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Really we are still at this? 
Yesterday a federal judge accused William Barr of a lack of candor and questioned his credibility in his handling of the release of Robert Mueller’s report last year.
Does the judge know we heard Mueller and team testify live before congress? The Russian collusion didn’t happen judge. End of story.

Really Mitt?
Mitt is at it again. The man who voted to impeach the President now says there is no need for a Senate panel to investigate the Ukrainian company that hired Hunter Biden.
Wait Mitt, you thought the President should have been removed from office for Ukraine and there is nothing to investigate with Hunter?
FYI: The Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee plans to vote next week on subpoenas for witnesses related to Burisma. Mitt, a member of the committee said, “There’s no question that the appearance of looking into Burisma and Hunter Biden appears political.”
Umm Mitt, so was Harry Reid telling the country you didn’t pay taxes for a decade when you did. Remember that?

Really Senator Schumer?
Coming to his senses, Schumer said he regretted his remarks about two Supreme Court justices. That’s good and what he should have done. But, then he followed that by saying he was misunderstood, and it wasn’t a physical threat he said.
Oh really, so I didn’t see and hear what I did?

Senator Warren Exits:
In doing so she didn’t back Bernie, and she may not. Makes you wonder if she is playing for VP nod with Biden. She did call the race narrowing to two men one of the “hardest parts” about dropping out. (Of course she discarded Tulsi Gabbard who has not yet backed out.)
I am still awaiting some reaction from the AOC wing of the party. They have been awfully quiet as the “establishment” rallied around VP Biden.

Here’s a question:
If the Coronavirus drives the economy down as it appears in the next quarter, what happens if the President wants a stimulus package?
Would Democrats want to vote for any kind of bailout package that could help with the President’s reelection bid?
This could come to fruition.

The jobs market this AM was terrific. Employers added 273,000 jobs in February, and the jobless rate dropped to 3.5%. Wages increased 3.0% from a year earlier in February.
Minus the Coronavirus this report would have driven the market, optimism and the economy forward.


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