Month: May 2020

How about the people?

While we normally avoid any sports commentary we have one today.

I listened to the argument between the Major League Baseball owners and players on getting their season underway and the financials they differ on.
Basically they had agreed on a pro rated salary, and now because of no fans allowed they are at a stalemate.
The owners say no way on that payment based upon no fans. Tickets and concessions are 40% of their revenue they say.
The players say we want our money or we’re not playing.
Sports talk radio is abuzz with noise about this.
Here’s my view:

Who cares about the fans? The family with kids who idolize the game and players? Who cares about those who really pay the bill?

Here we have millionaire players complaining about cuts and billionaire owners saying they can’t do anymore. Do they understand we have over 20% unemployment? Do they understand we have people who don’t know what their tomorrow is? Do they know who pays the bllls?

No one speaks for the fan and non fan. Why do I say non fan? Well how come my elderly mother has to pay a fee in her cable bill to cover a mandatory charge for YES (NY Yankee station) and SNY (NY Met station) that she never watches? Both teams require the stations be part of the basic package at a fixed rate per household. Why does she and so many others have to pay for the billionaire and millionaire when they have no use for it? She and so many on fixed income of social security have to pay for them. Does anyone care about them? I can tell you that $5.00 a month she is forced to pay would mean a lot more to her than it does them.

Never mind that you pay $45.00 to park at Yankee Stadium, or $6.00 for a beer and $3.00 for a single hot dog. Oh, you want a box seat at the stadium? Let’s start with the $500 tickets that go for $2,500 for a single game.

Are the players or owners concerned about the fixed income people or the out of work individuals? Did you hear either side ever mention them? Did you hear either side ever say let’s make it easier for our customer in this time of need?
I didn’t, and we won’t. It’s about them and their money.

It wan’t that long ago that baseball was an affordable family outing. After all, they play 162 games. Those days are long gone, and now they don’t think of 90 year olds on fixed income who have to pay to support them despite not caring. They don’t care about the costs for a young fan to attend and building a base for the future. It is all about “me” now.
The hope the fans smarten up and say “no more!” Then we’ll see what they’ll do.

Have a great weekend.

Minneapolis to N. Dakota…

The video is clear, George Floyd was murdered. The officer with his foot on Floyd’s neck, I hope is arrested by the time you read this. His checkered past and this blatant action make it so.
As for the other officers present, the fact they did not act to help the victim justifies their firing and they too should face some charges.
Case closed.

What the video does is give every officer a bad name and a chance for many to justify how bad the police are. Let’s be clear, the majority of officers would never do that and took the job to help not kill. Its a shame that today they are all branded by this rogue officer.

Last night a police officer in North Dakota was killed when he went to serve a warrant. Unfortunately this doesn’t get coverage. In fact, on average for the past thirty years 89 officers are killed annually.

Justice must be served in Minneapolis, as it should be in every case. The rule of law must prevail. None of the actions that took place last night in looting or burning should be excused either. Justice in our nation is through the law.

The other thing this case is its own situation. It does not make the Ferguson case right. That false narrative took away from the real story many are trying to tell.

Finally, this does not as some have said justify Colin Kaepernick. Wearing cops are pigs socks does not describe the majority who do their job correctly. Kneeling for the flag our warriors died for has nothing to do with the police as I see it. Honoring those who gave their all has nothing to do with some roque police officers. There are other ways to raise the issue.

All that said I hope the DOJ acts quickly, if the state does not, in getting justice underway. I would encourage them to do so.

Some other news

Did you see the video of an MSNBC reporter in Wisconsin chiding people for not wearing a mask when one stopped and said, “your cameraman is not wearing one, half your crew aren’t.” ? All the reporter on live TV could do was acknowledge that.
The same person, when interviewed later, said even the reporter on camera had no mask and was in a close circle with others until the camera went on. Proving once again, that even if you see it, you can’t really believe it!

Remember when former Defense Secretary Gates (Under Bush and Obama) said about Joe Bide: He has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”
That’s going to come back up during this campaign. Well here’s another from Charlie Hurt on the same issue. “People say that a broken clock is right twice a day. Well, that is certainly true. But that only makes the broken clock unreliable. You have to actually know what time it is to know all the times during the day when the clock is wrong. With Joe Biden, he is not even right twice a day.”

