Trump vs Biden…

Well so much for all the experts (us included) who thought just ten days ago that Joe Biden’s campaign was on oxygen. On Super Tuesday we called him “Lazarus,” and I can’t think of a better term today.
So now we are all saying that Bernie’s campaign “is deader than Joe’s ever was.” After last night its hard to argue with that.

Biden won the big ones in Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi and Idaho. Bernie managed to win the caucus in North Dakota, and the state of Washington is still too close to call.

So the questions now are these:
Do they cancel the Democratic debate set for this weekend?
Do they use the Coronavirus as an excuse?
If they don’t cancel, does Joe Biden show up?
They were arguing before yesterday on things like the candidates being seated versus standing. Then as the day progressed they announced no live audience. You can sense the pull back and the chances of the debate this AM are 50/50.
If you were running the Biden campaign, would you want the debate?
If it comes off, do you expect Sanders to attack? Up to now he has refused. You remember he wouldn’t attack Hillary, and that was in a much closer race.

The other big underlying question is about Biden. Always an outspoken person, he could get himself into a corner. Yet in this campaign it seems to go a little beyond that. Yesterday when he got into that argument with a hard hat and actually said, “You want to go outside?” That raised a bigger question to me than his language. He’s done that a few times. If someone clips those together and asks if this is who you want dealing with foreign leaders it could be an issue.

A sound, reasonable, middle of the road Joe Biden is the biggest threat to President Trump. The question for Biden is can he hold that position and argue it persuasively? I don’t know that answer today.


Did you see that President Trump made an endorsment in the Republican Senate runoff in Alabama? He endorsed former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville. That is how far down his relationship with former Senator Sessions has gone. (Sessions is Tuberville’s runoff opponent.)
Remember back in 2016 Sessions was the first, and for a long time, the only U.S. Senator to back and support President Trump.
That was how and why Sessions became the A.G., and the day he recused himself from the Russian probe the relationship has gone downhill.

Congress has to make a call over the next few days. With things reeling because of the virus scare, they (congress) are scheduled to take a spring break beginning Friday. The question is do they support any stimulus package before they go. They better.

on the virus:

Supporting the news that China is recovering is this news today. Apple has reopened 38 of its 42 stores in China that were closed last month because of the coronavirus outbreak there. Add that to Starbucks who have also reopened and there is hope at the end of the outbreak.

What is the price in lives in China? With all the news how many do you think died in China from the Coronavirus? Now, one life is too many and I feared seeing the numbers from China. This AM the report was 3,000 people in China died from the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Now we’ll watch the numbers and how it is handled in South Korea and Italy. You would think that as it spreads and we search for an antidote that we can improve. Actions here in our nation have been focused on containment. Just don’t be surprised when tests are fully completed to hear how many had been infected. In a global economy, where the U.S. leads, the numbers will be large.


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