Catching Up Part Two…

Let’s call this “Catching Up 2” as we address issues over the past few weeks.

The Hearing Today:
It began with Senator Schumer talking on the morning news about Dr. Fauci being “unleashed” today. He won’t have the President standing over his shoulder and interrupting him. 
He was excited and said, “Dr. Fauci, let it rip.” 

Well if you watched the hearing, held supposably to be non partisan and address the nations needs to fight the Virus, what did you see? Here’s what I saw:
None of the four doctors there in any manner said anything negative about the administration.
In fact, when asked about their relationship with the President all had positive things to say. 
I saw almost every Democratic Senator attack the President. 
I didn’t see the Republican senators jump to his defense (in fact Mitt Romney joined the Democratic attack) until Senator Loeffler, the last senator, asked the question about relationships. 

So here’s my questions to the entire panel:
It’s so easy to criticize in hindsight.
Where are you on record before the President saying we had a problem coming? Where are any of you a month after we closed the border to China saying we had an issue? 
Where are any of the doctors in February saying we had an issue? 
You’re all complaining about tests now.
What tests were there for Coronavirus 19 before March?          
Oh, none?
Maybe that’s because there was no virus we knew about. 
I think our corporate companies deserve so much credit for the tests they’ve developed and should be praised.
In the desire to bash the President we forget to praise the work people have done. 

The Mike Flynn Case:
We need open hearings on this case with all the facts out to the public. 
We need Mike Flynn to tell us why he pleaded guilty.
Was it really because he was broke, lost his house and they would not go after his son? 
We need the FBI to tell us why they found Flynn credible and telling the truth and recommended to close the case. 
Then tell us why Peter Strok was allowed to keep the case open.
Then tell us why documents were altered.
Does the FBI really work this way? 
We need answers.
Why did the former administration not want Flynn in that job so bad? 
Was it his character or something else?
What did the President and VP know? 
An open hearing with nothing hidden is what we need here. 
One more thing, stop blaming A.G. Barr.
He did not make the recommendation. 
He assigned an outside prosecutor ( US Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, Jeff Jensen) to review the case against Flynn.     
It was Jensen who found the case wrong.
Let’s get the facts out for all to see.

Previous Administration on Flynn Charges Being Dropped:
No, this wasn’t the worst travesty of justice in our time. I can think of a few others. 
Especially now as they are releasing convicted individuals because of the the Coronavirus in prison. (Check NY for what is happening because of this.) 
No, the law did not break down because Flynn committed “perjury” and got off.  Some of us think Sanctuary Cities are breaking the law more than a man who spent 30 years serving his nation in the military. 
And by the way, he did not commit perjury.
He did not lie to any jury. (That was Mrs Clinton’s husband who stayed in office after it.)
As for “you can’t remember a person getting off for lying to the FBI” — well:
In 2016 the previous administration pardoned a General for exactly that.  
It was Marine Gen. James E. Cartwright who pled guilty in late 2016 to lying to the agency about his discussions with reporters about Iran’s nuclear program.     He had leaked classified information about a joint U.S.-Israel operation.

Was the action of “the abandonment of criminal charges” against Micheal Flynn unprecedented as they said?  
Well the AG in the previous administration pulled the plug on the prosecution of Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska.      
To make it even clearer:       
Both men faced the same criminal charges of making false statements and their criminal prosecution undone by a handwritten note that was buried by federal prosecutors.      
The same judge, U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan, handled both cases. 

The transcripts released:
Why hasn’t this coverage been in most of the MSM?         
Here we have the secret testimony of those who told us there was Russian collaboration with the Trump campaign behind closed doors. 
Behind closed doors, to a person, they say they saw no evidence of collaboration. Yet for months that stretched into years we heard there was. 
We ended up appointing Robert Mueller and spending close to $50 million to find out what congress was hearing, there was no collaboration. 
Why is that? 
Adam Schiff was out every day after a hearing to tell us he has evidence.
Now we know the testimony, and he lied.
Why is he not getting hammered on this? Schiff clearly lied. 
If we knew that there was no Russian connection to the Trump team, would we have had an impeachment? 
If there was no impeachment trial at the same time the virus was beginning, would we have been more aware and aggressive? 

We need more airing of this transcript release, more releases and some answers.

As the Russian Probe Unravels: 
In his never ending war with the press the President had an interesting twist on the Russian Collaboration proving false. With the dismissal of the criminal case against Michael Flynn he called for two news organizations to give back the Pulitzer Prizes they won for coverage of the Russia investigation.

“They’re not journalists. They’re thieves,” Mr. Trump told reporters in the Oval Office. “All of those journalists that we see with the Pulitzer Prize should be forced to give those Pulitzer Prizes back because they were all wrong. You saw it today, more documents came out saying there was absolutely no collusion with Russia.”
The Washington Post and The New York Times were awarded the journalism’s prizes in 2018 for their coverage of the Russia investigation.

There are two open congressional seats up for election tonight. One in Wisconsin formerly held by a Republican and one in California held by a Democrat.
Both are open because the occupants resigned. A report tomorrow.  

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