With the attacks on the President for his truthfulness and actions we are in for noisy, fun(?), and nasty fall airwaves.

Michael Barone, in writing about us as Americans, today wrote this:
“Do you remember the 1957-58 Asian flu? Or the 1968-69 Hong Kong flu? I do. I was a teenager during the first of these, an adult finishing law school during the second. But even though back then I followed the news much more than the average person my age, I can’t dredge up more than the dimmest memory of either.
I don’t have any memory of schools closing, though apparently, a few did here and there. I have no memories of city or state lockdowns, of closed offices and factories and department stores, of people banned from parks and beaches.
Yet these two influenzas had death tolls roughly comparable to that of COVID-19. Between 70,000 and 116,000 people in the U.S. died from Asian flu. That’s between 0.04% and 0.07% of the nation’s population, somewhat more than the 0.03% of the COVID-19 death rate so far.
The Asian flu, unlike COVID-19, was rarely fatal for children and was more deadly for the elderly — and pregnant women.
The Hong Kong flu, the Center for Disease Control & Prevention says, had more precisely an estimated U.S. death toll of 100,000 in 1968-70 (years that included the Woodstock festival), 0.05% of the total population. Both flus had high death rates among the elderly but, apparently, not as high a proportion as COVID-19 has had.
Once again, there were no nationwide school closings, no multi-month lockdowns, no daily presidential news conferences. Apparently, neither the nation’s leaders nor the vast bulk of its people felt that such drastic measures were called for.”
He concluded with this:
“Fundamental attitudes can change in a nation over half a century, and the very different responses to this year’s coronavirus pandemic and the influenzas of 50 and 60 years ago suggest that Americans today are much more risk-averse, much more willing to undergo massive inconvenience and disruption to avoid marginal increases in fatal risk.”

Have a great day.

The Last Shot Loses…

I’m beginning to look at this year’s Presidential election as the last candidate to speak loses. It seems every time either leading candidate speaks they shoot themselves in the foot.

VP Biden seems to end up with a gaffe at every interview. His “you ain’t black” was simply unbelievable. The next public visit with the big mask, combined with his aviator glasses, just opened the door again. I can’t imagine what a daily exposure on the trail will bring. He’s a daily time bomb for his campaign.

His best asset is President Trump before any microphone he can find. Look at how well he was able to divert attention from Biden’s remark by accusing Joe Scarborough of murder. This morning he’s in a war with Twitter. Daily he and the press go at it as soon as anyone doesn’t say the leadership he provided with the Coronavirus was the greatest ever. If a governor talks about how well he did, you can count on the President to say all he did for the state. From the outset his ego was his biggest problem, and it will be forever.

So, as the next 160 days unfold, if you are the campaign manager for either, the challenge is to keep them away from the microphone and press as much as possible. Let the other guy speak. That’s a first for any Presidential campaign I can remember.

I was asked the other day why the President was lagging so. My answer was that he has a loyal base, somewhere around 37% of the voting population. Then he has a base that will never be supporters and that is around 44%. So he is playing to the rest. They don’t love him, some don’t even like him, but they like his policies and results. If they had an alternative they would take it, but they are worried about VP Biden, his health and the policies he would bring. Right now they are saying Biden to pollsters, but when November closes in they may not.
The question is which candidate will shoot themselves less so their message can get out?

Stay tuned. In the meantime watch the shootout daily to see how many times they hurt themselves.

Some quick thoughts

The NYT headline Sunday listing names of the Coronavirus victims on its front page was ill timed. They could have done it this week and not Memorial Day Weekend when we honor military members killed in our wars. There were over 1 million soldiers killed, one million lives un-lived to support free press. They used the wrong weekend.

CNN played right into the hands of those that say they are biased by avoiding coverage of the remarks by VP Biden (“you ain’t black” ) for a day. Who made that decision?

If the Russian collusion story, as it now appears, turns out to be a big hoax why is the MSM not covering that? Why is Adam Schiff and others allowed to get away with their lies by the media? That bothers me. You?

Here’s an interesting outgrowth of the social media revolution.
“A generation of women have been using social media since they were teens themselves. Now that many of them have kids old enough to have their own accounts, they’re learning they might be exposed in ways they hadn’t anticipated.” Interesting, uh? Like VP Biden and President Trump, be careful what you say and write!



