Super Joe…

You don’t need me to tell you what you already know so let’s look at some of what’s emerges and is ahead.

On Joe Biden, well if they called Bill Clinton the comeback kid, what do you call Joe? Lazarus I guess. He truly rose from dead in this race after a fifth place finish in New Hampshire to dominate Super Tuesday. We once had Super Joe as a nickname for Joe Namath after SuperBowl III. Well now we have Super Joe again after Super Tuesday.

Everything changed last night. We are down to a two person race. That pretty much eliminates a brokered convention. One candidate will have more than half the delegates.

What will the books say about this race and Mike Bloomberg? He had all the momentum with his strategy of waiting until Super Tuesday. He was doing so well and the others faltering that they changed the rules to let him in the debates. He got in for two of them in states he was not running. What a disaster. He drew up a great strategy, spent close to a billion dollars and had it all set-up. Then he forgot how to debate and boom! If he had stayed out of the debates or simply held his own, the story this AM would be his emergence as the challenger to Bernie. Isn’t that incredible?
He needs to get out today or tomorrow. It’s over.

The other thing is Senator Elizabeth Warren. She didn’t just lose her home state, she came in third. (She came no higher than third anywhere and in fact came in fourth in nine of the races last night). Plus, remember all the talk of the “moderate lane” dividing votes and helping Bernie? Well they came together on Monday for Joe Biden. Her continued presence hurt Bernie, since she is in his lane. She is saying that she is staying in, but only qualified for base delegates (15% or higher) in five states.

so what’s next?

Next Tuesday we have primaries in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi and Washington State. Plus a caucus in North Dakota.

After that there will be another debate. Mark that down, March 15th. It could be Bernie vs. Joe one on one if Warren departs.

Two days after that debate we have Florida, Illinois, Ohio and Phoenix.

So you can see there’s a lot ahead. The tendency today is to say Biden with the establishment behind him has this wrapped up. Well aren’t those the same experts who said he was done before S.C.?
No question Biden is in great position now and will be a big favorite in states like Florida and Mississippi. But the debate and interviews can change anything. Plus the opposition is about to open up on Biden again. They had let up because they thought he was done. Well, here it comes again.

Finally we can’t look at the delegate count yet as they continue counting votes out west. We should have a handle later in the day. However, there are still 1,000 delegates to be decided this month (March).

some other election news:

Remember Jeff Sessions was running to take back his former senate seat in Alabama? Well he didn’t get 50% of the vote last night and needs to go a runoff. He will face former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville on March 31. Tuberville actually had 33 percent of the vote and Sessions 31 percent There were other candidates in the race.
My guess is Tuberville wins the run off and goes on to beat Doug Jones for a Republican pick up in November.


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