Bloomberg and the Dems…

Well the Democratic primary has finally gotten around to attacking each other, the gloves are off. In center ring is Mike Bloomberg and beginning tomorrow night it all comes together.

Bloomberg it was announced this morning now qualifies (under the changed rules) for the debate tomorrow night.
He announced that he will be there. Get the popcorn ready. His fellow candidates will make him target one. (At the bottom of this blog is a copy of what the Washington Post reported on Bloomberg and women in his company. This will be one area of attack.)

In the latest Marist National Pool Bloomberg is now in second place with 19% of the vote. He has passed VP Biden and Senators Warren and Kloubchar. Mayor Pete was sixth. So much for the Iowa and N.H. boost.
Sanders holds the lead at 31%. He would love to see Senator Warren knocked from the race here. Leave that left lane open to him alone and have the others fight for the middle with Bloomberg.

Bloomberg has bought himself into the race. He is set up for Super Tuesday. Consider this. He has already spent over $124 million on advertising in the 14 Super Tuesday states. (After Nevada and SC). That is over 10 times what his top rivals have or can put into the contests. As an example, the current poll leader Sen. Sanders has spent just under $10 million on ads for the same primaries. Remember Super Tuesday yields the biggest trove of delegates of any single primary day.
Think about the spending difference and the attacks being prepared for tomorrow by the others on the stage against Bloomberg. Is it possible the anti billionaire tone of the primary is going to be dominated by one billionaire spending to buy it?

Then Saturday is the Nevada caucus. The stakes for VP Biden are high. Can he begin to revive his campaign after his first two finishes sent his national poll numbers diving? Can he assure his donors that he is okay? Can he stop the South Carolina erosion and win that “firewall state.”
I think he needs to be in the mix in Nevada and at least second, or a close third to try and recover in S.C.
South Carolina then becomes his place. There he has to win or its likely all over for him. The odds, to me at least, is that he does not recover.

The same for Senator Warren. She seems to be falling (fourth in Marist nation poll today). It’s recover in Nevada and S.C. or pack your tent and go home. She is going all out, but it doesn’t look promising. Tomorrow’s debate is key for her. She has to have an Amy Klobuchar moment.

Mayor Pete was thought to have momentum coming out of the two early contests. It is not showing yet in Nevada and he trails badly in SC. In the Marist poll he is sixth, falling behind Klobuchar. His problems with minority voters are coming home to roost now.

As for Sen. Klobuchar, her hope is another debate dominant performance in Las Vegas tomorrow night. Watch for her to be direct and hard going after Bloomberg. He is her lane and she will attack hard knowing what is at stake.

other news

Who felt bad to hear Michael Avenatti was convicted by a jury of all related to his efforts to extort up to $25 million from Nike? Maybe only those who gave him so much air time and thought he could be President.

Remember the ERA we talked about a few times and how Virginia had passed it but the deadline was 1982? Well you will be happy to know that the House wants to remove a four-decade-old deadline on ratifying it. A name you know well, Jerry Nadler, said this: “We are on the brink of history, and no deadline should stand in the way”.

the washington post on bloomberg

“Mike Bloomberg for years has battled women’s allegations of profane, sexist comments,” by Michael Kranish in New York: “As Mike Bloomberg celebrated his 48th birthday in 1990, a top aide at the company he founded presented him with a booklet of profane, sexist quotes she attributed to him. 

“A good salesperson is like a man who tries to pick up women at a bar by saying, ‘Do you want to f—? He gets turned down a lot — but he gets f—– a lot, too!’ Bloomberg was quoted in the booklet as saying. Bloomberg also allegedly said that his company’s financial information computers ‘will do everything, including give you [oral sex]. I guess that puts a lot of you girls out of business.’

“At the time, some Bloomberg staffers said, they laughed off the comments in the 32-page booklet, “The Wit and Wisdom of Michael Bloomberg,” as a macho side of one of the nerdiest men on Wall Street. But others viewed them more darkly, seeing them as blunt examples of what they considered to be a hostile environment, artifacts of a workplace employees said was saturated with degrading comments.

“Several lawsuits have been filed over the years alleging that women were discriminated against at Bloomberg’s business-information company, including a case brought by a federal agency and one filed by a former employee, who blamed Bloomberg for creating a culture of sexual harassment and degradation.”


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