As we approach Memorial Day Weekend let’s dedicate our thoughts today to remembering and honoring the meaning of the day.

Memorial Day is a solemn one that our nation sets aside to remember those who paid the ultimate price for our liberty, freedom and country. We remember and pay homage to those who gave their lives so we could live ours. 

     Our nation has been blessed from the outset with individuals willing to put their lives on hold and at risk, so that future generations could live with the freedom we have grown up with. 

 It has always come with a price. Back in grade school we all learned about the Nathan Hales and Patrick Henrys. It was only later I learned that after Patrick Henry said “as for me, give me liberty or give me death” that the British chased him around the colonies to provide the latter. Freedom comes with consequences in a world where others want to deny it. 

This year, amid the cancellations because of the virus, there will be no parades down main street, no poppy sales at stores and malls, no Town Hall events; and the missing of taps playing at public events. We are left to remember and honor on our own. It is important and right that we do.

I will hang my flag out in its holder, and adorn my front yard with more. I’ve been invited as one of a select group in our town to lay a wreath, say some prayers and hear taps at the Vietnam and Town Hall Memorials. I am honored to do so. 

As a VFW member, the last few weeks have brought memories home that the warriors from the Greatest Generation are fast leaving us, and a reminder of what they did in their time. We had three members pass who did their duty plus. 

The first was an 18 year old in 1945 who guarded German prisoners of war as VE Day approached. He was just a kid then, doing a man’s job. 
The second was one of the first to jump behind enemy lines in Italy as we began the campaign to end their support of Germany. He was captured and held as a POW.
The third was there on D-Day and serving as a medic for the oh so many wounded and dying. 

Yet, they were among the lucky ones who came home to live their lives. Thousands of whom they would never forget, never did.  On Saturday, at the funeral of the third, I spoke with one of his children. Like so many of the generation he knew little of his Dad’s exploits, because he like so many never talked about it. They saw their service as their duty and felt lucky to be back home. The challenge was to make a better life for their families, while always remembering those they left behind.

I will remember and honor them and all the others, including:

My Uncle who was killed in the final days of the Battle Of Okinawa and for whom I am named. Hopefully I’ve lived my life to honor him and the chance he never had. 

For my father-in-law, recently recognized and honored by the WWII Memorial Site for his service and actions. Wounded in The Battle of The Bulge, his wife and children knew little of his service. 
I will remember the young man I went into service with and for whom the library down the street from my childhood home is now named. I got to live a wonderful life, he never did. 

Last week a number of members and I decorated a cemetery with flags, as so many across this nation have done year after year. We placed flags to remember and say thank you again to those who served and paid the ultimate price. We finished the day with the playing of taps as we looked across a flag draped cemetery. 

Memorial Day is the day we stop to remember and say thank you. This year we will do it mostly isolated and not in big ceremonies, but the fact we do is important for the generations we are now raising. Enjoy you weekend and day, and make sure you pass the meaning of it on to the generations to follow. 

We owe it to those we honor. 

On My Mind…

Just some things on my mind today:

Let’s start with the President and the Media:
As long as President Trump is in office we are going to have this conflict with the press. It will never ease or go away. They both drive it.
First his ego is too big to take any criticism. In sports confidence in yourself is key.
In office saying “I” before “we” drives people crazy. The President sees himself as the greatest President ever.
The press sees him the opposite. Thus, at it they go.
The press is downright nasty to him and “got you” questions are the norm because of that.
Any semblance of fairness is long gone.
Now they attack him over the economy and unemployment.
They lost the right to do that when 93% of their coverage in a booming economy was negative.

We spent three years on Russian Collaboration. Reporting the results now is a smokescreen?
We spent three years with the left and press telling us that President Trump and his team collaborated with the Russians to win.          
We had daily headlines telling how guilty they were.         
We had hearings.
Members of Congress, like Adam Schiff, heard one thing behind closed doors — no evidence — but came out and told us the evidence was “clear.”          
We then had a special prosecutor appointed, and after months of work and millions of dollars he said there was no evidence of collaboration.            
Now we have the whole thing unraveling.              
But the media doesn’t want to cover it.  
How can the media say they are “fair” when they convicted before and now refuse to report the clearing?
Why aren’t they mad at people like Schiff who lied about what was being said behind closed doors? Why aren’t they even reporting that?
How come they never reported that the only collaboration came from the fake dossier, that the DNC paid for?
And why do they hate FoxNews for reporting this?

