It’s All Coronavirus…

While the nation focuses on the Coronavirus and worries about the health of their families, we join in prayer and thought for a limited and quick impact on our nation and world.

We are watching with awe as companies and scientists move with speed and determination to find a solution. We are sure that this will be a one year issue, and that if it reemerges next year we will have a solution to prevent it.

We take pride in the leadership of so many who are making real time solutions to assure tomorrow is better.

Finally, we are comforted that this will pass, and though the next few months will be a challenge, we know the cautions we take now will lead to a summer we should be able to enjoy.

So hang in there, be cautious and know that this will pass. Our nation has faced so many challenges and issues; and our people, the generations before us, on whose shoulders we stand, met the challenge. We will too.

One more thought.
Thank goodness the impact is not on the youngest among us. Our children and grandchildren are the future, and we are grateful they have been mostly spared.

What we find funny is the constant message to the millennial generation to take care of their parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles. Isn’t that a change? They (the millennials) are being asked to assure that shopping and communication means are in place for their grandparents as they stay in lock down.

The world has changed in the past few weeks.

some other news:

In this challenging time we’ll try and list some short comments on stories not getting coverage that may have an impact as the year plays out.

There was not much coverage on the debate Sunday, but here’s some thoughts and observations that will have an impact in November.

To beat back others, and now Senator Sanders, former VP Biden did move his positioning to the left. Taxes, health care, climate change and labor rights as examples. How far left?
Well, his positions are significantly bigger government roles than Hillary Clinton proposed and what the Obama-Biden ticket advocated.

Usually positions to win your primary (left or right) help in the moment, but not in November.

One significant example is his fracking statement. To cut off Senator Sanders he said there would be no more new fracking. He threw the word “new” in there, as Sanders is against all fracking.

Now, with the price of gasoline about to drop close to the $2.00 level as Russia and Saudi Arabia try to figure out what to do with their oil since the U.S. has become independent. Is that a strong November position? Especially in fracking states like Pennsylvania?
When others ask if they want to return to the days of foreign dependence, what will they and the voters say?

The answer from the far left is you should use electric cars. Are you ready for that and their limited distance capability? I don’t think so in 2020.

In the debate Biden made a few promises about other positions. He promised a female running mate. He promised his first supreme court nominee would be a minority woman. He has promised a litmus test for all supreme court nominees.
In some eras this was considered pandering. Is it the norm now? Makes me wonder what happened to choosing the best person to serve the nation.
Prejudice used to be not choosing a person because of color, creed, or religion. Is choosing one because of it wrong?

Isn’t it also ironic that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced he will close its borders to non citizens as part of “exceptional” measures to try to deal with the escalating coronavirus outbreak?
He who criticized the U.S. border policy and made world news saying Canada was open to all, will now be denying entry.
Wait, Justin, they may need entry now more than ever.

Finally, today one announcment I think lost in the week of Coronavirus was the marriage of Rep. Ilhan Omar.
She announced that she has married, getting hitched four months after her previous marriage collapsed amid accusations she had an affair with a married coworker.
She didn’t say who she married, but it appeared to be Tim Mynett, the Democratic political consultant with whom she was accused of having an affair. (In a divorce court filing in August, Washington physician Beth Jordan Mynett claimed her husband confessed to an extramarital affair with Ms. Omar.)


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