The nation, indeed the world, has been focused on the Coronavirus and market impacts this week. Everything else has taken a back seat and we’ve avoided filling up your in boxes with additional news and analysis. So on this Friday we’ll provide a quick recap on what we see ahead tomorrow in S.C. and then on Super Tuesday.

South Carolina and beyond

The headlines Sunday will be about Joe Biden’s comeback. As we outlined in our post debate analysis the former VP is going to win handily here. He will garner headlines and is scheduled for appearances on the Sunday news shows. He needs to capitalize quickly because in many of the Super Tuesday states he is not competitive or leading. So you will see an all out 48 hour blitz as he tries to establish himself back as the lead to stop Senator Sanders.

Senator Sanders is working to finish as close (in second place) in Carolina as possible. Tom Steyer was running close to him, but we think post debate he is dropping. On Super Tuesday Senator Sanders is going all out to knock Elizabeth Warren, his lone left lane opponent out of the race. He is spending time today and advertising heavily in Massachusetts. He knows if he wins there then she has to leave the race.

His ideal situation is she goes, but Buttigieg, Bloomberg and Klobuchar stay and divide their votes with VP Biden. That opens it all up for him.

South Carolina is not going to help that. Bloomberg is not on the ballot and Buttigieg and Klobuchar are at the bottom of the polls. After Super Tuesday it is hard not to see Klobuchar leaving and Mayor Pete will be on the ropes.

So down to three, Biden, Bloomberg and Sanders. Get ready for the attacks on Sanders about to hit. They were avoiding doing that to try and keep the party united, but it didn’t work. It is going to get nasty. Very nasty.

That’s it, let’s see how it goes tomorrow and Monday we’ll take a deeper look at Super Tuesday.


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