Here’s another example from today:
The NYT reported this, and you saw it on the MSM:
There have clearly been problems with the business loan programs in the federal government’s coronavirus stimulus. Many companies, especially small businesses, have struggled to get loans. And in a high-profile hearing yesterday, several senators criticized Jerome Powell, the Federal Reserve chair, and Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, for those problems.”
Yet no mention of what the stimulus package resulted in because of politics like:
Planned Parenthood, which the House put in the program, got 80 million of the dollars. Were they qualified?
In their last reporting they had assets of $1.9 billion. 

Let me understand this too:
In my experience the press sees any criminal as either innocent or a societal reason for their crime. They support releasing prisoners for second chances and for the coronavirus.
This applies to everyone except Michael Flynn.
In his case the prosecutor (after hiring a special counsel to investigate and review) decides to drop the case.
Normally the media touts justice and celebrates. In this case the opposite. Why is that?
Was it Flynn’s 33 years of military service?

Speaking of military why haven’t you heard this? Is it because it is positive?
“After years of increasing tensions that nearly led to war, Iran has moderated its approach to the West, shifting from a policy of provocation to one of limited cooperation. The change reflects an effort to avoid direct confrontation with the United States.
Nowhere is the shift more evident than in Iraq, where Iran has backed a pro-American prime minister and ordered its proxy militias to cease their rocket attacks on American forces. The Americans, while publicly dismissive of any change in Iranian posture, have quietly reciprocated in modest and indirect ways. … 
Pressure works, Brian Hook, the State Department’s special representative for Iran policy, said Tuesday. ‘For over three years we have contained and countered Iran through deterrence and diplomacy. The regime is also broke because of our sanctions. Iran’s leaders today face a choice: either negotiate with President Trump or manage economic collapse.’”

On the Virus:
I see this chart daily. It says we had 1.5M Corona cases. 272K have recovered and 90K died. Where are the 1.2 million? If not recovered are they still suffering from the virus?

Stay safe and stay well.

Just Thinking…

Again we begin this with the hope that you and yours are safe and well.


As the House proposes a new $3 Trillion dollar stimulus and the senate says hold on a minute here are some thoughts:

We need to focus on jobs, assuring people can survive and driving the nation to new heights.
What I would create in a new stimulus is a focus on this:
Helping those who have been impacted.
That means those who lost jobs and have had businesses closed.
– Unemployment protection for those who lost their jobs. Payment until they find a new job and help as per below to do that.
– Payments to small businesses opening back up that keep people on their payroll.
– Incentives for businesses to bring jobs back to our country.
– An infrastructure program to rebuild our nation and create jobs.

If we are going to increase debt, lets use the money for good.
Rebuild the old, build new, and create jobs.
When you do that you create service jobs around that spending.
Thus, spend the funds to create opportunity and drive the economy.

Now that means that those who were not financially hurt, like those on fixed government payments and income, will not be getting funds.
These groups are getting exactly what they were before the virus.

If we are going to create debt that out children and grandchildren must repay then let’s focus on jobs and rebuilding the economy.

Once we get people back to working and drive unemployment down if we think the economy needs a boost we can spend on a stimulus. Then people can do what a “stimulus” is supposed to do, which is spending, to drive the economy.
With no jobs and no place to spend this is not a stimulus.
It is only assistance and added debt for future generations.


As we recover from this and bring jobs back we can drive the economy to new heights. It is within our grasp to do that. I believe our nation and people want that. The chance to create on their own and be successful. We are Americans.

As we do, I would challenge us to not spend all the income we take in. I would challenge us to be good citizens for today and tomorrow.
That means beginning to pay back the debt we are passing on.

It is not necessary for us to spend every dollar we take in. It is not necessary to always find new programs to spend on. America was built by individuals doing for themselves. Rather than politicians presenting themselves as heroes for new programs that waste more, how about being heroes and reducing the burden we are passing onto future generations?

We have gotten so far from that. As an example of that, consider this.
If a “proposed increase” of 4% in a spending program is reduced to 2%, do you know how it is presented?
It’s presented by politicians and the media as “a cut.”
So a cut to these people is a reduction in the increase!
Think about that.

