Corona and the debate…

the virus dominates:

With the outbreak of this virus about to hit the U.S., the focus of everyone and everything is on it. The next six to eight weeks look to be an experience that I dare say none of us have ever had. Let’s hope our leaders can come together for the greater good and make the best decisions for the health and well being of all, and not partisan politics. Maybe we can hope the media will focus on information, guidance and reassurance, and not hype, partisanship and sensationalism.

the debate:

Just a little on the debate from last night. VP Joe Biden locked up the nomination. He stood on his feet, maintained composure and stuck to the facts. Senator Sanders proved to be a limited issue candidate. He reverted back to the same issues he always does— healthcare for all, the rich have too much, and the pharmaceutical companies are despicable. Every chance he had to make points he passed on to revert back to those themes. He proved himself too shallow to be the candidate.
So, we’re down to Trump vs Biden for 2020. Back to the Obama era and more of the Trump one.
You cannot predict an election eight months ahead. However, with a recession clearly ahead, driven by the virus, it is clear this will be an interesting one.


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