BOOM Goes The Bloom…

BOOM,, there goes $400 million dollars out the window. It took about ten minutes. The Great Democratic Centrist Hope was beaten to a pulp in the first hour. We have never seen a debate beat down so dramatic and clear. Let’s start there. Mike Bloomberg lost, and lost BIG.
Here’s our analysis for all:

Senator Elizabeth Warren won the night. She led the charge and clealy dominated Mayor Bloomberg. That’s her good news. The negative for her was this. She is in the lane for votes with Senator Sanders and she never touched him. So she won the night but not the votes she needs for the nomination. She needed to get Sanders and shot Bloomberg.

Senator Sanders won because he was untouched and everyone destroyed his number one opponent Mike Bloomberg. His answers appealed every time to his base. He entered the debate in the lead and left not losing any. A good outcome for him.

VP Biden survived and likely gained a little. He may have had the least air time and even cut himself off a few times with “I am out of time,” but here’s why he advanced. His appeal now and all in effort is with the minority vote. He was losing some of that to Bloomberg. The Bloomberg implosion will stop and likely reverse that. It helps Biden.

Mayor Pete was on the attack all night. He may have gone too far with Senator Klobuchar. I don’t think he hurt himself, but I’m not sure he helped himself. At some point ask yourself this question. What does Buttigieg stand for? What are his signature issues other than he is not them? I am not sure.

Senator Klobuchar off her performance in the last debate surged into contention. Last night Mayor Pete put a pin in that balloon. She looked frustrated and angry with the Mayor and it was a not a look that is going to continue driving her forward. She knew she needed to recover some and was in the Spin Room immediately and on every station answering questions.

There you have it.
In the end Bernie Sanders locked up the Nevada Caucus this Saturday. He gains more momentum and is now the clear leader. Next week when they debate in South Carolina he will be the one the others are after. They better get him there or he heads into Super Tuesday with a chance to put himself into position to begin locking things down. Watch for the attack on him. Things like he indicated that AOC and others will have a role in his cabinet. They have to get him. They cannot leave openings like that for President Trump to attack.

What about the others?

Bloomberg won’t quit. He will likely double down in ads and truly prepare for next week’s debate. He will likely get many woman from his company to endorse and speak for him. He may even get one with a non disclosure to do so. When you have that much money you have a chance.
Warren has to figure out how to supersede Sanders in that lane or she falters. She has to stop Sanders or she is stopped.
Joe Biden has bet it all on SC, and he has to debate well next week and drive people’s motivation to get out and vote for him.
The others are on life support here and will be looking for the debate next week for an opening. Senator Klobuchar may well come to bury Mayor Pete. Watch that one.

What a change in a day.

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