In my opinion, when the smoke clears it’s time to cut the deficit.
In my opinion it’s time for those who can to do for themselves and stop looking for others to do for them.
It’s time to be America again.


Not much coverage

On the two special congressional elections yesterday, and one was interesting.

In Wisconsin the heavily Republican district voted for a party regular to replace Sean Duffy. So the seat was a hold.

In California we had an interesting result. It appears the Republican won this Democratic seat. Mail in ballots are still coming in because of the Coronavirus. The Republican is ahead by 12,000 votes with all received votes counted, so it looks like he will win.
The pick up is the first in California for a Republican since 1998.

So a good night for Republicans, but they shouldn’t get too excited. As of this writing I think their senate majority is in great jeopardy this November.

Let’s take a look.

Republicans currently hold a 53-to-47 advantage in the Senate.
— However, they are defending 23 seats while the Democrats only 12.

Now some seats are looked upon as locks, but when you examine the ones up for grabs here’s what you will see:

There is one seat the Republicans should pick up – Alabama.

There are six of the Democrats that have a real chance to win.
— Arizona, Colorado, Maine,Montana, Georgia and North Carolina.

Plus, right now the Democratic challengers are ahead in polls at:
Arizona, Colorado and Montana.

They are tied or razor close at:
Maine and North Carolina.

And with the stock scandal and primaries in Georgia where two seats are up, they may well take one.

So assuming Alabama switches to Republican, the Dems need four seats to get to 50/50. Three look strong today, two are right there and two more possible.

There are others that can join this list. Kansas, the reddest of red states voted for a Democratic Governor last election. The losing Republican is the candidate for the senate. He could well lose again.

You need funds to run for the senate. Well in the first quarter was a boon in fundraising for Democrats, with 10 challengers out-raising their GOP opponents in seats currently held by Republicans:
Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, North Carolina and South Carolina.
The only closely watched race where the Republican incumbent raised more cash than the Democrat was Sen. Joni Ernst in Iowa.

The Senate is up for grabs this November and the strength of the top of the ticket will make a difference. The Coronavirus makes everything questionable.


Catching Up Part Two…

Let’s call this “Catching Up 2” as we address issues over the past few weeks.

The Hearing Today:
It began with Senator Schumer talking on the morning news about Dr. Fauci being “unleashed” today. He won’t have the President standing over his shoulder and interrupting him. 
He was excited and said, “Dr. Fauci, let it rip.” 

Well if you watched the hearing, held supposably to be non partisan and address the nations needs to fight the Virus, what did you see? Here’s what I saw:
None of the four doctors there in any manner said anything negative about the administration.
In fact, when asked about their relationship with the President all had positive things to say. 
I saw almost every Democratic Senator attack the President. 
I didn’t see the Republican senators jump to his defense (in fact Mitt Romney joined the Democratic attack) until Senator Loeffler, the last senator, asked the question about relationships. 

So here’s my questions to the entire panel:
It’s so easy to criticize in hindsight.
Where are you on record before the President saying we had a problem coming? Where are any of you a month after we closed the border to China saying we had an issue? 
Where are any of the doctors in February saying we had an issue? 
You’re all complaining about tests now.
What tests were there for Coronavirus 19 before March?          
Oh, none?
Maybe that’s because there was no virus we knew about. 
I think our corporate companies deserve so much credit for the tests they’ve developed and should be praised.
In the desire to bash the President we forget to praise the work people have done. 

The Mike Flynn Case:
We need open hearings on this case with all the facts out to the public. 
We need Mike Flynn to tell us why he pleaded guilty.
Was it really because he was broke, lost his house and they would not go after his son? 
We need the FBI to tell us why they found Flynn credible and telling the truth and recommended to close the case. 
Then tell us why Peter Strok was allowed to keep the case open.
Then tell us why documents were altered.
Does the FBI really work this way? 
We need answers.
Why did the former administration not want Flynn in that job so bad? 
Was it his character or something else?
What did the President and VP know? 
An open hearing with nothing hidden is what we need here. 
One more thing, stop blaming A.G. Barr.
He did not make the recommendation. 
He assigned an outside prosecutor ( US Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, Jeff Jensen) to review the case against Flynn.     
It was Jensen who found the case wrong.
Let’s get the facts out for all to see.

