I am way off base? Are you concerned?

The 2020 Election Impact

Four months ago the President was headed for reelection as the nations economy boomed. Then came two events, neither of which he was was responsible for; the Coronavirus and the murder of George Floyd.

The MSM did all they could to find fault with the President’s efforts with the virus. Think of ventilators, stay at home, timing, and testing. In every instance they found fault for the administration’s efforts.
He aided them with his ego press conferences daily that led to major battles.

Then came the George Floyd case. The MSM has managed to make it seem like the President’s fault. We had a liberal state with liberal leadership for generations and yet they managed to blame the President.
Of course he aided them with his tweets providing fodder for their coverage. Just last night he tweeted that the older agitator in Buffalo was a member of Antifa. Why did he do that? The person has an activist record since the 1960’s. He has tweets on line that truly attacked the police. He marched toward the police as they marched forward and everyone else moved back. He was the only protestor in the picture as the incident occurred. Plenty there to talk about. But no, the President has to go one step further and look out of control.

Thus he is making it easy for a biased media to present him in a negative light. He made it easy to have a line drawn, and in the process free speech is being threatened. We all better be careful to allow anyone to speak their mind. As I always enjoyed telling people I argued with – “I am the world’s greatest authority on my own opinion,” We all are. Let’s allow all to be heard.

Have a great evening.

Wait, What Now?

As the nation continues to reel from the news, I find myself stopping and saying, “Wait, what now?” Some examples.

I am convinced just about 100% of the people agree that the Minneapolis police officers are guilty and should be in jail.
I am convinced about the same per cent agree that no matter how loud or long, that peaceful protests are allowed.
I am convinced a great majority of citizens think looting, destroying, burning and breaking into businesses is wrong.

So, if those core facts are real, why is there such a divide and the media fanning such unrest?
Why can’t they start with the two things we agree on above and then cover the third?
Why can’t they be part of the calming and uniting instead of the dividing?
Imagine if they explained Black Lives Matter, as you can’t have All Lives Matter, without it. Wouldn’t everyone agree you can’t have All Lives Matter without Black Lives Mattering? It’s only when people feel you don’t care about their lives that you divide. How about trying to unite?

Now examples of the things that make me go “Wait, what now?”

Defund the police?
Does that mean just get rid of all police and not replace with an alternative? If it’s simply a means to move the police funds to alternative programs and not provide security, that may not work. Defund the police sounds good to some, but what does it mean? We need more than a slogan.
Now Minneapolis has voted to do this, but not really explain what it means. If they want to get rid of the police and their citizens agree, then do it. Let’s see how it works out. Let’s see the plan. Maybe they have an idea to make things better. It has to be more than sending a sociologist or psychologist to an armed dispute or robbery. I would think!

Does defunding come with gun confiscation?
I would think this would have to be part of the overall picture. However, I think these past few weeks have told citizens you cannot count on the police to protect you, and the cause of control has taken a huge hit. In fact I suspect more people than ever will want a firearm to protect themselves and family.

“Wait, what?” was my reaction to watching newscasts that never mentioned the police officers killed in the last week. Why not? I saw plenty of “police violence” videos, but no mention of the young officers with families and pregnant spouses killed. I don’t understand that. The officers were white and black.
In fact the FBI and local investigators are trying to determine a possible link between the ambush-style killing of a Northern California sheriff’s deputy Saturday night and that of a federal officer who was fatally shot outside the U.S. courthouse in Oakland last week. Isn’t that newsworthy?

I said “What?” on being lectured to by the Cuomos on NY Police activity. They (the police) were being pelted with objects, injured (300) and yelled at inches from their face. I thought showed a lot restraint. In fact, I thought they showed more restraint with people in their face than Chris did when a single person called him Fredo.

“Wait,” the NYT had to fire their editor because he published an opinion piece by a Republican Senator? “What?” The “paper of record” who last endorsed a Republican for President in 1956, doesn’t deserve that title any longer.

“Wait,” a headline today in the same paper says Republicans are abandoning the President. Colin Powell? Since he voted for Hillary and President Obama twice, how many elections is it before you’re not part of that party anymore?
And, President Bush, you were mentioned in the article. Let me understand your thinking (in part because I had trouble for the eight years you were President.) You are against the President because he belittled your brother in the 2016 primaries? Do you know that President Obama and VP Biden have used you as a punching bag and blamed you for every thing possible that was wrong? Democratic Leaders called you a liar and the dumbest person to ever occupy the office. How do you separate the two?

