How about the people?

While we normally avoid any sports commentary we have one today.

I listened to the argument between the Major League Baseball owners and players on getting their season underway and the financials they differ on.
Basically they had agreed on a pro rated salary, and now because of no fans allowed they are at a stalemate.
The owners say no way on that payment based upon no fans. Tickets and concessions are 40% of their revenue they say.
The players say we want our money or we’re not playing.
Sports talk radio is abuzz with noise about this.
Here’s my view:

Who cares about the fans? The family with kids who idolize the game and players? Who cares about those who really pay the bill?

Here we have millionaire players complaining about cuts and billionaire owners saying they can’t do anymore. Do they understand we have over 20% unemployment? Do they understand we have people who don’t know what their tomorrow is? Do they know who pays the bllls?

No one speaks for the fan and non fan. Why do I say non fan? Well how come my elderly mother has to pay a fee in her cable bill to cover a mandatory charge for YES (NY Yankee station) and SNY (NY Met station) that she never watches? Both teams require the stations be part of the basic package at a fixed rate per household. Why does she and so many others have to pay for the billionaire and millionaire when they have no use for it? She and so many on fixed income of social security have to pay for them. Does anyone care about them? I can tell you that $5.00 a month she is forced to pay would mean a lot more to her than it does them.

Never mind that you pay $45.00 to park at Yankee Stadium, or $6.00 for a beer and $3.00 for a single hot dog. Oh, you want a box seat at the stadium? Let’s start with the $500 tickets that go for $2,500 for a single game.

Are the players or owners concerned about the fixed income people or the out of work individuals? Did you hear either side ever mention them? Did you hear either side ever say let’s make it easier for our customer in this time of need?
I didn’t, and we won’t. It’s about them and their money.

It wan’t that long ago that baseball was an affordable family outing. After all, they play 162 games. Those days are long gone, and now they don’t think of 90 year olds on fixed income who have to pay to support them despite not caring. They don’t care about the costs for a young fan to attend and building a base for the future. It is all about “me” now.
The hope the fans smarten up and say “no more!” Then we’ll see what they’ll do.

Have a great weekend.

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