Month: April 2020

Well ….

Well just two hours after our post yesterday the President took to the airwaves and his arguments were almost as if he read the blog.

Then, it hit the fan as they say!

Of course he could not make his point and leave it there. No, as he has throughout his presidency, he went to the next level.

So, where he won the argument with the misrepresentation of Dr. Fauci’s words, he lost it with his argument over states’ rights.

Which is shocking because he argued governors could decide to close their states or not. Since they had the right to close, why do they not have the right to open them?

As soon as I heard that Gov. Cuomo and five other NE Governors were going to do a regional opening, I saw this coming. I knew the President would see it as a challenge to his leadership. He wouldn’t take the diplomatic road and say we will work in conjunction — and he didn’t. I wonder if Cuomo and his counterparts didn’t set this up.

So at the end of the day we have the NYT and ABC backing off the Trump delayed and people died narrative, and on to he was overstepping his power boundaries.

How is the administration doing in this crisis? I guess the answer lies in how you feel about the President. The administration supporters have proven they will stand with them no matter what.
With 92% negative coverage, I don’t see many of those anti converting. So divided we go forward.
The questions to ask would be these:
Is the outcome what you expected or did you think the toll would be far greater?
Did we act when we should have?
Is there anyone who was ahead of the administration?
Where did people (and media) who criticize now stand when it mattered?
How do we get out and back to life?

Finally, on this some interesting findings in a Gallup Poll:

They found, “Americans approve of the coronavirus response from Mr. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and six national institutions.”

But, “only 34% have a favorable review of the press,” during the crisis.

some other news:

Did you hear that Michael Avenatti, will soon be temporarily released from jail, thanks to a federal court judge, because of the virus spread in his jail? He is getting a 90 day release on $1 million bond.

Did you see Joe Biden’s plan to move forward on this crisis? Poor Joe is in a tough spot with this. His plan:
Continued social distancing practices would be the first step in his plan, in order to “significantly” cut the number of cases in the country.
Use the Defense Production Act to the fullest extent to ensure that health-care workers have the resources they need to combat the outbreak safely.
He would put together a task force to look into how businesses could operate safely, such as implementing new layouts and space between tables at restaurants.
He also said this:
“As we prepare to reopen America, we have to remember what this crisis has taught us: The administration’s failure to plan, to prepare, to honestly assess and communicate the threat to the nation led to catastrophic results. We cannot repeat those mistakes.” 
Umm, if the supplies were bare weren’t you VP for the eight years before this administration?
A tough spot for Biden.

This one is hard to explain but AOC said this yesterday:
“Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed in a series of tweets that some people are ‘too scared’ to go to the hospital or continue doing their jobs because of President Trump’s ‘xenophobic’ response to the coronavirus pandemic.”

Lot’s of MSM coverage on the fact that the U.S. has suffered the largest number of coronavirus deaths in the world.
What’s missing is a week ago when the President said we had tested the most people, the media said that was unfair. We had a larger population and our per capita was not the best. Well doesn’t that apply to deaths too?
Another example of using facts to support your argument only.

Here’s an interesting tidbit. Trump winery is eligible for a federal bailout under the $2.2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package.
Now they wrote into the bill that Trump and his family cannot personally benefit from the bill. Deep in the fine print of the law passed by Congress, to try to arrest an economic free fall, is language that would put the winery in the category of businesses eligible for aid because grapes used to make wine are a “specialty crop.”
Now a company representative said there were no plans to apply.
My question is did we exclude all the other leaders in congress? All the members? Or was this just the President and his family? What do you think?

a final thought and question:

Just asking: Yesterday we wrote about the NYT and MSM saying the President waited too long to act. So here’s a question that someone might ask.
Since almost half the U.S. deaths are in New York City and State and the Mayor and Governor didn’t act until mid March, were they too slow to act?
Right now the media says they are heroes and the President a villain. How does that compute?

Be well and stay safe.

Time to speak…

As we’ve mentioned before, we’ve been restrained in this Coronavirus period with home confinement, family pressures and challenges from adding to your mailboxes. Every once in a while, though, we like to share some thoughts as events unfold. Today is one such day.