Taking a knee for the national anthem has now gotten to the point where it appears more NFL players will do it than not. The momentum has switched to this is an expression of a fault in our nation than disrespect. Let’s say we all accept that. Is it now wrong to say you would not take a knee? After what happened with Drew Brees how could you not take a knee now? Even after two apologies from him (and one from his wife today) the criticism continues. What happened to freedom of thought?
The question is how the football audience perceives the whole issue. Hopefully for their good they know who their fan base is.

Where’s the coverage of this? With the Coronavirus, the numbers are back from the states with early reopening. Remember all the heat states like Georgia and Florida took? Well, Georgia as an example is six weeks in and has seen hospitalizations drop from about 155 a day to about 110 a day and the new positive test rate remains about the same, even though many more are performed. Shouldn’t some of the loud voices who warned us how bad these governors were admit they were wrong?

And I ask again, after three years of Russian Collusion with the Trump Team where is the coverage now that it turned out wrong? Where is the coverage of some shady dealings in the FBI and DOJ? Why is the media silent here?

Enjoy the day.

News, News and News

News and More News

It’s a good thing we are all quarantined, we need the at home and down time to keep up with the news.
Of course what you see depends on what the MSM wants you to see.

As an example, what I thought was strong symbolism for the President to show he could walk the streets and visit an historic church, which the media turned into a negative, got 30 minutes of coverage on the evening news.

The historic church burning got 1.5 minutes.
You think maybe that was unbalanced?

Well that is because some in the media want to call the protests peaceful. Not that some, or most weren’t. Just don’t try and sell the impression all were. Today they were pressing that those moved from across the White House were peaceful. Oh really. I guess it was a UFO that landed and threw that projectile through the window causing the fire.

Today I watched as they stressed “peaceful protests.” Well I have news.
Protests are supposed to be peaceful. Read that again. They are supposed to be peaceful. That is not news. The non peaceful ones are the news.

The family of George Floyd again called for peaceful protest today. They find rioting and looting disrespectful to his memory. We should be calling out those not following their plea, not glossing over it, as if it never occurred.

In fact there should be some coverage of the innocent officers who are being buried this week as a result of the non peaceful protests. How about remembering them and their families? Most were young with lives to live and families that will have no parent now. How many did you hear about?
Add the retired 77-year-old St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn who was shot dead by looters when he tried to stop looting at a local pawn shop. If you saw his facial expression lying on the ground dying you wouldn’t forget it.
Add the injured officers who are hospitalized and home bound. They deserve recognition, too.

Today the Minnesota State AG announced that he is raising the murder charge to second degree. He also announced plans to charge the other three for abetting the murder. Good. It should be. Too bad we can’t charge them with all this upheaval that resulted from their failure to do their job.

Some Other News to share

We have an Antifa candiate on the ballot this year:
Voters in Portland, Oregon will decide in November whether to elect an Antifa mayor. Portland community organizer Sarah Iannarone has made no secret of her political sympathies. She declared last year that “I am Antifa” and wryly embraced the “Antifa mayor” label. 

Put this in the “you won’t believe it” category:
The last person receiving a pension from the U.S. Civil War has died. Irene Triplett, 90, had been collecting a pension of $73.13 a month from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Her father, Mose Triplett, started fighting in the war for the Confederacy but defected to the North in 1863.

the hearing today

This should get big coverage tonight, but I bet the MSM takes the same tact as the Democrats on the Intelligence Committee did today. That is, this is old news. I actually thought it was big news; after all we went through it for three years.
Rod Rosenstein testified today and admitted there was no Russian Collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. He said if he had gotten the full true facts he would not have gone forward.
Now think about the three years of charges, lies and leaks that were reported daily on this. We were told it was fact and that evidence was in plain site.
Shouldn’t the fact it was wrong be covered big as well?
Watch tonight, I bet the MSM doesn’t give it much, and watch what they say and show.

Have a great evening.

I’m Baffled..

“I’m baffled” are the words the Bishop of St. John’s Church used as to why the President walked over yesterday.

Why did he walk across? I’m baffled as to why she is baffled.
It’s the church of Presidents and was attacked the night before.
It would baffle me as to why someone would attack the church.
Was she baffled when that incendiary device came through the window?
Was she baffled by the fire it caused?
It baffled me as to why these protesters would want to burn this 1816 church.
Was she baffled that the President wanted to show we’re taking the streets back?
Should we just have awaited the night to see if they tried again?
I’m baffled as to when she thought we should regain control.