Previous Administration on Flynn Charges Being Dropped:
No, this wasn’t the worst travesty of justice in our time. I can think of a few others. 
Especially now as they are releasing convicted individuals because of the the Coronavirus in prison. (Check NY for what is happening because of this.) 
No, the law did not break down because Flynn committed “perjury” and got off.  Some of us think Sanctuary Cities are breaking the law more than a man who spent 30 years serving his nation in the military. 
And by the way, he did not commit perjury.
He did not lie to any jury. (That was Mrs Clinton’s husband who stayed in office after it.)
As for “you can’t remember a person getting off for lying to the FBI” — well:
In 2016 the previous administration pardoned a General for exactly that.  
It was Marine Gen. James E. Cartwright who pled guilty in late 2016 to lying to the agency about his discussions with reporters about Iran’s nuclear program.     He had leaked classified information about a joint U.S.-Israel operation.

Was the action of “the abandonment of criminal charges” against Micheal Flynn unprecedented as they said?  
Well the AG in the previous administration pulled the plug on the prosecution of Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska.      
To make it even clearer:       
Both men faced the same criminal charges of making false statements and their criminal prosecution undone by a handwritten note that was buried by federal prosecutors.      
The same judge, U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan, handled both cases. 

The transcripts released:
Why hasn’t this coverage been in most of the MSM?         
Here we have the secret testimony of those who told us there was Russian collaboration with the Trump campaign behind closed doors. 
Behind closed doors, to a person, they say they saw no evidence of collaboration. Yet for months that stretched into years we heard there was. 
We ended up appointing Robert Mueller and spending close to $50 million to find out what congress was hearing, there was no collaboration. 
Why is that? 
Adam Schiff was out every day after a hearing to tell us he has evidence.
Now we know the testimony, and he lied.
Why is he not getting hammered on this? Schiff clearly lied. 
If we knew that there was no Russian connection to the Trump team, would we have had an impeachment? 
If there was no impeachment trial at the same time the virus was beginning, would we have been more aware and aggressive? 

We need more airing of this transcript release, more releases and some answers.

As the Russian Probe Unravels: 
In his never ending war with the press the President had an interesting twist on the Russian Collaboration proving false. With the dismissal of the criminal case against Michael Flynn he called for two news organizations to give back the Pulitzer Prizes they won for coverage of the Russia investigation.

“They’re not journalists. They’re thieves,” Mr. Trump told reporters in the Oval Office. “All of those journalists that we see with the Pulitzer Prize should be forced to give those Pulitzer Prizes back because they were all wrong. You saw it today, more documents came out saying there was absolutely no collusion with Russia.”
The Washington Post and The New York Times were awarded the journalism’s prizes in 2018 for their coverage of the Russia investigation.

There are two open congressional seats up for election tonight. One in Wisconsin formerly held by a Republican and one in California held by a Democrat.
Both are open because the occupants resigned. A report tomorrow.  

Catching Up….

with hopes

With hopes that you and yours are well amid the continued virus crisis, we just wanted to check in and catch up a little.
Some thoughts on issues of note:

None of us, outside the two of them, know what really happened. What the rest of us do know is that the “me too” movement is a joke. There is no way they can justify the treatment of Justice Kavanaugh with how they are handling this charge. It’s hypocrisy at its best, and nothing more needs to be said than this. Both cases lacked a smoking gun, but Reade’s story certainly has more collaboration than any charge against Kavanaugh.  
You can’t tell that by watching the MSM.

On Biden – You’ll hear this again:
I was surprised Joe Biden said this after all the controversy with Hillary and her deplorable comments.  When asked if he hopes to reach Mr. Trump’s “base” during the general election. His answer:
“Probably not. There are people who support the president because they like the fact that he is engaged in the politics of division. They really support the notion that, you know, all Mexicans are rapists and all Muslims are bad and … dividing this nation based on ethnicity, race.”
The Republicans will use this as “Deplorable’s 2” in the election.