Let’s start with the NYT and MSM beginning to write a dialogue and history of the virus with Trump at fault.
– First of all the blame lies almost solely with China. The virus began there. They failed to inform the world. China did not act like a global citizen – period.
– Second, the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) failed. It is their role to monitor the world and be ahead of issues. They failed.
– Third, the NYT and MSM, along with some left leaning politicians, called the President a racist and suffering from xenophobia for closing the border to China on January 29th.
Let’s be clear here.
You can’t call him those names then, and now say he was late to the party. That just shows your bias and lack of accountability. (In fact, who does hold the media to accountability?)
The only other country that claims they closed the border earlier is North Korea. Italy was next on January 31.
So if we were too slow what was the press? MSM? Democrats? Other world leaders? The W.H.O.?

Next they asked Dr. Fauci yesterday if we had acted earlier would that have helped. Can anyone tell me, in any instance, if you knew what you know after the fact that you wouldn’t have made different decisions? Would the world have treated Hitler different?
They took the Dr.’s answer out of context and misrepresented it, and that is deplorable.

They love Dr. Fauci in large part because he often seems at odds with the President. Fauci has one role, the President another. They will often have different outlooks based upon their roles.

A week before the President closed the border to China here’s what Fauci said: “….. this is not a major threat to the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.

In fact, Dr Fauci, in late Febrauary, was still saying this wasn’t a big threat to the U.S.:
On February 17, when coronavirus cases were  starting to appear all over the world, he once again reassured the American public that the danger in this country was, quote, “just minuscule.” He said people ought to worry more about the “real and present danger” of the annual flu.

Now this is not to crticize the good Doctor, but to point how off base the media is with their charges.

By the way, Dr. Fauci finally got to the point in March where he said the Coronavirus was ten times more deadly then the flu and could result in “500,000” deaths.

Want more? The new MSM and Democratic hero is Andrew Cuomo. Well where was he on this? Let’s just look at March, five weeks after the border closing.
As the first case was reported in NY on March 1:
“There is no cause for surprise — this was expected. As I said from the beginning, it was a matter of when, not if there would be a positive case of novel coronavirus in New York.” He assured New Yorkers that the general risk in the state “remains low.” That’s March 1st.

In fact Mayor DeBlasio of NYC on the Morning Joe show March 10th said:
“For the vast majority of New Yorkers, life is going on pretty normally right now. We want to encourage that.” He added that there was a “misperception that the disease hangs in the air waiting to catch you. No, it takes direct person-to-person contact.”
Then he pledged to keep schools open, even if someone at any given school was found to have contracted the disease, saying that they would take a day to isolate the sick and clean the school before getting it back up and running. “If you’re under 50 and you’re healthy, which is most New Yorkers, there’s very little threat here.”

Have you heard the MSM say anything negative about these two? Why is it just the President failed?

How about Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House. On February 24th she was in Chinatown in SF. She said:
“That’s what we’re trying to do today is to say everything is fine here, come because precautions have been taken. The city is on top of the situation.” Really? It’s been on lock down now going on month two.

Chuck Schumer? Well here’s his tweet from February 5th:
“The premature travel ban to and from China by the administration is just an excuse to further his ongoing war against immigrants.”
Now Chuck has all the answers on what we should have done.

We could go on (think Adam Schiff doing an investigation now of this). Wait, Schiff is the head of The Intelligence Committee. Why didn’t he speak up? Oh, no information was available I guess, and he was managing an impeachment at the time.

You get the idea, but the left, friends from the press like the NYT, and cable will do all they can to blame the President and never mention any of the above. That is wrong.
Now we can argue the President, CDC, Intelligence Committees etc, should have acted sooner and in post evaluation that would be logical. But you can’t be selective and have credibility. You can’t forget the origin of it and how China failed to be a good world citizen.

This is sort of like the phrase they ingrained “Bush lied, people died,” a reference to the Iraq war vote. Really? Well when Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton voted with Bush on the war, did they lie? Do people know that?

So that’s what’s on our mind today. As events unfold we’ll be back with more. In the meantime stay safe and our best to you and your families.

