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It doesn’t matter what you read and hear all day today, all eyes and ears are on the debate in Vegas tonight. The reason for all the excitement is the entrance of Mike Bloomberg and how the others react and attack.

Going into the debate Senator Sanders has clearly separated himself from the pack. He is ahead everywhere and in every national poll. The question is what “center” Democratic party candidate emerges to challenge him. Is it Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Klobuchar or can VP Biden make a comeback. The betting this AM, before the debate, says it comes down to Sanders and Bloomberg.
Tomorrow we’ll have a better handle as Bloomberg is not on Saturday’s ballot for the Nevada Caucus or next week’s South Carolina Primary. The challenge for the others is to break through in those two and establish themselves. By Super Tuesday (March 3) we’ll know who the contenders are.

By the way the early voting in Nevada was at record numbers and the enthusiasm seemed to be for Senator Sanders. Reading the tea leaves we see him heading for a big victory on Saturday. Remember the early voters didn’t even wait for the debate tonight.

other news

Can you believe Iowa is not final yet?
Yesterday the Iowa Democratic party said they completed a recount and changed results in 29 precincts. However, they said no delegate changes were made. Senator Sanders campaign immediately said he would request a more intensive recount.
Wonder if they’ll settle Iowa before the national convention this summer.

Mike Bloomberg said he will sell his company Bloomberg LP if elected. 
He said he will put the financial-data and media company he co-founded in a blind trust and eventually sell it if elected.

Recognizing Sanders momentum the Bloomberg team is targeting him:
One ad is accusing Sanders of dumping waste in Latino communities and making money off of it. 
The second tries to get to some of the main misgivings centrist Dems have with Sanders, namely:
That his plans are too aggressive, and too expensive.
“Socalist Bernie Sanders promises the world. But at what cost? Sixty trillion in new spending. Losing our private health care. Largest middle-class tax hike ever. The cost? Another four years of Donald Trump.”
Here is what they said as reported in Politicio:
“Despite over 50 years in public life, Bernie Sanders has never been fully vetted. The Big Tent Project will shed light on his record of politically toxic policy proposals starting in Nevada and South Carolina. Voters need to understand that his well-known plans to kick union employees off their health care plans and end all private insurance, raise middle-class taxes and double the size of the government, and his less well-known radical views, like his efforts to dump nuclear waste in Hispanic communities, will repel many general-election voters.
“EITHER THIS STUFF IS DEBATED NOW, when Democrats have time to consider it fully, or it will come out in the fall, in a torrent of negative ads by the Trump team that would likely prove politically fatal. Democrats deserve the facts before they choose a nominee.”

Why the strong focus on Sanders? Look at this California Poll released:
“The survey by the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California found Sanders favored by 32% of likely voters in the March 3 primary, followed by former Vice President Joe Biden, 14%, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren 13%, and two former mayors, Michael R. Bloomberg of New York and Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind., both at 12%.

Remember in the Democratic primary you need to gain 15% of the vote to get any delegates. In this poll, in the largest state, only Sanders would.

An interesting tweet from Rasmussen Polls yesterday.
They compared Presidents Trump and Obama each having a 50% approval rating at this point in their daily polling. They added this:
One president enjoyed 95%+ favorable mainstream media coverage & received a Nobel Prize.
Another president received 95% unfavorable mainstream media coverage & got impeached & acquitted.


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