Nancy Pelosi needs to be careful here too:
Her mistake showing off her refrigerators and expensive stash of ice cream in a moment many were losing their jobs was a surprising mistake.
Keeping congress out of D.C. now instead of being there and appearing to work on solving the economic issues may be another.
Saying she was done with questions on the Reade charges against VP Biden was not popular after her strong “me too” position.
As government tries to decide what’s next, saying she doesn’t listen to what the President has to say is not good when we need unity to address needs.  
Then add this issue.
She is siding with the W.H.O. over the President vowing to fight against his decision to withhold funds to them. “This decision is dangerous, illegal and will be swiftly challenged,” she said. 
Really, the WHO did their job? Who thinks that?
Well the House Democrats has now launched an investigation: 
The chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee announced his committee has launched a formal inquiry into the decision to freeze the funding.

Is the country divided? Just consider these recently released polls:
– 72% of Likely Democratic Voters believe most reporters when they write or talk about the administrations handling of the coronavirus crisis. They say the reports are presented in an unbiased fashion.
– 65% of Republican Voters disagree and think most reporters are trying to hurt the president politically instead.
– Voters not affiliated with either major party are almost evenly divided.

In another poll:
– Thirty-five percent (35%) of voters trust the president more than the average member of Congress and the average reporter when it comes to the current coronavirus crisis.
– Thirty percent (30%) trust the average reporter more.
Just 17% trust congress more.
– Eighteen percent (18%) are undecided.
Really, 18% can’t decide?

Then consider this:
42% of U.S. Voters agree with U.S. Senator Chris Murphy’s statement:
“The reason that we’re in the crisis that we are today is not because of anything that China did, and not because of anything the WHO did. It’s because of what [President Trump] did.”
Forty-seven percent (47%) disagree.
Eleven percent (11%) are undecided. 

Think about that. Blaming us (and the President) more than China.

Sixty percent (60%) of Democrats agree with Murphy that Trump is more to blame than China and the WHO.
Seventy-one percent (71%) of Republicans and unaffiliated voters disagree.
The unaffiliated disagree by only a 46% to 39% margin disagree.

How did we do in response to the crisis?
Sixty-two percent (62%) of Democrats believe the U.S. government’s response has been worse than other countries.
Fifty-six percent (56%) of GOP voters think the U.S. response has been better. Among voters not affiliated with either major party:
24% say better, 42% worse, and 32% about the same.

And there friends you see the nations divide.

Let’s close with the Media:

This from the Media Research Center on Washington Post Virus headlines:
“In the 100 days since the coronavirus epidemic began to receive significant news coverage, The Washington Post has used its front page to undermine the administration’s response to the unprecedented crisis, with dozens of headlines flagrantly editorializing against President Trump and nearly everyone on his team.”

Be careful what you wish for.
In the absence of regular press briefings, a pair of cable news networks have badgered the White House about access to President Trump for quite some time.

For nearly a year, the media continually called out the Trump administration for refusing to hold White House press briefings. In fact when Stephanie Grisham served as press secretary she never held a briefing in her near year in the job.
She left and Kayleigh McEnany replaced her.She began holding conferences. McEnany is a fiesty prepared individual who fights back.
Guess what?
CNN and MSNBC didn’t cover a second of it. Why? Is it because McEnany hits back with facts and defends the administration?

Then Sunday there was an incident with Meet The Press:
Host Chuck Todd played an excerpt of the interview in which AG Barr was asked how history would view his effort to dismiss the charges against former national security adviser Michael Flynn.
In the excerpt he played the attorney general said: “History’s written by the winners. So it largely depends on who’s writing the history.”
Todd followed up by saying that he was struck by “the cynicism of the answer. It’s a correct answer. But he’s the attorney general.”
What he left out was the rest of the response, in which he referred specifically to the rule of law.
The full answer was: “History is written by the winner. So it largely depends on who’s writing the history. But I think a fair history would say that it was a good decision because it upheld the rule of law. It helped, it upheld the standards of the Department of Justice, and it undid what was an injustice.”

Todd apologized.

Finally, today the next battle over State Government Funding is ready: 
Liberals want funding to cure state budget ills, conservatives have a different view. Mayor DeBlasio already called President Trump the next Herbert Hoover over this issue. A conservative had this to say:
“While Democrat states attempt to use the China coronavirus crisis to pay off their massive debts after years of corruption and mismanagement, states like Florida maintain budget surpluses and are opening their states up for business again, Blue Democrat run states are a disaster and the coronavirus is exacerbating their financial woes. These states don’t need bailouts, they need total overhauls to their socialist, crazy far-left policies.”

Stay safe and stay well.