The Last Shot Loses…

I’m beginning to look at this year’s Presidential election as the last candidate to speak loses. It seems every time either leading candidate speaks they shoot themselves in the foot.

VP Biden seems to end up with a gaffe at every interview. His “you ain’t black” was simply unbelievable. The next public visit with the big mask, combined with his aviator glasses, just opened the door again. I can’t imagine what a daily exposure on the trail will bring. He’s a daily time bomb for his campaign.

His best asset is President Trump before any microphone he can find. Look at how well he was able to divert attention from Biden’s remark by accusing Joe Scarborough of murder. This morning he’s in a war with Twitter. Daily he and the press go at it as soon as anyone doesn’t say the leadership he provided with the Coronavirus was the greatest ever. If a governor talks about how well he did, you can count on the President to say all he did for the state. From the outset his ego was his biggest problem, and it will be forever.

So, as the next 160 days unfold, if you are the campaign manager for either, the challenge is to keep them away from the microphone and press as much as possible. Let the other guy speak. That’s a first for any Presidential campaign I can remember.

I was asked the other day why the President was lagging so. My answer was that he has a loyal base, somewhere around 37% of the voting population. Then he has a base that will never be supporters and that is around 44%. So he is playing to the rest. They don’t love him, some don’t even like him, but they like his policies and results. If they had an alternative they would take it, but they are worried about VP Biden, his health and the policies he would bring. Right now they are saying Biden to pollsters, but when November closes in they may not.
The question is which candidate will shoot themselves less so their message can get out?

Stay tuned. In the meantime watch the shootout daily to see how many times they hurt themselves.

Some quick thoughts

The NYT headline Sunday listing names of the Coronavirus victims on its front page was ill timed. They could have done it this week and not Memorial Day Weekend when we honor military members killed in our wars. There were over 1 million soldiers killed, one million lives un-lived to support free press. They used the wrong weekend.

CNN played right into the hands of those that say they are biased by avoiding coverage of the remarks by VP Biden (“you ain’t black” ) for a day. Who made that decision?

If the Russian collusion story, as it now appears, turns out to be a big hoax why is the MSM not covering that? Why is Adam Schiff and others allowed to get away with their lies by the media? That bothers me. You?

Here’s an interesting outgrowth of the social media revolution.
“A generation of women have been using social media since they were teens themselves. Now that many of them have kids old enough to have their own accounts, they’re learning they might be exposed in ways they hadn’t anticipated.” Interesting, uh? Like VP Biden and President Trump, be careful what you say and write!


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