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Just some things on my mind today:

Let’s start with the President and the Media:
As long as President Trump is in office we are going to have this conflict with the press. It will never ease or go away. They both drive it.
First his ego is too big to take any criticism. In sports confidence in yourself is key.
In office saying “I” before “we” drives people crazy. The President sees himself as the greatest President ever.
The press sees him the opposite. Thus, at it they go.
The press is downright nasty to him and “got you” questions are the norm because of that.
Any semblance of fairness is long gone.
Now they attack him over the economy and unemployment.
They lost the right to do that when 93% of their coverage in a booming economy was negative.

We spent three years on Russian Collaboration. Reporting the results now is a smokescreen?
We spent three years with the left and press telling us that President Trump and his team collaborated with the Russians to win.          
We had daily headlines telling how guilty they were.         
We had hearings.
Members of Congress, like Adam Schiff, heard one thing behind closed doors — no evidence — but came out and told us the evidence was “clear.”          
We then had a special prosecutor appointed, and after months of work and millions of dollars he said there was no evidence of collaboration.            
Now we have the whole thing unraveling.              
But the media doesn’t want to cover it.  
How can the media say they are “fair” when they convicted before and now refuse to report the clearing?
Why aren’t they mad at people like Schiff who lied about what was being said behind closed doors? Why aren’t they even reporting that?
How come they never reported that the only collaboration came from the fake dossier, that the DNC paid for?
And why do they hate FoxNews for reporting this?

Here’s another example from today:
The NYT reported this, and you saw it on the MSM:
There have clearly been problems with the business loan programs in the federal government’s coronavirus stimulus. Many companies, especially small businesses, have struggled to get loans. And in a high-profile hearing yesterday, several senators criticized Jerome Powell, the Federal Reserve chair, and Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, for those problems.”
Yet no mention of what the stimulus package resulted in because of politics like:
Planned Parenthood, which the House put in the program, got 80 million of the dollars. Were they qualified?
In their last reporting they had assets of $1.9 billion. 

Let me understand this too:
In my experience the press sees any criminal as either innocent or a societal reason for their crime. They support releasing prisoners for second chances and for the coronavirus.
This applies to everyone except Michael Flynn.
In his case the prosecutor (after hiring a special counsel to investigate and review) decides to drop the case.
Normally the media touts justice and celebrates. In this case the opposite. Why is that?
Was it Flynn’s 33 years of military service?

Speaking of military why haven’t you heard this? Is it because it is positive?
“After years of increasing tensions that nearly led to war, Iran has moderated its approach to the West, shifting from a policy of provocation to one of limited cooperation. The change reflects an effort to avoid direct confrontation with the United States.
Nowhere is the shift more evident than in Iraq, where Iran has backed a pro-American prime minister and ordered its proxy militias to cease their rocket attacks on American forces. The Americans, while publicly dismissive of any change in Iranian posture, have quietly reciprocated in modest and indirect ways. … 
Pressure works, Brian Hook, the State Department’s special representative for Iran policy, said Tuesday. ‘For over three years we have contained and countered Iran through deterrence and diplomacy. The regime is also broke because of our sanctions. Iran’s leaders today face a choice: either negotiate with President Trump or manage economic collapse.’”

On the Virus:
I see this chart daily. It says we had 1.5M Corona cases. 272K have recovered and 90K died. Where are the 1.2 million? If not recovered are they still suffering from the virus?

Stay safe and stay well.

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