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Again we begin this with the hope that you and yours are safe and well.


As the House proposes a new $3 Trillion dollar stimulus and the senate says hold on a minute here are some thoughts:

We need to focus on jobs, assuring people can survive and driving the nation to new heights.
What I would create in a new stimulus is a focus on this:
Helping those who have been impacted.
That means those who lost jobs and have had businesses closed.
– Unemployment protection for those who lost their jobs. Payment until they find a new job and help as per below to do that.
– Payments to small businesses opening back up that keep people on their payroll.
– Incentives for businesses to bring jobs back to our country.
– An infrastructure program to rebuild our nation and create jobs.

If we are going to increase debt, lets use the money for good.
Rebuild the old, build new, and create jobs.
When you do that you create service jobs around that spending.
Thus, spend the funds to create opportunity and drive the economy.

Now that means that those who were not financially hurt, like those on fixed government payments and income, will not be getting funds.
These groups are getting exactly what they were before the virus.

If we are going to create debt that out children and grandchildren must repay then let’s focus on jobs and rebuilding the economy.

Once we get people back to working and drive unemployment down if we think the economy needs a boost we can spend on a stimulus. Then people can do what a “stimulus” is supposed to do, which is spending, to drive the economy.
With no jobs and no place to spend this is not a stimulus.
It is only assistance and added debt for future generations.


As we recover from this and bring jobs back we can drive the economy to new heights. It is within our grasp to do that. I believe our nation and people want that. The chance to create on their own and be successful. We are Americans.

As we do, I would challenge us to not spend all the income we take in. I would challenge us to be good citizens for today and tomorrow.
That means beginning to pay back the debt we are passing on.

It is not necessary for us to spend every dollar we take in. It is not necessary to always find new programs to spend on. America was built by individuals doing for themselves. Rather than politicians presenting themselves as heroes for new programs that waste more, how about being heroes and reducing the burden we are passing onto future generations?

We have gotten so far from that. As an example of that, consider this.
If a “proposed increase” of 4% in a spending program is reduced to 2%, do you know how it is presented?
It’s presented by politicians and the media as “a cut.”
So a cut to these people is a reduction in the increase!
Think about that.

In my opinion, when the smoke clears it’s time to cut the deficit.
In my opinion it’s time for those who can to do for themselves and stop looking for others to do for them.
It’s time to be America again.

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