Serve The People…

on leadership:

Our nation is in a crisis and we need leaders, not partisan hacks that try and use the moment for political gain. This is not about your political career, it’s about the well being of our country.

That goes for President Trump, Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer (and others like Senator Blumenthal) who seem to run before every camera for advantage.

My suggestion is you plant yourselves at your desks and design a program that protects the health of our people and the stability of our economy. That’s not blaming past administrations for their failures and not trying to get your long term programs that have not passed in place.

For once rise to the occasion and provide leadership without an election in mind.

plus you have fault:

President Trump’s ego and desire for a high stock market led him to try and downplay the whole crisis. It was a miscalculation because it was inevitable that it would reach the U.S. Then in a desire to show what a great leader he is, he clearly misspoke on the availability of tests.

So the opposition jumps on him for this. But on what grounds do they stand? These are the same people who when the President imposed a travel ban on China at the outset called him racist. Add these are the same people who want open borders and think of the consequences of that.

Thus you both have issues. The challenge is to do what is right for the people you serve.

on the media:

The same goes for you. Once in our history reporters provided a service and the news. The manner in which you seemed dedicated to hysteria and hype is a disservice to the people. The negative tone of your questions and presentations of the information show a bias.
Try going back to the rich history of your profession and be professional.

We have miles to go:

We are at the outset of this outbreak in the U.S. and have miles to go. The best we can likely hope for is an easing by the end of April, say the experts. Beyond that I don’t see how the curtailed travel, restaurant visits, shows, sporting events and general living doesn’t drive us to a recession. It may be short lived and we may come out firing in the third quarter, but the road ahead is a challenge we all must rise up to meet.
A whole new meaning to the term March Madness.

some news missed this week:

The Supreme Court granted a reprieve for the administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. This policy allowed the government to help solve last year’s border crisis. As you remember we had major issues and congress could not solve it. This action stopped it with Mexico’s support.
It was challenged in court and the lower courts ruled the policy illegal. Thus the Supreme Court Justices issued a stay of that lower court ruling and the policy can continue for now.
It was reported that Homeland Security officials feared a massive rush for the border if the court had upheld the lower court ruling.

Speaking of courts Hunter Biden, after asking for a delay in his case in Arkansas because of the Coronavirus, saying it is “unsafe” to travel, settled the case. He and the woman suing him for child support reached an agreement, and he does not have to testify.

Another court case. Chelsea Manning (pardoned by President Obama) was back in jail since May 2019, for refusing to testify in the Wikileaks case. She attempted suicide in prison this week and yesterday was released.

Some Politics:

Democrats are making some progress in the senate election battle for 2020.
They need three seats to get to a 50/50 spilt and announced candidacies, and polling show they are making progress.
In Arizona Mark Kelly the Democrat Challenger is now leading incumbent Martha McSally by 49 – 42 percent. That’s up 4 points from the last poll.

A North Carolina poll shows Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham up 48-43 over incumbent Thom Tillis.

In Colorado former Governor John Hickenlooper is leading by 10% over the Republican incumbent Corey Gardner.

Then add popular Governor Steve Bullock has changed his mind and is running in Montana.

Suddenly the chances of the Democrats winning the senate seems possible.
The only Republican pick up appears to be in Alabama.

Remember the “moderate Republicans” like Romney, Collins and Murkowski are not reliable Republican votes, and you can see the senate issues for the President if he wins reelection.

Some positive news for the President is this. Even though he is running basically unopposed in the primaries the turnout for him has been extraordinary. Look at this:
In New Hampshire, Mr. Trump received 129,734 votes. When Barack Obama faced no real opposition in 2012, he received 49,080 votes in the New Hampshire primary.
This was also true in a number of other states.
In Alabama, the President received 695,469 votes compared to then-President Obama’s 241,167 votes in 2012.
In Arkansas, it was 240,789 for the President compared to 94,936 for Mr. Obama. In Texas, Mr. Trump’s total vote count of 1,889,006 was more than Mr. Obama (520,410) and more than the combined votes for Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Mike Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren.


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