Now I am also baffled as to why he didn’t go into the church. Why?
I am baffled by his awkward holding up of that bible. What was that?

I’m baffled by a lot more these days:

I’m baffled on why the MSM keeps saying innocent protesters are out there. They are, until the sun goes down. Can we tell the 24 hour story please?
Can we please praise the honest protesters who are hurting and want real change — from those just rioting?
Can we tell the whole story?
It’s not racist to do so; there are many from all races out there causing havoc.

I’m baffled as to why the Governor of NY and Mayor of NYC want to blame the police first in NY. The morning after night one of riots they condemned some officers before they had the full facts. If my child were on the force I would tell him/her to avoid any action that could be an issue, because no one will have their back.
Ask yourself, would you want your boss to have your back? Shouldn’t people trying to prevent looting have the same courtesy?
What would you tell your child?

I’m baffled as to how all this is President Tump’s fault. His tweets don’t help, I get it. His words are not the best, I get it. But in places like Minnesota we have had liberal leadership for over 40 years. We had police instances over and over. This arrested officer had 17 citations and was still on the job. Since the Mayor, Governor, Council and others are all Democratic, following previous Democrats, why is this Trump’s fault?
Why are Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Mitch O’Connell and Nancy Pelosi the answer and not the blame? They were the ones in Washington for the past 40 to 50 years. Now they’re the solution?

I’m baffled by the fact that at least six police officers got shot last night. At least four got run over. At least 15 went to the hospital. Do their lives matter? How about the black officer in Oakland killed, does his life matter? I don’t hear any news about it on the MSM, and I’m baffled as to why. They were hurt and died trying to protect the public and law. I’m baffled as to why that doesn’t matter.

I’m baffled that people were getting arrested last week in places like NJ and Michigan for opening a gym and salon. With no restrictions lifted, I’m baffled how people are allowed in those outlets and others without repercussion to take what they want.

Let’s see what tonight brings.

Chaos, Crisis and Clarity…

“We haven’t seen internal unrest like this since the 1960’s” is a refrain heard many times this weekend. I remember how bad it was and how divided we were.

I also remember a song being released in 1965 by Barry McGuire, “Eve of Destruction,” implying the world was on eve of being destroyed. There were wars and protests, he said, and we were on the verge of “the button being pushed.”

Then there was the counter song “Dawn of Correction” that said the opposite. It believed we were smarter than to push any button, and better days were ahead.

The second proved correct, over time, as the Iron Curtain came down and the cold war ended. So the moment always seems worse than what the future might portend.

Which brings us to today and the cross road we are at. Not quite the survival of mankind this time, just a crisis of government and the future of our nation.

This doesn’t need repeating, but the day after the tragedy we condemned the police involved and couldn’t understand why all four were not locked up. We still don’t understand why three, though fired, are still free. It’s clear they failed to do their job.
What’s also clear is that the advent of the cell phone has made the actions of some clear and undeniable. Hopefully that reality impacts behavior of many. It has the power to bring change to all society.

The protesters have the right to protest. It’s the very foundation of our nation and how we were formed. I have not heard anyone say that any person should not be free to do so. Protests have proven to impact change in our nation.

So on the police action and with the right to protest, we are in full agreement.

Now comes part three, the looting and violence. Here I draw the line.
How can we allow businesses and outlets to be destroyed and burned in the very neighborhoods that need them the most?
People need their grocery store, drug outlet and shopping center. What gives anyone the right to destroy it?
I find it deplorable that St. Patrick’s Cathedral was debased. What happened to respect for religion and houses of worship?
How could anyone desecrate the WWII memorial? On what ground is that defendable?
How could someone think its right to burn St. John’s Church in Washington DC. where every President since James Monroe has gone to mass?

We must separate the unacceptable act by a now prisoned rogue police officer, justified protests about the act and others like it, from breaking the law and destroying society norms.

Now I hear “well they are a small percentage of the people.” Well so is the rogue officer. I have not seen one defense of the officer.

Society is held together by its fabric of law. Wrong is wrong no matter what side of the law you are on. We who understand that must stand with the protesters against the act by the officer, and with those saying you can’t break the law protesting a law breaker. It is the common bond of right and wrong that melds us, we cannot lose that.

Stay well and stay safe.