Aftermath, Trump and More

The aftermath of the debate was predictable.
Shock at the Bloomberg performance and some real fear among Democratic party leaders that Bernie Sanders could win this thing.
Think about the things you are hearing about Sanders and socialism today. It seems like a fair amount doesn’t it? Then think about this, no one has opened up on him about the philosophy.
His opponents are walking carefully even adopting some of his polices. Democratic leaders know if he is nominated the President and his allies will unleash and hold back nothing.
They know the outcome of that and it’s not good for their party.

Now the President for his part, largely because of his demeanor and uncontrolled ego, seems intent on making this close. Did anyone see his opening last night at the Colorado rally? His ego couldn’t take a Fox News host (Neil Caputo) having a guest that said the President was a bad debater. He ripped FoxNews, ripped some hosts, ripped the reporter and ripped their opinion.
He got to the point he made his staff give him instant poll results from the 2016 primaries and elections. He proceeded to go through them one by one reading how he won each. Now instant polls (as an example he recited Drudge’s) after an event are reflective of their audience. Their statistical validity is zero.
He went through about ten and all he did was feed his ego and embarrass the others who were in the debates with him. Others from his own party, whose loyalty he wants and needs. Mentioning 2016 polls, stating names like Cruz and Rubio, all because some guest said he did not win the 2016 debates on some Fox show, illustrates a dangerous ego.
What other respected President in your lifetime would do that three years later, much less give credence to a single reporters view?

And by the way, he then brought up a Fox show he likes, Lou Dobbs. He said that Dobbs had called him “one of the great American Presidents.” Then later Dobbs said “he was better than Reagan” and now Dobbs says “he is better than Washington and Lincoln.”
Mr. President, we are better off today than we were when you came into office, but your mannerisms and ego are deterrents.
Here’s another opinion, you are not better than Washington, Lincoln or Reagan.

news briefs:

So the judge sentences Roger Stone to 40 months. Wait, that’s exactly what the DOJ and AG Barr recommended. All that noise from the media and those four prosecutors and the judge (an Obama appointee) agree?
Every court experienced judge and attorney thinks this is right.
Ask yourself about the noise you heard and why.

The Democratic debate ratings were a record for the party (19.5 million). Only the first Republican debate (on Fox by the way) in 2016 had more viewers (24 million).
Now did the debate help the candidates and the party?

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds that VP Biden has lost a substantial part of his black-voter support. That was his anchor.
He is now running about even with Senator Sanders. Good news for Bernie and very bad for Biden.
Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Mayor Buttigieg drew single-digit support in the poll.

Here’s another interesting poll released from Yahoo/YouGov:
Is there a difference between “socialism” and “democratic socialism”?
38% of registered U.S. voters say the two terms are “the same.”
The survey found that 62% of Republicans, 41% of independents and 16% of Democrats agree.
38% said the two terms are “different.”
18% of Republicans, 34% of independents and 58% of Democrats.
24% were not sure.
20% of Republicans, 25% of independents and 26% of Democrats.

Remember the mess we told you that was developing in Georgia with Congressman Doug Collins annoucing he is going to run against recently appointed Sen. Kelly Loeffler?
Well the President wants to avoid that at all costs and yesterday he indicated he was going to nominate Collins to head the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). An opening he created by firing the current head.
Georgia primary problem solved, right? It was until this morning when Collins appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s morning show and said he didn’t want the job.

Do you remember former congressman, now AG of Minnesota, Keith Ellison? A Bernie Sanders supporter, he tweeted this: “I have never seen @BernieSanders supporters being unusually mean or rude. Can someone send me an example of a ‘Bernie Bro’ being bad?”
Well he got an immediate response from Congressman Steve Scalise who was shot on that baseball field by a Bernie supporter:
“I can think of an example.”
Did you see that on the MSM?

Russia, Russia, Russia. Did you see the coverage yesterday and today on Russia’s plans to interfere on behalf of Donald Trump in the 2020 election?
It bordered on hysteria. Let’s remember these facts:
The Russians, the Chinese and others interfere in elections all over.
So do we.
Second, we spent $45 million and three years (Mueller included) to investigate and say the Trump team did not collude with the Russians in 2016.
Third, can anyone tell me why the Russians would want Donald Trump and his military build up to win again over “Democratic Socialist” Bernie Sanders?

Did you see this report on John Bolton? It should have been headline news:
“In audio obtained by ABC News, John Bolton said during remarks at Vanderbilt University that his testimony ‘would have made no difference to the ultimate outcome’ of impeachment and said he can ‘sleep at night because I have followed my [conscience].’ … Bolton says the House committed ‘malpractice’ and ‘made a mess’ of the impeachment inquiry, calling it ‘grossly partisan.'”

You no doubt heard all the criticism over the President’s pardons and clemencies this week. The NYT reported it this way:
“All 11 recipients had an inside connection or were promoted on Fox News. “
Now didn’t you hear more about these eleven than when Obama pardoned the leader of the FALN the group who blew up buildings and killed people? Oh at the same time he freed Chelsea Manning after seven years of a thirty-five year sentence. I bet you heard more about Governor Blagojevich’s pardon after the same time of a fourteen year sentence. Why is that?
Finally you heard so much about Trump’s pardons, well check these numbers on pardons for the past seven Presidents and ask again why the noise is so loud now:
Carter: 556
Reagan: 406
G.H.W. Bush: 77
Clinton: 459
G.W. Bush: 200
Obama: 1,927
Trump: 26

Wishing you a great weekend.

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