Catch Your Breath…

The coverage on TV, on the net, and in newspapers has been all about the Coronavirus and impending doom. I can report I just spent four days at a basketball tournament and the arena was normal, the crowd vocal and life normal. It was actually fun, unlike the coverage I keep seeing that tells me how bad the world is.
We made clear yesterday our feelings over this and were delighted to see this AM that Xi Jinping, Premier of China, visited the town where this all began. There the cases are down, the recovery up, and hopefully that becomes a symbol that life can go on.
We don’t give stock advice here, but seeing that I wondered if all those companies reliant on China manufacturing that took such a hit might be a good investment thought. We’ll see.

How do you think the President has handled this crisis? Polls have his handling down to a 50/50 spilt. The next few weeks will make that judgement, but the NYT opinion page made it today. Here’s what they had:
President Trump Is Unfit for This Crisis. Period.
His narcissism is a grave danger to our health.
Well they made up their mind, how about you?

I saw the list of names and positions VP Biden was talking about for his cabinet. If he continues touting that then we will have a true election this year with the question “Are you better off than four years ago?”
His list included:
Sen. Warren as Treasury secretary. (Think Wall Street/Wealth Tax)
John Kerry in a newly created Cabinet position overseeing climate change.
Susan Rice as secretary of state. Remember the Benghazi videos?
Mayor Michael Bloomberg as head of the World Bank. (We know he gets a return on his spending.)
His staff also mentioned Mayor Buttigieg as ambassador to the U.N., or as U.S. trade representative. (Who knew South Bend did so much trade internationally.)

Here’s some news you likely didn’t hear, and think about this. Remember when the administration took action and killed Qassem Soleimani?
There was an uproar that this would cause more deaths and fighting. It got louder when the President sent more troops to the area “in case.”
Well yesterday we withdrew a 1,000 combat troops who had been deployed to strike. Did you hear that?
In fact we also plan to withdraw an additional 2,000 members in the weeks ahead.

Six states vote today. It looks pretty clear that VP Biden will dominate the night. Senator Sanders’ best shot appears to be North Dakota, and he is hoping against hope in Michigan.
His candidacy is in trouble and he knows it. His best chance and hope is the one on one debate this week with Biden. He has to make Joe appear unfit for the office to have any hope, and even then he likely will not get the nomination.
By the way, they changed the rules for this debate to keep Tulsi Gabbard, the last remaining announced candidate, out. The rule before the change was anyone with delegates is in. Not now.

The Democratic Senate campaign got a boost yesterday when, after first declining, Governor Steve Bullock announced he would run for U.S. Senate in Montana. He creates a true potential pick up in a red state.

Tomorrow Harvey Weinstein gets sentenced. All the stories about his prison time thus far are how depressed he is and can’t take it. When he hears the sentence tomorrow he won’t feel any better and still faces a second prosecution in California.
Think of Bernie Madoff asking for sympathy and to be released with his terminal illness, and the stories of Weinstein falling in prison and suffering so. How the mighty have fallen.


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