Bookending the week…

As we end another week of isolation some thoughts to share.
First we hope that you and yours are safe, well, and surviving the challenge of the time. The shocking change in our economic condition in weeks is one our children and grandchildren will read and study about in the future. How we handle it will be an example for historians to study.

The dramatic rise in unemployment is staggering. The largest number of individuals applying for unemployment (in a week) was 695,000 before last week. We have had ten million the past two. That is beyond belief. We went from more jobs than people to what might be the highest unemployment in our history. Who could have dreamed, much less predict, that?

Thus the “stimulus” hits today. Let’s be clear, this is not a stimulus. A stimulus means we are driving the economy. In this case people cannot spend it. Stores, retailers and restaurants are closed. We are not stimulating, we are sustaining people. When we get the all clear sign, we will need a stimulus.

The playing of politics in this situation is an absolute shame. Appointing a congressional committee to oversee the federal response is so premature and wrong. There will be plenty of time to judge performances, now is the time to offer solutions. If your solution is to investigate the administration, you are a problem.

Were we ready for this? It’s clear, not at the federal, state or local level were we ready for anything like this. Should we have been? Since we are always trying to understand how terrorists might attack, shouldn’t chemical warfare have been considered? Apparently the Bush, Obama and Trump administrations didn’t. That doesn’t relieve the states like NY. The number one target for any possible attack, and they were totally unprepared? This goes across party lines.

That said, I think we can be proud how the nation has responded and the creativity we have shown. We are finding solutions, but the finger pointing is disturbing. We know the media is going to cover the dramatic and every story that is negative will get coverage. Remember, their drive is ratings and the motto they follow is “if it bleeds, it reads.” Too bad they couldn’t contribute to calming and non sensational coverage. Here’s an example:
The modeling company the government has used to estimate this virus has miscalculated badly up to now. This report released yesterday:
The institute’s coronavirus projection that the U.S. would need 135,000 hospital beds by today was off. There are about 31,000 patients hospitalized.
Let’s hope their projected death rate is as wrong, too.

Look at these suggestions over the past few days from some:

SPEAKER PELOSI suggested to the NYT that Phase Four might be the time to roll back part of the 2017 tax reform bill.

In a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Ayanna Pressley, both from Massachusetts, said comprehensive demographic data on people who are tested or treated for the virus that causes COVID-19 does not exist.
Really, you want racial breakdowns?

Senator Sanders joined more than two dozen members of Congress in petitioning the administration to ease the sanctions against Iran.
“Rather than continue to invoke new sanctions in the Iranian people’s hour of need, we urge you to substantially suspend sanctions on Iran during this global public health emergency in a humanitarian gesture to the Iranian people to better enable them to fight the virus,” they wrote to Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin and Mr. Pompeo.

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden yesterday offered qualified support for aid and sanctions relief for Iran. He said “The Trump administration’s move to abandon the Obama era 2015 nuclear deal and exert a ‘maximum pressure’ strategy has ‘badly backfired.’ “

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responded that emergency supplies such as medical goods are exempt from sanctions.

Iran, by the way, has not asked the U.S. for help and rejected any notion that we should.

Think about that argument. The way I see it, we need to take care of our people and nation now. Our people are locked in, we have sickness and death. Let’s have one focus – cure our nation – then argue how to best to save the world.

And when they tell you they knew what was coming, that is a lie. No one did. Just remember, when he blocked travel from China the President was called racist. He didn’t know what was coming, and here are stories from the end of January:


What Happens Next With China?

For now we have to work to solve our internal issues. Once we get the country back to work we need to examine our relationship with China. We cannot be dependent on another country for our medical needs, equipment and medicine.
That logic should also apply to other vital industries that can impact our nation.

What will the states do next?

Think of the lost revenue for each state in the process. They will be talking of revenue shortfalls and how to raise more revenue. Then consider something we have written of over and over. In the boom times we just experienced, what did they do with the revenue? Did they spend it or did they create a rainy day fund knowing that one day the economy will turn south? Keep an eye on your state and see what happens.
Here’s one example:
The Governor of Connecticut estimated that the pandemic is likely to create a cascade of red ink in the state budget. The shortfall is now likely to top $500 million, even with an expected $1.45 billion in federal relief. In this high tax state what is his solution?
Stay tuned.