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Recap and thoughts on super tuesday

Continuing the momentum and coming together of the “moderate” wing of the party, Mike Bloomberg bowed out and joined the Biden Team.
What’s interesting is to watch Senator Warren struggle with the decision to get out. Why? Two reasons:
1. She would love a debate stage on March 17 with just her, Biden and Sanders. She thinks she can dominate it. The problem is it is after next Tuesday’s elections.
2. On the other hand she knows that she is on the short list of the Biden VP possibilities. She fills two objectives of the person they want, a woman and ability to reach Sanders supporters. (But it seems a Kamala Harris fits the bill better with her reach across minorities.)
So she has more to consider than just jump out and endorse Sanders.

The other question I am wondering is what are AOC and her supporters going to do? How are they going to react to “the Democratic establishment” working to stop Sanders? They’ve been quiet, haven’t they, since the moves last week. It’s not like them and as true believers in their cause I am surprised. Let’s see what and if they say or do anything.

Here’s one to think about. Remember all the noise about the Russians spending $200,000 on FaceBook and they got Donald Trump elected President? Well, do you think that Mike Bloomberg should have hired those Russians to spend his $700 million?
Thinking about that doesn’t it make that Russian thing even more ridiculous?

Yesterday the market soared and the press told us it was because Joe Biden was going to be the candidate over Bernie Sanders. They gave that full credit.
Well this AM the market is down over 700 points. Is Biden still the candidate? If so, is the decline his fault?

How popular is Nancy Pelosi in her district?
Well she had a multi candidate primary, including “a democratic socialist” this week.
Speaker Pelosi got 72.5% of the vote. Now in California the person with the second highest votes becomes the opponent in the general election. (The rules allow the two highest vote getters, despite party affiliation, to be on the November ballot.) Shahid Buttar the Democratic Socialist got 12.7% of the vote and finished second.
Now that’s a choice in that district and should anwser any questions on how popular the Speaker is in her district.

Senator Schumer can try and say he was referring to Republican Senators with his vocal threats yesterday, but if you see the tape its clear he was not. Here’s the actual quote:
“I want to tell you, Gorsuch. I want to tell you, Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price! You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”
Later his office said this:  
The comments referenced the political price Senate Republicans will pay for putting these justices on the court, and a warning that they will unleash a grass roots movement.
Senator, we all make mistakes, and I am surprised you are doubling down on it. The press needs to cover this for what it is and tie the President to it.


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